Some kinda' #LikeADonya haul

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today's going to be one interesting week for me as I'm finally enrolling in Barre3. I've postponed this plan of joining a workout program for so long and it's high time that I make it happen! Originally, I had intended to enroll in Plana Forma, but Barre3's accessibility and location just got me--I love The Fort High Street and this is perhaps the sole reason why Barre3 became an easy choice for me. Anyway, I'm excited-PROJECT BODY 2013, here we go! :D

Oh, where was I? AH! My hauls! So these are the stuff I've acquired this week. Mom just came from Singapore and as always, she brought me home some treats! :)

A breezy cotton dress from Cotton On, plus a Snoopy tee and aqua chino shorts from Uniqlo.

And these fancy floral pieces were from SM Girls Teens Wear. I'm head over heels in love with florals lately. :) Actually, I have no plans of shopping for clothes until I achieve my target shape and weight, but I just had to grab these for a photo shoot yesterday. I know I will soon outgrow these two so I made sure that they can be altered easily, especially the pants!

Click READ MORE for more hauls, plus my #LikeADonya haul! :)

Some beauty stuff from Singapore courtesy of mom: Hypnose Star Mascara from the Betty Boop Collection, Eau De Cartier in Goutte De Rose, (Cartier's long been known for jewelry. I wonder how they're fare in fragrances) and Alterna Bamboo Plumping Strand Expand-it's like steroids for your hair strands lol!

Finally, here's my #LikeADonya haul. Well, I just wanna see what this epic, big-ticket face cream is all about.

I wish you all a blessed week! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love your haul Ms M! I love floral pants and shirts too, but mom doesnt like it. I look like a manang daw :| *sobs

    But anyways, is that the pants you wore in that pic in fb? I just saw that and wow! It makes me wanna enjoy the summer. Love the vibrant blue cap too. Reminds me of my fun and worth-it summer last year :) I hope you can post the LOTD of that and reviews of the products your mom got for you esp the Lancome Hypnose mascara and that uhhm cream housed in a big cream box. Is it Laura Mercier?


  2. I got so curious about that cream so I researched about it just now. It wasn't from Laura Mercier pala (my bad, I just thought because of LaMer). I was kinda amused with the product for the fact that the creator of Creme de La Mer was an aerospace physicist for NASA. But hey the price. ITS A WHOOPING $250! So expensive! It's like applying gold on skin. haha #likeadonya moment talaga! Will be waiting for your review, MS. M :)

  3. Love the dress from Cotton On & the Tees from UNIQLO.. :)

  4. Wow u should really feature your mom shes one cool.chic, and youre lucky for her to bring you items like lancome!

  5. I know you can get that perfect bod, Martha! You are my idol when it comes to visualization. Oh, you don't have to worry about buying new clothes. You are not that big naman. I know someone who actually did the contrary--she bought pricey clothes that are in her target size so she was challenged to really lose weight and she achieved her goal in no time! :)

  6. wow nice haul, i wanted to see the fit of those floral..bagay sa weather.:)

  7. I like the cotton dress, that type of cut is so versatile IMO. It can be worn at the beach as well as at a soiree.

    I always encounter La Mer when I search for the top 10 beauty products or most recommended beauty creams. I hope you could post a review about it after a road test. Thanks for this post and have a nice week ahead :)

  8. Lucy Van Pelt! I love her. :)
    Bengga nga ng Haul! :)
    Very pretty floral pants. Can't wait to see it in one of your LOTD post.
    lastly, omg! i can't even remember the last time i bought something from the teen's section! so jealous!

  9. Your mom is soo cool! i love the snoopy tee and the floral pants of course!:)

    can't wait for that body project 2013!I also have goal so I improve my workout habit -> I enrolled for muay thai... :)

  10. Id love to know your thoughts on la mer. Hm did you buy it for?

  11. this is soo drool worthy! can't wait for your reviews Martha :)

  12. I like the cotton on dress! So girly! :-)

  13. I like the SNOOPY TEE! where did you buy it? Lahat ng kulay bibilhin ko! It's soo cute talaga. I'm a forever snoopy baby.

  14. im gonna watch out for your upcoming review on Hypnose Star Mascara from the Betty Boop Collection =)

  15. Desire: Yup! That's it! Yes, noted on the review. :)

    Josie: My mom got it from Uniqlo, Singapore. :)

    Jaja: Noted! :)

    Eloise: Around P6k+ :) Yup! She's one cool mom, I love her. I actually asked her if I could feature her, but she said no haha. Shyness siguro.

    Jec: awesome! :) Such a challenging sport. :) I wish you luck! :D

    Detsy and Arya: Haha! :D

    Mayla: Me toooo! :)

  16. Isn't barre3 class so fun?! Pag tiningnan mo paramg ang dali lang but once you do it yourself, you can't stop your body from shaking! That's how i felt the first time i tried it pero i felt so light after the class.


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