Turn Up The Heat with SM Accessories Summer Collection

SM accessories is all about flashy colors, outrageous prints, and stark contrasts this summer. If you're planning to update your accessories collection this season, click READ MORE and check out SM Accessories' new items!

Because the good ol' scarf is not limited to grandma any longer! The classic scarf has long been used as a warmer but now, you can utilize it in a bunch of creative ways that's definitely far from how granny would use it: Wrap it around your head, pile it up on your neck, use it as a sash around your waist, coil it around your bag's handles, or let it hang freely from your bag. And while you're at the beach, use it as a cool headgear to protect your scalp from the sun, as a swimsuit cover up, or as a tube top!

Chunky bangles and necklaces in crystal finishes and pastel hues--they remind me so much of the soft, warm glow of the sand and the sparkling sea during sunset!

Manly brights--yeah, 'cuz it takes a man to wear flashy colors. :D The new summer accessories for men are drenched in earthy, sunny colors mixed with cool, aquatic hues.

I like traveling light so I always bring plain clothes that I can wear for a couple of times, and a good selection of accessories to give my outfit a boost! On that note, I am so happy for receiving some gorg new pieces from SM Accessories' Summer Collection! More LOTDs to come! :)

Please visit SM ACCESSORIES on Facebook to see their new Summer Collection.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love how SM Accessories is really making headlines with their trendy accessories. I used to ignore that section at SM but not anymore :)

  2. I love SM accessories! So affordable yet trendy!


  3. I like colorful trends during summer. I've some accessories from SM and I use them at casual and formal occasions. I don't have anything from their summer collection yet so I'm excited to check it out when I pass by one of their malls. Looking forward to your LOTDs.

  4. With fashion trends this summer, I noticed that we do not really have to bare too much skin. Play of colors is enough. As for accessories, bangles and tribal-inspired necklaces are always in. But I'm not a fan of big, chunky pieces so I guess shades are enough to stay in style while enjoying the beach.

  5. This is what I love about SM, they never go out of style. The power of bright colors for summer never fades coz it brings out that bubbly girl in you. I always pass by on SM dept stores and the designs of their accessories are so unique and elegant. I'm planning to buy some from their stores for our summer outing.

    I always want to use my scarf as a tube top and to protect my scalp from the beaming sun. I always keep it by coiling it around my bag's handle :D

  6. Llove the spiky necklace, yan ba un suot mo during your make up work shop kanina sa shiseido? love love love your outfit din parang nauuso ang maong na cover up this summer

  7. I love kikay stuffs and it's good that SM accessories are hot & trendy!... Can't wait to visit their accessories section and grab some for summer! :)

  8. scarf is really versatile saw some videos making it into a night dress while on the beach

  9. I love SM Accessories, it elsewhere, I pick some of my baby's piece and mine too:)

  10. i love scarves! you can use it as a hair pony too. just twist your hair in a tight bunch, wrap it with the middle part of the scarf then make the ends twist around the middle part. rasta look yet chic too!

    Maybe you can teach us how to travel light Ms. Martha? i mean i always over pack my bags and end up not using most of the clothes I bought. :(

  11. Ohms: Thanks for sharing. :)

    Detsy: Wow! Thanks for the awesome fashion tip. :) I think I'm not the best person to ask when it comes to traveling light haha! :D

    Arya: Indeed it is :)

    Jec: Yes! They have awesome pastels in their summer collection. Lemme know what you got! :D

    Eloise: Yup! This is it. Denim tops, in general, are making a huge comeback!

    Desire: Thanks for sharing your scarf tip! :) I also like using my scarf as a protector for the handle of my leather bags during the rainy season. :)

    May: So true. I think for this season, it's all about pairing colors, not really showing too much skin. :)

    Kris: Thanks dear! :D I'll try to come up with outfit posts using these accessories. :)

    SincerE: so true! :)

    Kumiko: same. They're really trying to establish this section in their store. :)

  12. First thing I noticed, Georgina looks like Angelica Panagniban in one of the pics! haha. Agree??
    Anyway, Ive been using SM accessories for more than 5 years na and I noticed yung earrings nila madali masira :( yung pakaw malambot ..
    Pero yung bangles nila infair same pa din itchura kahit ilang taon na sa baul ko hehe, yung mga hair accessories naman medyo madali din masira, parang feeling ko nga iniimport nila ito from china eh :(
    pero cute pa din designs nila di nahuhuli sa uso kaya tinatangkilik ko pa din :)


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