Review: BYS Matte Lipstick in Cha Cha

Here's a review on BYS Matte Lipstick in Cha Cha

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I am officially starting my Barre3 class today! I am so excited. For my first class, I went for the Open Level class to get a feel of the exercises. After three or four Open Level classes, I'm going to move to Foundations, then Advanced. Before I prep myself for Barre3, I'd like to talk about BYS' Matte Lipstick.


BYS' Matte lipstick yields a soft matte coverage-it actually reminds me of NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cremes, but the latter has better pigmentation than the former. This product has medium yet buildable coverage. Texture is a little hard, by the way, and you'd need to warm it up on the back of your hand to soften up its consistency. When its texture finally soft, it transfers effortlessly and smoothly onto the lips. It is fragrance- free.

I'd also like to point out that again, the packaging of this product is faulty: The lipstick falls off from the base. It's a problem that BYS has yet to fix so in the meantime, check thoroughly if your preferred BYS item is secured properly.

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Cha Cha is Rose Pink color.


Cha Cha looks a little dark on the tube, but it goes on light and the color is so pretty! I find that it somehow mimics the natural tone of the lips, hence it's great for everyday use. I feel that this is going to be my HG shade from BYS' Matte lipstick range!

I like bold, matte lipsticks, but I also appreciate subtle mattes like this one. I think its delicate finish will be greatly appreciated by teens! Regarding staying power, it holds up pretty well and comes off gradually throughout the day, giving you enough time to find a powder room or sit down and retouch. However, it is drying on the lips and those with dry puckers like mine should exfoliate or prep with a lip balm before using this product. If you have normal lips, then congratulations, you are lucky then. :D I love this shade, but I would still choose BYS' Longwear lipstick over this product any day because it's very comfortable to wear.


Please visit BYS PHILIPPINES for more information about this product.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This looks beautiful on you, Ms M! Nakakapanibago nga lang kase I'm used to see you wearing bold lippies so this is something new from you. but anyways, this is really good for everyday use. I must agree that it mimics your lip color and evens it out. However, the downside of this product is its packaging. Do they have branches here in Cebu? I really want to try their products. Seems promising! :)

    PS: Congrats to your first day of your Barre3 class. Excited to see a sexier martha in the coming months or weeks ♥

  2. Wow, that's a beautiful, subtle color. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow, thats one great color! i love bys cosmetics kaya lang i cant stand the weird smell. i have this in tango and i must say its even moisturizing than my mac russian red hehee, kaya lang i wonder din how much quality ang nakukuha ko from bys kasi they also give free accessories for every 1k purchase. so parang inisip ko nnung una na baka yun accessory lang ang binibili ko and hindi yun make up. so far ok naman kaya lang nga the smell is weird.

  4. This one is a must-have, 2013 is the year for matte lippies! :)

  5. Thanks for the review Ms M! I also like that shade, it's very wearable and can match any outfit perfectly. Thanks for the heads-up on double checking the packaging before buying. Will do that.

  6. This looks great on you, although I really like seeing you with bolder lip colors. But, as always any lip color suits you, so whatevz :P

  7. This one looks good on you Ms. M. :) I love the shades, must have! But I'll be cautious on the packaging. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jec and Kris: Great! Glad thing you girls have learned something from this post. :)

    Yette: LOL! For a change this summer, I'll try sporting pretty colors, but yeah, I feel more like me if I'm wearing dark, bold colors. :p

    May: It has always been the year of mattes for me haha! :D I love this finish to bits. :)

    Aviva: You're welcome! :)

    Eloise: I, on the other hand, have experienced the opposite. For me, his particular BYS matte lipstick is more drying than MAC. I dunno, perhaps the texture of this product is a lil' waxy? Well, BYS has good stuff, actually, so I guess 1k is pretty worth it as long as the stuff you get don't come in faulty packaging. You get free accessories to boot and that's cool! :)

    Aviva: Welcome, dear! :)

    Desire: Thanks for boosting my willpower to continue with Barre3! Actually, I'm loving it! :) I think BYS will expand in there soon but for now, they're more focused on establishing themselves in Metro Manila. :)

  9. definitely love the shade! it's very pretty

  10. wow, it looks so natural, thanks for this tip, I was looking for a new lip color, so its a perfect time.Thank you ms. M!

  11. How do you exfoliate your lips po? Do you use a lip scrub? Have you tried Lush?

  12. it looks good on you, naturally colored your lips

  13. ooooo another pink lipstick! I like it very much. i looked at the picture firsts before reading and i thought the one on your lips was a different shade. but better that it adheres to one's natural lip color, perfect for the no-make up look that I am trying to learn. :)

    Btw... i see your shu uemura ultim8 cleansing oil in the background. :p

  14. Pretty! : well bold colors also looks good on you too. The color looks dark on tube nga but looks natural on lips and can be used everyday.

  15. I can't help but comment, you really look great on that pic! Your lipshook and everything matches well with your face and skintone, less foundation na rin siguro but overall it looks almost perfect! Nice hair too!

  16. i loooove your lips here martha! MLBB lang ang peg! =)

    1 vote for this kasi i prefer matte lippies!

    thanks for sharing =)

  17. Anonymous: I'm using Go Naturals Sugar Lip Scrub. It's pretty cheap, and I got it from Robinson's Galleria Department Store, beauty section. Been meaning to try Lush's version too as well as Sarah Happ's. :)

    Rhain: Thanks! :D

    Monica: Indeed! :D

    Josie: Thanks! :)

    Detsy: Thanks! And what sharp eye you have-I didn't even notice that when I was editing the pic haha!

    Arya: Yupyup! :) That's why I like it! :)


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