Review: Prostyle Fuwarie Straight Styling Mist

Here's a review on Prostyle Fuwarie Straight and Smooth Hair Mist

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I used to iron my hair because they said it will make it look straighter, prettier and commercial- worthy. Guess what? I ended up getting the opposite: I got brittle, damaged hair so I stopped ironing. I've realized that my biggest mistake was, instead of using a heat protectant mist with the hot iron, I used regular hair sprays coupled with hair mousse, products that stiffen and dry up the hair, making it more prone to brittleness and breakage.

Recently, I received some heat protectant mists from Prostyle Fuwarie Philippines. Kracie is the name of the company who owns this much- raved about Japanese hair products.  This particular variant is meant for people who prefer wearing their hair straight. It also said that it protects hair from UV rays, and has Amino Acid that helps repair damaged hair shafts.


Basically, heat protectant mists such as this product helps prevent your locks from being damaged as you iron it. Prostyle Fuwarie said that the extreme heat from a hair iron causes hair burn/blisters.

Here's a microscopic view of how hair burn/blisters look like-they look like mini chips on the hair shafts. YIKES!

Click READ MORE and let's see how it works!

Bottle is made from a sturdy kind of plastic, and its atomizer has a lock that prevents it from spilling. I like the atomizer because it's very controllable, it dispenses an amount that is directly proportional to the effort you've exerted, and it delivers a fine mist.

The product is a clear liquid, and has a yummy fruity scent. Regarding the texture, it feels like moisturizing water, if that makes any sense. :p For a clearer idea, it feels like a hydrating toner.


I've parted my hair into two big sections, and had ironed the right section without Prostyle Fuwarie, and the left one with it. Check out the results:

Right Section without Prostyle Fuwarie: It looks decent, but my flyaways are still there. I even think they became more pronounced! You will also notice that the surface is uneven: I have fine hair strands, and they would always curl up or get wavy when they detect extreme heat. :(

Left Section with Prostyle Fuwarie: Whoa! There's a significant difference on the look of my hair when I've used Prostyle Fuwarie on it! The surface looks more even, some of the flyaways were tamed, and the ends don't look dry at all! I've also noticed that it made my hair color looked more vibrant, and the strands looked and felt a little thicker too.

How to use: Position the product at 3- 4 cms away from the hair, slightly dampen your hair with the mist, and then proceed with ironing. No drying time needed! Actually, you have to iron your hair while it's still damp so that the mist can protect your hair strands better.

This time, I had used Prostyle Fuwarie on both sections. Whenever I'm ironing my hair with this product, I don't hear those nasty crackles and pops as the piping hot iron runs through the strands. The mist feels a little heavy at first, but when it dries up, it gives you a light, natural hold that's just enough to keep your hair looking sleek all day.

I like this mist because I can truly feel that it protects my hair from all that horrible damage caused by heat, and its hold pretty much lasts all day, with minimal appearance of flyaways at day's end. I recommend it to people who iron their hair on a daily basis, and just about anyone who loves styling their hair. It's also good to use whenever you're blow drying because it prevents your mop from being frizzy! Now I know why it's so famous!

Prostyle Fuwarie heat protectant/styling mist has two other variants:

Airy Bob Hairstyle
Curly and Bouncy Hairstyle (which I am soooo excited to use!)

Please visit PROSTYLE FUWARIE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. Hello mis m! Aha eto un mukhang umbrella s fb mo. If its not too much to ask pwede bang papost ng ingredients? Im not a cone snob pero kung straight and fine hair ang gagamit steer away from silicones kc they will make your hair linp . Id like to know your thoughts on this after using it in a day? Parang purebeauty camelia water ba?

  2. Wow this heat protectant spray is amazing! The results are visible and it made your hair more vibrant and evenly-straight. I hope you can get a hand on the Curly and Bouncy. I want to see you sporting a sexy wave! Thanks for the in depth review, Martha :) Btw, how did you get that image of your hair strand above?

  3. i dont use any products in my hair when im ironing it maybe i should try this.ive been reading a lot of raves on this :)
    i can see the roots na :))

  4. Oh I'm really interested with this one.... ^____^

  5. Wow, this looks promising! Saka swak sa budget yung price :)

  6. Wow, ang ganda naman ng hair. Your hair looks so healthy :)

  7. ooh another hair product, is it okay with a thin fine hair? even withour using iron?or it's just a heat protectant.?

  8. Eloise: True! Haha. This is it! Shoot! I forgot to post it, but I was supposed to. Yes, I will do that. :D

    Ohms: Hi! Yes! I have thin hair and works fab on me. :)

    Miemiemie:Thanks! :D

    Kath: Super! Try the curling mist! I love it! :)

    Sincere: :)

    Harmony: Yes, you should! What roots? My roots? Yeah, I should go to the salon and have it retouched soon! :)

    Desire: Thanks! Yes, I have the curling mist. Will review it soon. :) The photo of the hair blisters? That was from Prostyle Fuwarie. :) It's just a general representation of hair burn/blisters. :)

  9. Sobrang ganda ng hair mo Ms. Martha

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