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Las Flores is one of the hottest spots at Fort Bonifacio Global City. Why did I say so? Because I always pass by the area where it's at and I always see it full, and it's so hard to make a reservation!

Las Flores is a modern Spanish restaurant, strongly influenced by the Catalan cuisine. From what I know, Catalan cuisine is considered as Mediterranean cuisine, a term used to call culinary cultures of countries lying on the Mediterranean sea. Anyway, this restaurant is more of a tapas bar to me as they mostly serve small- portioned food.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P1000.00++

The restaurant is located at One McKinley building-it's somewhere at the backside of the Mini Cooper flagship showroom, hidden from the main roads and hustle and bustle of the busy business district. I think the reason why this place is a hit is because its location gives people this feeling that they're going to a secret place, leaving work and responsibilities behind to unwind and enjoy good food either their partners, family, or a couple of friends.

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We got a free sampler plate of bread prior to our main orders: There's one that seemed like a type of stone bread, there's the classic white bread, a whole wheat baguette, and a nut- based white bread. It's a fresh break from the usual on-the-house dinner rolls in most restaurants.

Pulpo A La Gallega- Octopus on top of baked potato slices. I don't eat Octopus because its appearance kinda' petrifies me, but the Octopus slices on this dish looked quite like Squid so it became tolerable for me to eat.

Here's a closer look at Octopus A La Gallega. The Octopus meats were bite- sized and tender, hence they were easy to eat. The whole dish is quite good, thank to the numerous kinds of spices that gave it interesting layers of flavor. However, there were some portions of the dish that were a little salty-it seemed as if the chef or cook had accidentally overdosed them with salt.

Croquetas De Chorizo Caseras De La Abuela- Homemade croquetas stuffed with Spanish Chorizo. This thing is too yummy! They're cheesy potato balls with generous servings of Spanish Chorizo chunks. The main reason why I like it is because the Croquetas are quite stuffed and each piece leaves you very satisfied, unlike other Croquetas that are disappointingly small and made entirely from flour.

Chicarrones De Panceta Fritos- The disappointing part of our order. It's just Lechon Kawali to me, and a pricier version at that! The sauce was made from sour cream and is a little bland, and it didn't go so well with the Pork. The pork portions were too oily as well. :p

Solomillo- Australian Angus Tenderloion. THIS. Oh, THIS! I love this thing! The steak is very tender, and each bite is bursting with so many flavors. It also came with the same sour cream sauce that we got in the Lechon Kawali plate, but I found that the sauce fares better with this. This is the best steak I've had in a while! Still and all, its size is quite small and good for one person only. I wouldn't really recommend it for sharing, unless you're willing to shell out another P895.00 for a piece of meat!

Manzana Al Horno Con Helado- or Apple Cake. It's actually more of an Apple pastry puff to me. I'm not a big fan of Apple- based desserts, but I liked this one because it also came with fresh Cranberries, one of my favorite fruits. It's not too sweet, and its tart taste and that cold Vanilla ice cream scoop on top had effectively cleared out all that oil from our taste buds.

I like this restaurant, but not that much for me to eat here often. I was impressed by the quality of their food in my first visit but after the second one, I realized that the food portions are too small for their value. It's one of those gastronomic places that are worth trying though.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you for the helpful review Ms M! Me, my family and my friends want to always check out different restaurants featuring foreign cuisines but I always make it a point to read honest feedback from customers to avoid spending too much unnecessarily. This post is a great guide as far as this resto is considered.

  2. Infairness to this resto, their meal price is not that expensive. I wanna try their Croquetas! I must agree with your concern about some croquetas sold in other restos. It's disappointing to see small portion of stuffs in the inside but gosh mas marami pa yung flour! Parang siopao lang na tag bente sa kanto. hehe anyways I wanna try that Solomillo. Hmmm I suddenly feel hungry on how you described it. What I want with meat is its marinated and when cooked, malalasahan mo talaga yung spices and all. Ahh! I should've taken Culinary arts instead of BSIT to learn more about cooking. hehe thanks for sharing ms m! I hope you and le bf had a great time at las flores :)

  3. I work in Netplaza blg in BGC and I'm not familiar with this spot, hmmmm I know where the mini cooper is located though :) I like to taste the octopus meats because I love salty food! And the Australian Angus Steak is the best! (this is in Maloney Hotel though) Will try to pass by to Las Flores one of these days..

  4. Natawa ako dun sa Chicarrones De Panceta Fritos kasi true enough mukha lang talaga lechon kawali, pero di naman sya ganun kamahal diba, so I think ok na din, yun nga lang oily? Kulang lang yan sa marinate. Or sana binabad muna sa sprite ng ilang oras before namarinate.

  5. kagutom =) i mis your food posts!!! hihi

  6. Nag-crave ako sa tenderloin. Naku guilty pleasure ko rin ang food, sometimes (most of the time hehe) I forget my figure. As they say, diet stands for Did I Eat That? nga. lol

  7. those croquetas look like cakepops to me so even tho i don't really like chorizo (too sweet) they look the yummiest! I was actually kinda wondering if it was the lighting in that resto but apparently the some of the food does look oily. :p

    well.. charge it to experience, i say. :) Thanks for posting this Ms. Martha!

  8. Food makes me happy more than makeup does! Im lucky payatin talaga ko pero super lakas ko kumain although it shows sa belly ko ahuhuhu. I love love love to indulge

  9. I was salivating when i saw the picture of the chicarrones but disappointed when you described it. :( Thanks for this Ms M., maybe bf and I could try this one out. For sure solomillo will be top of his list and mine would be croquetas..hahaha!


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