Review: Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ and Power Brightening Mask

Here's a review on Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ and Power Brightening Mask

Price: Serum (Around P6,000.00+) Mask (Around P3,000.00++)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Shiseido boutiques and counters in leading malls


I am very happy to share with you today this miracle product from Shiseido. As I've promised in my previous post about the same products, I have used the Serum and Mask duo consistently, day and night, and without fail for seven days, and I'm now ready to reveal my bright results!

Representation from Shiseido: How the Mask and Serum works


The bottle is made from an acrylic type of plastic--it feels a lil' delicate so I make sure I put it away from the edges of my dressing table because my cat has this habit of knocking down my things--I don't want to hate my cat if in case he breaks this life saver of mine! By the way, the serum only comes in one size, 30ml, but I feel that it will last me for a long time.

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I vaguely mentioned the ingredients of this serum in my other Shiseido White Lucent post, so let's take a look at them in detail here:

m-Tranexamic Acid: A powerful whitening ingredient; targets persistent spots where over- active melanocytes continually produce melanin
4MSK: A Shiseido- exclusive whitening ingredient; minimizes the activity of Tyrosinase, the culprit behind melanin production; Regulates cell turnover
Multi-Target Vitamin C: A powerful Vitamin C complex that reduces melanin produced from melanin DHICA
MelanoCrush Energizer: A skincare technology that disintegrates clustered melanin for easier removal


The serum has a very light, watery, quick- absorbing, spreadable texture and light floral fragrance. It does not sting even if it has a high alcohol content nor does it dry out my skin. Its consistency is makeup- friendly too.

Application: I apply two pumps of this product specifically on the areas of my face with hyperpigmentation. I let it dry for a minute, then proceed with my makeup preparation.


I only got two packs of the mask but originally, it comes in a box of 6.

Shiseido said that this mask is drenched with active whitening ingredients, the ejector of those darn dark marks, and powered with the Ion Force Technology that promotes rapid delivery of the whitening ingredients to the dark marks. It even claimed that it yields a significant and visible whitening result right after you take out the mask. Here's a photo:

However, I did not experience this effect on me, except that my face looked and felt brighter. This effect may not be the same with all people as it depends on the intensity of the pigmentation and overall reaction of one's own skin. Methinks if you don't have really dark marks-as shown in the photo-you'll see immediate results.


Application: Apply the serum all over your face or on specific areas only then use the mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the mask then massage the remaining liquid onto your face. Rinsing not required.

What I like about the mask is it fits snuggly on my face and it does not fall off! I could walk around and do a number of things while the mask settles. :)

I did an experiment with the mask and its excess liquid: Each mask is soaked and if you have it, you'll find that there's so much liquid left inside the foil pack. What I did was I squeezed out the remaining gunk into a clean jar and used it in conjunction with the serum on a day and night, 24/7 basis. I figured, even if I use up my masks, the excess liquid will act as an extension of the mask. After all, the most important thing in the mask is the liquid because it contains all the melanin- ejecting ingredients, and will really support the serum.

Now I know you all have been itching to know my results. So check it out now! :D

Oh, before you check my results, I have a little disclaimer here. I blurred out the zits in the three photos so as to not obstruct your viewing pleasure. At first, I decided to leave them on, but they were really blocking the results! After all, the serum is not intended to cure pimples, right? Just thought you guys have to know. BUT--I did not edit my marks in the following photos. :)

My problem was, all that skin purging from my unfortunate skin peeling procedure had caused my skin to scar big time. I don't normally get zits but when I do, I get scars that take time to lighten up.

Voila! Holy guacamole! When I took this last photo, I was amazed at the 70% improvement of my skin! I've also noticed that it has completely addressed my less obvious, clustered hyperpigmentation, and my skintone looks more even now. For the deepest and darkest marks, they weren't completely vanquished, but their appearance was reduced by a huge lot! Maybe after a month, those graver scars would finally heal completely. I dare not complain--no brightening serum has lightened up my marks THIS FAST! I also think that if you have mild to moderate sun spots, acne spots, and age spots, you'll see better difference. :)

In conclusion, I truly, madly, deeply recommend this duo because based on the pictures, it works! I do agree that it's pretty pricey, but for how it delivered, totally worth it! This duo will come really handy if you want fast brightening. Also, if you can, try buying the entire White Lucent line for better and long term results. The beach season is here and if you want to sport clearer, brighter, and spotless skin, try this! :)


For more information about these products and the entire White Lucent range, please visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Too bad I wasn't able to get some samples from SR :( Heard these products from Shiseido works! And im happy you were able to prove it! Kita sa ratings. It really helped in diminishing dark spots. This product is worth a try. I hope SR would restock these :D

  2. wow its so effective, I should try this.with its oricey cist, its worth it.

  3. whoa! your marks totally lighten. I'm currently using the serum sample from Sample Room and so far I'm liking the results just don't know how to fish out P6000 off my wallet to buy a full size

  4. Wow! I've read several reviews on the Shiseido Power Brightening Mask and they all gushed with praises. If I were to have this mask, I would use it for my parents' wedding anniversary. A special occasion deserves excellent preparation.

  5. Whoooaaa. It really worked on you! I'm excited to try the samples I got from Sample Room after my breakout has subsided. That's a neat trick you did btw--collecting the excess liquid in the mask. I'll do the same and hopefully I can maximize my samples. I hope I'll yield results as dark marks are my main skin problem. :)

  6. oh's really a big wow martha....hope i could try it real soon. :)

  7. awww youre blesed talaga ha ang mahal nian! if super maram i akong extra money, id rather go for cosmetic procedure like fraxel to address un mga scars heheeheh, feeling ko pang mga mild discolorations lang yan

  8. wow, this is an amazing product!

  9. Geez! Soooo pricey :P But upon reading your article, i must say that this is super worth it. And hey, in the long run, maybe it could be more economical than buying cheap equivalents of these products that doesn't work. :)

  10. how often did you apply the serum and how often did you use the mask?

  11. I love how visible the effect was. Kaso it is cray cray expensive for a working mom like me

  12. Just received mine. Thanks for the tip on using saving the mask essence. I never would've thought of that.

    The spots did lighten up relative to the rest of your facial. I hope I get the same effect.

    Decided on doing the before and after post after knowing how much it cost.

  13. Desire: Yup! I'll cascade your request to Sample Room. :D

    Rae: Hi there! You're welcome. :)

    Jaja: I know! It's a I-Will-Reward-Myself type of purchase. :P

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I couldn't agree more with what you said! :D

    Aviva and Purple Clandestine: Thank you! :D

    Kris: That's true! In my case, I used it before going to the beach because I needed something that would prevent my marks from further darkening. :)

    Arya: Just try the sample first and decide soon whether you'll buy it or not. :)

    Ohms: Go ahead dear! :D

  14. Khyutee: The mask should be used twice a week. :)

  15. How about the serum? do you apply it twice a day? or just once?

  16. hay.. naubusan ako nito nung naglabas ang sampleroom.. and by that time 80pts na lang ang pts ko hihi.. kaya nung naglabas sila ng 2nd wave/restock ayun di pa din umabot =( though lahat ng nagundergo ng 7 day challenge e na-amaze how this product do wonder on their face =)

  17. Thanks for your tip about the excess fluid from the mask. I got a sample for free but I would like to make the most of it since it's very pricey, so your tip is really helpful! :)


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