Dear Love: John Galliano Parlez-Moi d' Amour Eau Fraiche

When I was in grade 4, I had a huge crush on this boy. He's the tallest in the class, with fair complexion, thick messy hair, bushy brows, and a megawatt smile. I used to sit behind him in class every single time so I could stare at him-even from behind-all the time. I always looked forward to seeing him because he just brightens up my day! I liked him so much and every time he'd talk with me, I always felt that my heart was going to explode and say HEY I REALLY LIKE YOU, but I was an extremely shy, stout, dark girl and that was enough to keep my lips shut-guess I was too afraid that he'll avoid me if I said that.

One day, I went trippy and decided to write him a letter. It wasn't anything fancy-it was really short and sweet, and 'twas more of a I-just-want-to-say kind of letter. The letter read:

Dear ___________,

I really like you. :)

- Martha

I inserted it in his locker. I waited faithfully for a response-I didn't care if it was positive or negative, but alas, nothing came. What's even worse is, he started avoiding me. Oh well, that's life! :D Actually, every time I'd remember this, I always turn red, cringe, and tell myself: "Holy cwap. I did that!?!?!?!" LOL!

Parlez-Moi D' Amour tells my love story, and it also tells yours--that tale of our first love (puppy love, if you may) that felt so happy, so renewing, and it just gave us that natural high-that sort of inspiration that made every burden bearable and every waking day count. No matter how successful or unsuccessful it was, (like mine lol!) you can't deny that it was one of the best feelings you've ever had.

True to one of his core values, storytelling, John Galliano's Parlez-Moi D'Amour line recounts the story of a young, hopelessly in love girl who writes a series of love letters to her love. Currently, it has four editions with Parlez-Moi D'Amour Eau Fraiche being the 3rd release.

"I want to write to you my love..."

Parlez-Moi D'Amour opens up to a vivacious accord of grapefruit and ginger, and later on develops into a tender bouquet of white rose and Jasmine at the heart notes. As its signature, it ends on a rebellious mixture of musk, woods and cypress absolute. The fragrance is encapsulated in an envelope- inspired bottle, an ode to an almost forgotten art called Handwriting, and captures the nature of a vibrant, carefree, defiant, young love.

Parlez-Moi D'Amour is available in all leading department stores. 30ml retails at P2,500.00. It is also available in 50ml and 80ml sizes.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Puppy love did gave me a natural high back then. I still smile when I remember that moment. :)

  2. Oh puppy love!...i also had my shares of craziness that always made me smile whenever i remember always Ms M you never fails to amaze me on your perfume reviews..:)

  3. Mygawwddd ang galing galing ng review. Tjough im not so much into perfumes its so nice un pagkakadescribe mo. Oh i have so many unrequited love moments. E cguro naman magsisisi un boy n un pag nakita ka na nia ngaun noh hahaha

  4. Eloise: Hehe. Thanks! :D Glad you liked it. You know what? I just found out through one of our common grade school friend that he's gay na! :p Oh well, I'm happy for him. :D

    Jec: Thanks dear! :D Same here! I have a lot, actually. :D

    Kris: I'm sure all of us do too! :D

  5. Awesome post! This is interesting as I'm currently on the lookout for grapefruit-y perfumes.

    Akala ko happy ending 'yung puppy love story mo. I bet you were very pretty when you were a little girl! The same thing happened to me. I was completely ignored by my childhood crushes and I have just recently found out that they're gay. :)

    I really find the way that you describe perfumes amazing. You are so accurate! It makes it easier for me to figure out whether or not the perfume would be suited for me. I love perfumes, but I won't be able to describe them as accurately as you do.

  6. hihihi ang cuuute! I suddenly remembered my puppy love din! Shucks! pag naalala ko mga pinag gagawa ko nun hihimatyin tlg ako!

  7. BrownOso: Awww...Di pala tayo talo with our crushes haha! Thank you dear, I just love perfumes so much that I really found my way to review them. :)

    Leilani: Hahaha! I know the feeling! :D

  8. i sent a letter din sa grade school crush ko and until now, nahihiya pa din ako pagnakikita ko sya. haist.


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