The Power of Visualization

visualizationvisualisation [ˌvɪʒʊəlaɪˈzeɪʃən -zjʊ-]
1. the act or an instance of visualizing
2. (Psychology) a technique involving focusing on positive mental images in order to achieve a particular goal

My definition: Believing that you have already received.

Last 2012, while I was buying my BF's Blackberry Christmas gift, there was this girl beside me who was happily caressing her newly- bought iPhone 5, which seems to me was her ultimate Christmas present for herself. I thought that the new iPhone was absolutely stunning and I wanted one for myself, but there's no way I'm spending THAT amount of money on a single gadget. (The iPhone 5 starts at P30k++) I like gadgets, but I'm never the type who will blow money on them. I'm an idealistic girl, and I like getting my gadgets for free. :D Okay going back to the new iPhone, I just told myself that I already have it: It's not yet with me, but I know it's already on its way to me. :)

My mom has received a complimentary iPhone 5 from Globe last Thursday, one of her perks as a Platinum member. I told her that in case she doesn't want it anymore, (she prefers Blackberry than iPhone) I'm always here, ready to adopt it. That's how it is in our household: We pass down our phones! But you know, I wasn't really forcing her to give it to me ASAP nor am I too obsessed with the idea of finally getting my hands on it. In fact, I have let it go completely after that conversation. :)

I had a wonderful day yesterday: My meeting was a success, and I was on cloud 9 because of it. I received an SMS from my boyfriend and he said that he wanted a new pair of earphones for Valentine's day. (Wasn't able to get his gift on time) You can't make me spend over 500php on gadgets and techie whatnots but that moment, I felt so giving that I decided to buy him a swell pair of earphones, something that's a lil' pricey and fab since I have just been blessed with a wonderful project so definitely, it was my turn to bless others. Anyway, as I was searching for the IT earphones, I passed by a Power MAC store and went inside just to look around. I gravitated towards the casings area and as I was marveling at the cute iPhone 5 cases, I was suddenly reminded of my wish, and just felt so good about it and told myself "My iPhone 5 will be here anytime soon!" After checking out the MAC store, I met with my mom at IHOP for lunch (which is so YUMMY, by the way) and while waiting for our orders, I borrowed her iPhone 5 and jokingly reminded her once again of my request. You know what? She just said: "Okay. That phone is yours now." JUST. LIKE. THAT.

WHOA! I didn't expect that soon enough will come too soon! :D

To cut this blabber short, I have new phone now, and it's my much- coveted iPhone 5 with 64GB storage. :D

You know those moments when you tell yourself that "It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen" and then after a few seconds, that thing you're expecting happens? Like when you see a girl in stilettos walking on a rocky pavement and you tell yourself "I think she's gonna trip" and lo and behold, she trips. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about-that's what visualization is all about. (But don't use it to expect the negative!) When you want something, you just visualize it in your head and feel it in your heart: Imagine its every detail, get that happy feeling from already having that item, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, imagine you already have it. It sounds weird and is quite hard to act as if you already have whatever it is that you desire, but like what the bible said: Pray believing you have already received. Just trust that it is done and it is on your way. :)

Effective visualization is constantly being in the vortex of happiness: You should be or try to be positive at every moment, give, and you must delight in the thought that you're meant to be with that item or situation you've always dreamed of, without the needy feeling. Just trust, trust, trust! :)

By the way, here's the iPhone casing. I originally wanted to buy a jelly case, but 'twas out of stock. :p

The boyfriend's earphones. :) I like its quality, and I think I'm buying one for myself. :)

Oh, this one is from Ayala Malls. Finally, I can try Villa Del Conte Chocolates. Thank you, Ayala Malls! :D

So here's my new baby. :D Isn't she lovely? :D

That's all and have an inspiring Saturday. Gotta run because I have an event! :P

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i cant splurge on gadgets just like that too. :) wow your mom was very generous enough to say that okay its yours you have it na :)
    i dont like earbuds at all.ewan ko ba.haha.but i like the normal ones on apple's headset its 3 yrs now and still kicking :)

  2. I guess you already read The Secret. You know how to visualize things and how to get what you want. That's the law of attraction :)

  3. very lovely indeed. all i do is dreaming maybe i should start to seriously visualize the things i want :)

  4. Amazing! I always try visualizing things ala The Secret, and most of the time it works nga. :) Nice new phone! ♥

  5. Happy that you have iPhone5! :) I'm picking up on my habit of visualizing too. I'm incorporating it in my schedule, like after I wake up and just before I sleep. It is really effective to me. :)

  6. whoa! what a blessed lady you are! :D

    and it's really a WOW for the iphone5 with 64gb storage! (a lil techie girl here :p)

    i gave my bf an earphone last month as a bday present and true, kinda pricey.. :)

    *Ms. Martha you can download na the ebooks I sent you just in case you want to read :) and place it in your new iphone5. Just download ibooks app from apple store (it's free) *wink* and download the ebooks in your email, then open in your ibooks app. hihi

    I have latest 2013 ebooks if you want, it's free for you. hihi

    IG : booksonline


  7. I think your method is the same as Rhonda Byrnes' The Secret, it is all about the power of thought. Congrats on the new phone! I also think you are a practical girl to not spend too much on a gadget. Way to go!

  8. laws of attraction! I was watching the secret last night and I read this post today! I'm so happy for you Martha!
    Stay pretty!



  9. Congats Miss Martha for having a new Iphone. That is the power of The Secret book ' law of attraction'. -herschel


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