FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Cat Eye line Technique

Happy Friday everyone! I just came from a launch of a returning makeup line. Ahhhh! I'm not allowed to divulge it, but soon enough, you'll know about it on my blog. :D

Anyway, our Fan Mail Fridays question is from Rica, and she asked me about how I do my Cat Eye line.

Hi The Beauty Junkee!
I love your blog, most especially your EOTD posts. Your eyeshadow looks are so wearable! One striking thing that I always notice in your eotd/fotd posts is your eyeliner. I like its perfect winged shape! Please tell me how you do it! Thank you so much!

Hi Rica!

Hi there! Thank you for the nice compliment, and I'm glad to know you're enjoying my EOTD posts even though they all look alike lol! I'll cut to the chase, alright? :) Click READ MORE and see how I do my Cat Eye line!

For this tutorial, I have used a liquid eyeliner with a precise applicator. You can also achieve this look with a gel eyeliner. Regarding pencil eyeliners, you can use it as well but make sure that the tip is pointy.

STEP 1: Starting at the center of my lower lash line going outwards, I draw a thin line that serves as the base for the entire shape of the Cat Eye line. If you have semi- hooded lids like mine, it's best to wing the eyeliner just before you reach your outer lash line so when you open your eyes, the winged tip of the eyeliner will show. I wing the line at the area where the arch of my eyebrows fall-I've marked that area with a white line so you guys would have a better idea of what I'm talking about.

STEP 2: I connect the bottom tip of the line to the outer area of my upper lash line, and that leaves me with a hollow space right inside the eyeliner.

STEP 3: I fill in my inner lash line with eyeliner to seal the look.

STEP 4: Finally, I fill in the hollow part with eyeliner.

STEP 5: To recreate the same line precisely on the other side, I use a finger and feel the part where the eyeliner on the lined side has ended, and then I do Step 1-4 again. It's best to use two fingers on both eyes so you can create a more even look-I'm just using one finger here because my other hand is taking the photos. :D

OTHER TECHNIQUE: Connect the dots- Apply two adjacent dots on your lids-these will serve as markers for the ending point of your Cat Eye line. Line your eyes as usual.

It took me a while to perfect this technique--in fact, I still make mistakes even if I've been doing this technique since time immemorial. :p That said, practice makes perfect! Hope you liked this tutorial guys! :D

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the quick tip Ms M. I haven't tried eyelining yet, well actually I did pero sa house lang and it was frustrating. My lids up close have too many folds in my opinion so the line doesn't appear intact. But as you say, practice makes perfect.

  2. This is very helpful for me Ms. M since we both have semi-hooded eyes. For me, it's very easy to do a cat-eye liner to my clients but I cannot do it perfectly to myself. I have hard time doing it, since it's not really visible when you open your eyes normally unlike those who have prominent eyes. Envy girl here :|

    Good thing I found your technique! I've been looking for tuts like this in the web but sad to say it's not really the one that I'm looking for. Will be practicing this, Ms M! Thank you sooo much for this post. You're truly our makeup-expert sister virtually ♥

  3. Thanks for this one! I've been wondering where to wing the tip. Needless to say, I need more practice haha >.<

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks Ms. M this is really helpful. I always tried to put this one out but it always left me frustrated or weird results. But as we always say -> practice makes perfect. :) Have a great weekends!

  5. Super perfect nito!! Coz I'm currently practicing for a perfect winged liner! Yey!!

    Thanks to the fan who asked this and ofcourse to Ms TBJ :))

  6. aha! i learned that from your workshop, love the subtle winging! it really makes a significant difference kung sa gitna ka magsstart ng eyeliner, sayo ko lang nalearn yon, its more natural looking at mas may dating at medyo halata. im stll trying to learn yun sa kilay though. i bought elf eyebrow kit parang un benefit browzing lang ang packaging hahah not yet ready to fork 1600 for my brows

  7. hi love, i'm having a little blog giveaway over at my blog. hope you can visit my blog and join my giveaway
    xo, Georgia

  8. Your tutorial made it easy for us to follow. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I can relate to this, since it took me some time to achieve a winged line. For beauty's sake nga naman. I started using liquid eye liners, which are messy so I end up doing it in full concentration. Gel eyeliners are way easier to manage, I guess.
    PS: Looking forward for the revelation of that back-in-the-scene make-up line. :)

  10. perfect, I'm going to explore the art of lining my eyes soon, I'll start with a pencil (classic) though. been really curious as to how ladies do a winged line

  11. this is helpful, I am fan of liquid eyeliner, but what brand did you recommned?what did you use here.

  12. i am very afraid to use liquid eye liner. up to now i am more comfortable in using the pencil ones and never have I put eye liner on my upper lid because I end up with shaky lids plus shaky hands. lol.

    I hope you won't mind a follow up question Ms. Martha, do u do your eye make up altogether when u make a mistake putting on your eye liner, or is there an easier way to correct it?

    Thank you!

  13. true, even if you're eyelining your eyes everyday there are days na hindi mapantay pantay. I remember the trick that you shared during the Shiseido workshop to do a dot and it works!

  14. iam very lousy when doing liquid eyelining =( before doing this i use to draw using eyeliner pencil then top it with liquid eyeliner..

  15. I once had a classmate back in college who is such a fan of eyeliner, sh's wearing this everyday and I find it really cute cos she's kinda chinita and with the eyeliner it makes her eyes bigger, so that's basically the first time I had the chance to introduce myself to this little cute thing and true enough even without makeup, I still look awake if I have this.
    I'm currently using Nichico eyeliner black for 5 ml only! after 2 wks of using lo and behold i have to buy another one.
    Pero I really admire na you're doing these photo shots for us!!! PIctures are indeed worth the thousand words.

  16. Welcome girls! Glad you all loved this technique. :)


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