The Revenge of Creams: L'oreal Laser X3

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Apart from candle light, fluorescent light, LED Light, Black Light, Infrared Light, Light bulbs or any useful man- made light you can ever think of, I think Laser light, or what is commonly known as Laser, is also one of the best lights ever invented. Isn't it amazing how man was able to condense a lot of healing and beautifying benefits into a tiny ray of light? From surgical to aesthetic procedures, a lot would swear by Laser for it has allowed a lot of people to undergo and recover from any treatment easily, quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly, and observe significant results instantaneously, hence it still remains as the new frontier in the medical and beauty industry. Speaking of beauty, I have friends who'd muse to me and say once you do laser, you'll never go back and I kinda' agree with that-I'm actually doing one right now and it's called Laser Hair Removal for the underarms and my gawwd--it is indeed wonderful and effective that I'm tempted to include Laser treatments in my beauty routine. In a few years' time and when it finally becomes more affordable, I predict that everyone will shift to laser treatments to solve all their beauty woes, but this got me thinking--what would become of the good ol' topical beauty products? Will Laser wipe them out from the face of the planet eventually? 

And then the creams and serums answered back through L'oreal and said: "NOT.SO.FAST. Never underestimate the power of Natural Science."

After 14 years and 30 patents, L'oreal has come up with a new generation skin care line, one that gives Laser a kick in the butt. L'oreal X3 is the first skin care line to challenge the power of Lasers. It has combined the regenerative and restorative powers of LHA, Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid, and a new wonder ingredient called Pro-Xylane, a stimulator that targets fibroblasts and triggers the synthesis of Collagens to create new collagen fibers for noticeably younger- looking skin. 

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Looks to me, the Laser LX3 range pretty much does what any anti-aging product can do, but it promises an efficacy that is equivalent to three Laser Sessions--if you've tried any kind of laser treatment, I'm sure you're aware of how much difference three sessions can make on the skin. This only means that Laser LX3 may work faster than any traditional anti-aging products! To those who haven't tried Laser treatments yet, the frugal, and the afraid, this could be a good option!

The Laser LX3 anti-aging line carries the following products:

Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream (P899.00)
New Skin Anti-Aging Cream (P1,299.00)
Renewing Anti-Aging Serum (P1,399.00)

For more information about this line, please visit L'OREAL PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. And I could also still remember how a friend of mine told me to eradicate my huge forehead mole through laser. And I was like What? How? lol! as much as I wanted it to be removed (baka cancerous), there's a part of me saying that it's my trademark and I will never be the same Desire again if ever i decide to bid goodbye to this bump. HAHA

    Anyways, this new product from L'oreal got me excited, not for me, but for my mom. Truly, it suits people who are afraid of such procedures and are more comfortable with 'pahid-pahid lang'. Would you recommend this Ms M for my 46 year-old mom? I want to buy these as a gift to her, but I will still be waiting for your honest reviews about these babies. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  2. Thanks for this post Ms Martha! This is very useful for me not because I need a laser-like treatment right now but because my mother and older sister are looking for an effective wrinkle-fighting cream/serum. We had a free sample of Avon's Pro Line Corrector AF33 and they're currently trying that. I will definitely direct them to this post. The prices are very competitive; they are within the price range of similar products from other brands and the description is promising. :)

    When it comes to me naman, I dream of laser treatments as well, specifically for hair removal. Siguro one day. It's not a priority but it's certainly on my must-do list. Schedule and budget na lang ang "to be determined" :)

  3. I take most things with a grain of salt. Having read beautyandthebullshit blog makes me do a doubletake s claim ng loreal. Im intersted to hear ur review on this.

    Im dying to habe laser hair removalbun at least is proven effective

  4. wow.. L'oreal have new product lines im excited for your upcoming reviews!

  5. I'll let my mom try this one after your review of course Ms. M.. :) This looks promising and the price is really competitive... :) Looking forward on your in-depth review on this..Thanks! :)

  6. Waaa "To those who haven't tried Laser treatments yet, the frugal, and the afraid, this could be a good option!" this caught my attention, ibig sabihin effective talaga to?
    It may not be too expensive pero dahil L'Oreal I can say quality wise, ok naman?
    I want to try the New Skin Anti Aging Cream, pero ideal na kaya to for a 24 yo like me? Medyo takot pa ko gamit ng anti aging products kasi feeling ko lalo tatanda skin ko.

    Right now maintain ko lang Virgin coconut oil, dove soap and cetaphil sa face ko, paminsa minsan I use the Gluta C soap too. Gluta C serum and eskinol cleanse. SO far so good naman.
    Pero ayoko kasi ng madami nilalagay sa mukha, ito bang Revitalift Laser x3 eh parang Olay 7 in 1? Yung tipong kita na agad result in just few applications?

  7. This is a very gutsy claim from loreal. Keeping my eye on that transforming eye cream. Does it say to help minimize eyebags?

    To be honest, I don't think a product will topple the effect of laser. but with this price it won't hurt to try. Very nice post ms. Martha. :D

  8. Desire: It's an anti-aging product so I think your mom will benefit from it. Will try this product soon and will let you guys know how it works!

    Detsy: Thanks for your honest opinion. :) I'd have to agree with you, but I'll use these products first to know if their claims are true! Regarding the eye cream, I think yes, it may help minimize eye bags-well, almost all eye creams promise to do the same thing! :)

    Rhain and Jec: Thanks girls! Please keep on checking my blog for the reviews!

    Eloise: Not that i'm bashing that site or defending L'oreal, ha. But I think the author's got some personal issue with l'oreal. Oh well, I do agree with what you said too. One way to find out if the claims are indeed true. :)

    Kris: Yup! Will try this out soon and will let you guys know how it works. :)

    Josie: With that line, I was just simply implying that it COULD (please take note of the word could) be a good alternative because not everybody can afford or brave enough to do laser. But of course, you still have to use it to know if it works for you or not. :) I haven't tried it yet so I can't give you any feedback if it works just like Olay's. (And I haven't tried this product yet too.) :)

  9. I would like to ask if what is the age range for these set of products? thanks :)


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