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It has been said that good businesses have stemmed from personal problems. Take for example Charm Makeup Brushes: Sophie, the owner, had a problem finding quality yet affordable brushes so she made her own. Another case is Liv Co. and one of the founders, Rommel, had seen a lack of entry- level beauty products that would cater to specific lifestyles. There are a whole lot more business stories like Rommel's and Sophie's in this world and they're too many to mention, but one thing I've noticed is that they all have a common denominator and that is they make sure that they don't only create a business, but also a SOLUTION.

Holly Chang, this svelte, beautiful lady has been dealing with undesirable body hair for so long. Well, I believe that all girls have been dealing with the same problem too! In addition to fuzzy problems, she also found premium and quality hair removal services a tad too expensive and maintaining it seems a little impractical already, hence she founded WINK.

Holly believes that being beautiful (or hair- free, to be specific) need not cost you an arm and limb. At Wink, you can experience premium products and services while spending a little less.

Click READ MORE and let's tour Wink's first salon at The Fort High Street!

Reception area

What I like most about Wink is their ultra clean, minimalistic, well- lit setting: It just gives me a feeling that the place is so hygienic, and that's a plus for someone who often gets Brazilian treatments! In terms of the appeal of the place, it's very calm and serene (which makes it perfect for waxing virgins!), and its impartial interior design makes it very favorable to both men and women. I'd also like to point out that it's not an in-your-face type of waxing salon situated in an area with heavy people traffic. Because most people, especially conservatives, tend to shy away from very public waxing salons as they still consider waxing a private business. Wink's location guarantees you utmost privacy, making hair removal still your best kept secret--you're the only person who will know that you just got your *wink*. ;D (Or maybe your dog too)


Here's a shot of one of the rooms. It's so huge! :D

The services, you ask? They offer waxing and semi- permanent laser hair removal.

Holly said that the wax they use is sourced from the USA specifically from the Wax Queen, who's renowned in that country for her waxing techniques and exclusively- formulated waxes. I asked Holly to describe the quality of the wax and she said that it's primarily made of Polymers, which makes waxing easier and a lot less painful than using traditional waxes because it allows complete hair removal in just a few strips-she also said that Wink's wax does not cling and put stress onto the skin. They don't re-use spatulas, sheets, and towels, and their technicians wear gloves and masks to boot--OCs and Neat Freaks, you will love it here! :D

Wink uses two types of wax: Hard Wax (for sensitive areas) and Soft Wax (for bigger areas). After your session, your Wink aesthetician will also apply post- wax care products.

Wink's best known for their semi- permanent laser hair removal for they use the DIODE LASER MACHINE, a breakthrough in the hair removal industry. Unlike traditional laser machines, Diode Laser Machines will not scald or wound your skin, nor leave any marks. Also, traditional lasers would oftentimes impart hot, stinging sensations, whereas the Diode Laser Machine will yield warm, soothing sensations instead.

Here's an excerpt from their menu so you'd have a clear idea of their pricing. By the way, the snowflake sign means it's a Laser procedure, and the tub sign means it's a Waxing procedure.

Brazilian at P680.00?! Holy cow, that's cheap 'cuz I pay P1,200.00 for every Brazilian treatment! Hmmm..this got me more interested! I haven't tried hair removal by means of Laser yet, but I do have an idea of its price. I can say that Wink's pricing is a little cheaper because Brazilian laser treatments would usually start at P5,000.00/session and for underarm hair removal, P3000.00/session. However, I'm not really into laser hair removal because...I choose to spend my money on something else haha! :D

And look, there's my friend Kumi of Loving Sunshine posing at the salon's mini boutique. Yup, they have a mini boutique area where you can shop for beauty and fashion products. The first brand to go on display was Snoe. Soon, you'll see swimsuits, lingerie, beauty products, and more girly necessities in here!

I hope you've enjoyed this brand new discovery I've shared today. Personally, I'm quite happy and contented with Strip's services, not to mention I only trust them when it comes to waxing, but it wouldn't hurt to give Wink a try. After all, I've already undergone 9 Brazilian sessions so there's nothing that can scare me now! :D

Wink is located at 3/F C2 Building, 7th Avenue corner 28 st., Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. You may call them at 808-7258.

Please visit WINK on Facebook for more information about their services.

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  1. the diode laser machine seems interesting

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  5. Im never going anywhere else to get hair removal. This place tops all salons


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