DEAR READERS: What are the top 3 makeups you can live without?

I know we all have our holy grail, go- to, and ultimate beauty products, but I'm more interested to know, what are the three makeup products you can live without?

I'll start: I can live without the following:

1. Lipgloss- I used to love lipgloss, but I dislike how it would inconvenience me whenever I'm outdoors. I have long hair and I like keeping it down, and when the breeze blows a lil' stronger, my hair strands stick to my puckers and the gloss ends up smudging on my cheeks so I had to bid lipgloss goodbye. I still use lipgloss, but I won't really go out of my way to buy one.

2. Highlighters- I don't have a lot of it. In fact, I only have and like two and they're Benefit Watts Up and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Why so? Because I find that Highlighters, no matter how carefully I apply them, would most likely end up emphasizing my pores--Perhaps it's due to my warm skin tone. Besides, there are blushes that are infused with shimmer so I opt for them to get two products in one pan-saves me time and dinero.

3. BB Cream- Didn't really buy into the craze. I only like two BB Creams: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream. I'll still choose foundation any day because I'm really after the coverage.

So keep the ball rolling, peeps. Tell me yours in the comment section below! :)

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27 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hahahah i did a double take kala ko typo error til i read ur post. Well i can live witjout: 1, eyebrow makeup 2 eyeshadow 3sunblock (no judging pls hahah)

  2. 1. Blush = I can manage to go out even without a blush. Maybe because I just can't learn how to put them on.

    2. Mascara = When I do tightline, my lashes look thicker. therefore no need for a mascara.

    3. Lipgloss = para akong kumain ng mamantikang lechon kapag nag lipgloss ako.. errr.. ;/

  3. We're almost the exact opposite, Martha! :D The only ones on my stripped down kit is my BB Cream, a highlighter and tinted balm.

    My face needs a base, and BB cream is probably the laziest base around, and then the highlighter and tint for definition and color. I'm done. Curl my lashes and I can go anywhere.

  4. I thought I read the title wrong haha >.< for me it would be

    1. Mascara - never liked how it weighs my lashes down

    2. Highlighter - just emphasizes my pores so nvm haha

    3. Brow powder - I have bushy brows (a blessing and a curse I suppose haha) so I can get away with just a spoolie as long as I don't get tweeze-happy

  5. Mine would have to be:

    1. long-wearing lipstick/ lipstain
    2. cheek stain (avon simply pretty)
    3. concealer

  6. Mine would be foundation/BB cream, eye shadow & mascara.

  7. Like you, I also can live without Lip gloss, it's too glossy sometimes it transfers on my clothes. Eyeliners are not essential on my kit as well especially BB Cream! No matter how good or well known that product is (BB Cream) no thanks talaga. I've got an oily skin and no matter brand I used ( tried a lot) it just doesnt work.

  8. Almost the same, I can live without lipgloss, highlighter and lip liner. :)

  9. I can do without eye shadow, lip gloss and highlighter. For everyday makeup, I don't normally use any of the 3.

  10. I can live without:
    1) eyeshadow- coz it's a challenge for me to apply it, so most of the time I skip it.
    2) eyebrow pencils- I prefer powder and gel
    3) bronzers- like ES it's so hard to get right.
    But often I still end up buying 1 & 3 even if I rarely use them. Kaya naiinis ako sa sarili ko.

  11. Mine would be Foundation, Mascara and bronzer.

    Check out my blog :)

  12. Hi Ms. Martha! :) (

    Top 3 makeup that I can live without would be:

    3.Eyebrow powder


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  14. Mine would be:
    1) eyeshadow - Im a dumber on this
    2) brow make up
    3) lip liner


  15. hihi i just wanna share too

    1. Concealer - for dark circles
    2. Eyeliner - just to add some life in my eyes
    3. Powder - not too heavy, quick fix coz i have oily skin :P

  16. Very interesting topic :)

    I'm not really fussy when it comes to makeup, so I stick to the basic stuff.

    Here are the things that I can live without:

    1. Foundation/BB cream:

    They're nice to have/try once in a while, but I'm not really into them. Nakaka-entice lang minsan ang mga reviews ng mga tao, and being the inggitera that I am, gusto ko rin ma-try but I don't really use them everyday.

    2. Concealer:

    I have a ton of blemishes on my face, but I don't really give them much attention because I'm too lazy to slap on some concealer. They're not that prominent anyway. Shameful sloth, I know. Haha.

    3. Lip Gloss:

    I agree with you! The sticky feeling on the face is annoying!!!!!

  17. i can live without lip gloss, lip liner and highlighter

  18. I can live without an eyeshadow, a blusher and a lipgloss too!!

  19. 1. Highlighter
    2. Bronzer
    3. Eyeshadows

    Even if I have a round face, I don't really feel that it's necessary to highlight and contour. In short, I'm too lazy to do so! Hahahahaha

  20. Hmmm. Since I'm not fond of eye makeup, I can live without eyeshadows and eyeliners. and since i'm lazy, I can do without concealers as well. I just slap on liquid foundations that can do great concealing! :) - Mills (Millsie Scribbles)

  21. Interesting quessie Ms.Martha.

    I can live without:

    1. eyeshadows - I have monolids so no matter what eyeshadow I use it tends to be hiddden...unless I close my eyes. I go for eyeliners (pencil and gel eyeliners) to make my eyes bigger.

    2. primers - Investing in good foundation will do the trick. Besides I don't want to layer too many products on my face. I only use primers on special occasions.

    3. lip liners - I don't own one because I don't think I really need to use it. Applying lipstick and blotting will do.

  22. Hmm I'm with lipstick, powder, and ofcourse, the eyeliner.:)

  23. top 3 item i can live without:

  24. Hi girls! I appreciate your lists! Thanks for sharing! :D

  25. 1. Mascara - I have two of it, but never bother to use them anyway :D
    2. LipGloss - I don`t want the heavy feeling and I don`t really want my lips to be glossy.

  26. 3 make up I CAN live without are :
    Mascara - I'm simply not a mascara girl type, beside the fact they're expired faster than another make up product and sometimes I got allergic with it.

    Lip liner - I'm a lipgloss/sheer lipstick type of girl. I never find situation where I need lip liner (so far).

    Face primer - I'm okay without it.


  27. 1. Mascara - Maybe it's because I'm in a lazy mood? Washable mascara smudges like crazy on me, while the waterproof kind is a pain in the but to remove. Kahit pa maganda yung remover ko, dual-phase and all, katamad pa rin to sit there and just let the product soak in. When I'm in a hurry, this is the first thing I'll skip.

    2. Lip Gloss - Long-haired people are probably the quickest to learn the hard way, right?

    3. Lip Liner - My reasoning behind this is... I don't use a lot of bold lip colors. For reds, I found the Nars Velvet Matte is not bad with precision lining, so it can double as my lip liner without me having to buy a specific liner pencil. Also, some of the better lipstick formulas out there have that proper ratio of hydration and pigment, so the good formulas don't slide out of place. That's actually my basis in buying lipsticks these days.


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