Review: Avon Totally Kissable Lipsticks

Here's a review on Avon Totally Kissable Lipsticks with SPF 15 in Lacey Mauve, Fuchsia Flirt, Make Out Red, and Racy Red

Price: P399.00/each (Intro price is P240.00)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Avon outlets and through your trusted Avon Lady


A makeup artist friend of mine once mused to me that Avon has got some pretty good lipsticks. He said that whenever he has no budget for a pricey tube of lipstick with PRO quality, Avon is his saving grace and I couldn't agree more--I think Avon's lipsticks are one of the brand's best products ever: The quality is good, the colors don't look cheap, and they've got a finish that can totally pass off as an expensive brand. I guess it's pretty obvious by now which Avon product I'll suggest in case you'll ask for my recommendation!

Speaking of Avon's lipsticks, I'm going to review their all- new Totally Kissable lipstick line today. It is  made with pure pigments infused with Fruit Enzymes, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and Triple Smoothing Complex that keep your smoochies moisturized all day.


The thing I liked most about this line is its nice silver packaging: It's a huge improvement from Avon's plain, plastic not-so-nice black tubes from the past. The mirrored case gave and steel body gave this ultra affordable lipstick some elegant oomph.

Click READ MORE for the swatches and detailed review, and know why I recommend this line to beauties on a budget!


Lacey Mauve

Lacey Mauve is a midtone pink shade with a light rose-beige undertone

This shade is my most favorite among the four because it's easy to wear and gives my tanned skin tone an overall rosy glow. FYI, Avon has very pretty mauve shades. :)

Make Out Red

Make Out Red is a red-pink shade.

Make Out Red actually looks Fuchsia to me because of its strong pink undertone. I dub this color the "Corporate Hot Pink" because it's a bright color that you can wear to work.

Fuchsia Flirt

Fuchsia Flirt is a warm, blue- based fuchsia shade with slight silver glimmer.

To those who want a discreet kind of fuchsia, go for this. I find that it's the sheerest among the four, and the silver glimmers reflect light on your lips and tames down the fuchsia color.

Racy Red

Whoops! Sorry for that smudge! :D Anyway, Racy Red is a brick red shade with a tinge of orange.

Because my look has to match up to the sexy color and name of the lipstick! LOL!

Racy Red is quite a chameleon as I think it's good for daytime and night time: Under sunlight, the slight orange undertone peeps through the overall deep red shade and makes it look a little glowing, and during night time, the deep, brick red color becomes more prominent. It's my second favorite!

All lipsticks have a uniform melting consistency that moisturizes your lips upon contact, satin finish with a touch of sheen, and a lovely floral scent with a hint of popcorn, although I don't like the fact that it leaves a little taste inside my mouth right after application. They're all incredibly pigmented and super smooth, although lasting power is so-so due to its emollient texture--it lasts for 2 hours on me before I retouch, and it comes off easily when I eat or drink. Well, at least it doesn't dry out my lips during wear and keeps it soft even if the lipstick has faded considerably already, and has SPF 15 which makes it good for summer!

The most commendable thing about this line is it was able to combine superb color payoff and moisture in one product, which basically makes it a great choice for just about anyone, regardless if they have normal or dry lips, and those who are dreaming of a moisturizing lipstick with the pigmentation of a matte lipstick. I just wish that next time, they release other colors such as oranges and browns as I find the color selection too pinkish and reddish. Nevertheless, it's a good line!

So far, what is your favorite Totally Kissable shade?


For more information about this new lipstick line, please visit AVON PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. aww racy red! ill try that nga mamaya, cant afford high end lippies pa ngayon, after my disappointment sa mac russian red, baka ito na ang sagot sa quest ko to find the perfect red lippie

  2. I've always been a fan of Avon lipsticks, mainly because of its high quality and pigmentation. They offer various shades to choose from. I was browsing some catalogues of Avon from a local reseller when I saw this new collection saying, "Hey I saw a teaser of this at TBJ!" :) So far, my most favorite shade and to-buy is Make Out Red because its a good dupe for my MAC Amplified Girl about town. thanks for sharing, MS. M! Been waiting for this. Pouty lips is love ♥

  3. My mom used to be an Avon lady when she's still here. I think this will be good for me who has dry chapped lips. The packaging is so nice too! Doesn't look like it's only 240! Thanks for this Ms. M. As always, love your lips to bits! ^_^

  4. I agree that Avon lippies are such a great buy because they have a range of good colors in a not so hefty price! :)

  5. additional on my wishlist: LACEY MAUVE! hope this would be still available after my makeup ban.. *sigh* i love the color!

  6. Thanks for the review Ms M! I hope the intro price remains for a longer period. I like the fact that they're not drying. I don't mind retouching but I'm bothered by drying lip colors. I want to try Lacy Mauve and Racy Red.

  7. Hello Ms. Martha!
    I love the Racy Red on you. But Lacey Mauve is my fave! I just got one from Avon's Ultra Moisture Rich line (Raspberry). i have dry lips but it glides smoothly when I put it on. tho after a while it kinda feels dry. So I put a dependable lip balm under it. :)

    Anyway, will def try this one. :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Those lipsticks really look good on you. I envy you. Parang lahat nalang ng lipsticks bumabagay sau. Lol :D

    I love Avon products sadly we don't have an Avon lady nearby (or maybe we do.. I just don't mingle with our neighbors, lol).

    Those shades are just gorgeous. I need to find an Avon lady, lol. :D

  10. I'd love to get that Lacey Mauve shade. It looks so gorgeous on you Ms. Martha. You have the most gorgeous lips ever.

  11. Love "Make Out Red"!! I will definitely check these lippies out! My only prob about Avon lipsticks is that they don't last long. But for the price and color pay off, I think worth it din naman! By the way, I am an "Avon Lady". hahah.... but I dont sell avon products that much..for personal purposes lng.. nothing can beat the 25% discount. :)

  12. I mosty hoarding some of the lipstick in Avon.:)

  13. like your last photo! though i think out of the four shades, i would choose Lacey Mauve, it's so pretty! :)

  14. Yay! I've been waiting for your review on this Ms. M! My top 2 would be racy red and fuchsia flirt.. :) Oh I love your last pic btw...racy red indeed! :)

  15. Eloise: Try Smitten Red since you're fair. :)

    Jec, Joy, and Issa: Thanks! :D

    Ohms: Can't blame you-they're quite good! :D

    Maia RosE: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Ladies, look no further for an Avon Lady 'cuz we have one in the house! :)

    Yette: Awww...Thanks for the compliment! Maia Rose is an Avon Lady. :D

    Michelle: Why thank you! :D

    Kris: Great choices! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Rhaindropz: I know the feeling..Good luck on your makeup ban though. :D

    Detsy: Aww..Sad to hear that! Hope this one works for you. :)

    May: True that! :D

    Gen-Zel: Thanks dearie! :D

    Desire: Welcome dear! Girl About Town is a little hotter than Make Out Red, although I could see why your point since both colors are fuchsia-ish. :D

  16. I noticed yung staying power rate mo is 3/5 only and I understand why, most lipshooks talaga ng avon ay di long lasting :( some even make my lips chappy :( kelangan ko pa patungan ng lip balm or petroleum jelly hehe.

  17. i still remember my mom used to be a Avon lady way back when i was a kid.. i really love Avon products when it comes to Lipsticks!! i agree on you that Avon Lipsticks are one of the brands best product ever! and years by years nag iimprove ang packaging ng mga products nila. i love racy red !! i envy on your lips.. ganda :)

  18. I love this line, makes my lips soft! The other avon lippies chap my lips but not the kissables!


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