FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: All About Post- Acne Marks (Treatments and Tips)

What a warm yet happy Friday, isn't it? We've got one very cool topic today, and this post is something that would be of use to a lot of women--we're going to talk about (dundundundun) POST-ACNE MARKS! Thanks Dio for this lovely question!

Hi Martha! 
What's the best treatment for acne scars? 

Hey Dio!

To be honest, I have only tried two post- acne mark treatments in my entire life, but it's good to know that they delivered! Well, the effect actually depends on your skin's reaction, but there's no other way to know but to try, right? :)

Here are the treatments I'm talking about. By the way, these are for Brownish marks/scars. For Red Marks or in scientific terms, Post- Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, (PIH) the suggested treatments are more or less the same with the former.


- The cheapest post- acne mark treatment there is. It gets the job done in 1-2 months, and it's the slowest treatment I have used. If you want something affordable, but don't mind the waiting time, this is perfect.


A little pricey, but hands down to its rapid lightening powers. The fastest treatment I have used, lightening scars significantly in as little as 7 days. In my opinion, it's best used with the mask as they compliment each other's ingredients very well. If you have to minimize the appearance of your marks pronto, get this.


Currently, I'm using Estee Lauder's CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot- Correcting Essence. I'm only on my first week of usage-no differences observed so far. Will get back to you guys with a detailed review.


I haven't tried this yet, but a lot of beauty blogs have positive reviews on this. This could be another option, and its price is in between Shiseido's and Kiehl's treatments.

To spice up this post for a little bit, I will just dish out some tips on how to deal with post- acne marks. Click READ MORE and see the rest of the post.



I'm sure some of you know already that discoloration happens at the basal area of the skin, but surface dead skin cells can aggravate their look from the outside. Moreover, dead skin cells inhibit proper absorption of your topical treatments. Make sure you exfoliate at least twice a week to help your skin optimize the effects of your treatments.


UV rays stimulate melanin production, and it is definitely counterproductive for the lightening process of your scars so follow the sage, old advice: WEAR SUNBLOCK


On another level, you can help treat hyperpigmentation at its course. When a pimple develops, melanin production starts underneath and when the former is healed, you're left with an ugly battle scar. In my experience, Kiehl's Clearly Dermatologist Solutions Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment can totally prevent hyperpigmentation or lessen its appearance, at the very least, depending on the severity of the melanin concentration. I'm sure there are a lot of treatments that's the same as this, but so far, this is the only kind I know.


I'm sure you know by now too that Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the causes of brown spots on the skin, so choose a spot treatment that doesn't have it as an ingredient such as Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment.


Brightening serums, to be more specific. We all know that serums are concentrated forms of skin care, and using one that has brightening properties can help boost whatever spot treatment you're using.

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Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E, oils that are known for their lightening and restorative properties, are the cheapest and most natural remedies for post- acne marks, albeit they may take longer to produce their effects. Word of caution though, most pure substances are non- stabilized, hence they may cause negative reactions to the skin such as irritation. Like what I'd always say: Before anything else, conduct a patch test first!

Here are the suggested dermatological procedures for Brown/Red marks:

1. Glycolic Peels
2. Microdermabrasion
3. Laser

But wait, there's more. Brown and Red marks is just one story. There's still another story called Pitted Scars.

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Pitted scars are quite hard to eradicate as we're talking about some serious damage on the skin. These are usually left by cystic pimples, especially those with deep pustules. Traditional skin care may work in regenerating the upper layers of the skin, but it will take months to achieve, or even years.

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A popular and effective way to get rid of Pitted Scars quickly is through Dermaroller procedures. At first, it was a treatment exclusive to dermatological clinics only, but recently, at- home Dermaroller kits were developed to cater to those who don't have the time and patience to visit clinics. A Dermaroller is a small, rolling pin- type of tool surrounded with mini needles that create small lesions on the skin. The science behind this is, creating tears on the skin induces it to produce more and more collagen to renew itself from the inside out. The end of story is, you regain your previous, smooth and even- looking skin surface. Dermaroller apparently imparts pricking sensations to the skin and those who can't tolerate it opt for laser treatments instead. 

But bear in mind that in all things skin care even with Dermarollers, it will still require some time before you see your desired effects.

That's all! Please let me know if you have further questions. Hope you all liked this post! Have a fantastic weekend! :)

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  1. Thank you for the post. Very informative! I have also tried the Shiseido serum and it really is a miracle in a bottle. I actually have the Kiehl's Serum but I wanted to use it after I've hit pan on the Shiseido one. :)

  2. Hi Martha! I always love Fan Mail Fridays because it answers mostly the questions I have in mind. This article sure is interesting. I've been eyeing on Clinique's Dark Spot Corrector for quite some time now, I'm just waiting for a good review. Currently, what's helping me in my post acne marks are power peel sessions. I have yet to see very significant results but I definitely see improvements. :)

  3. Goshhhhh nagpadermaroller ako dati effective siya kaya lang mahal 25k un complete set. Anyway s layo ng derma ko at busy s work ay d ko naconsume lahat ng sessions ko. Masaket un dermaroller kaya lang effwctiv siya kc it encourages collagen regeneration something like that. I rely on peeling solutions like salicylic acid. Mas maganda talaga wag palakihin un pimple kasi pag lumaki lalalim un pustule mas magiging dark un scar.

    I used to apply calamansi extract on my skin to lighten it naglilighten djn naman siya kaya lang gradually. Nasasama n din un marks don.
    Fractional laser i think ang sagot for my scar type

  4. My husband has pitted scars on his nose and i must admit that it's not a sight to behold. I'll tell him abiut dermarollers! ;)

  5. This is very insightful Ms M. I don't have much problems with post-acne marks but who knows, I might get adult acne due to hormonal changes and whatnot so having this type of information on hand will definitely not hurt. I didn't know that Benzoyl Peroxide caused brown spots. I guess it's wiser to be more aware of the ingredients of the beauty products I use and will use.

  6. Great!another helpful and informative post for us girls! :) i've learned a lot from this Ms. M..thanks! :)

  7. Thanks for the post! I'm using Mizon all in one snail cream bcoz of positive reviews. Hopefully it can also minimize my pimple scars.

  8. Hi Martha, would just like to share that Dermarollers doesn't penetrate deep to the skin. Most scars are deep and derma rollers can't address that problem plus it can be bloody and especially painful! I am working in a Aesthetic Clinic and we don't offer that treatment already because,.as what you said you can even buy it yourself and do it at home but can cause infection! I would defenitely recommend Fractional CO2 laser, can be pricey but works really well. No pain because topical anesthesia will be applied before procedure. Hope this helps!

  9. Thanks for sharing this very informative post Martha :) I'm sure halos lahat tayo ito ang problema sa skin.

  10. Thanks for sharing these products. Very informative. I don't have a lot of dark spots which make the ones I have even more unsightly. Hehehee...hopefully, one of these may work.

  11. this is a very helpful post ms. martha. one of the things i am worried about clearing my post acne marks and spot treatment in general is how they itch sometimes.i sometimes scratch it accidentally. lol i really wanna try kiehl's products. :D

  12. wow! now i can say that i found a new fave post. this entry is so helpful and thorough. i can't express into words how amazed i am with this. Thank you very much for sharing! i already moderated my breakouts but my biggest battle as of the moment is scars! and this post just saved me ^^ hihi thank you again~ gah too bad i dont have a budget during your talk at shiseido greenbelt :( the discount is just a big miss for me T_T but ohwell... hihi

  13. I've already tried the Clinique spot corrector and it definitely works. After 2 weeks scars are visibly lighter. Though it only corrects mild dicolorations and it doesnt solve my problem with pitted scars. =(

  14. Sis, how much is the Kiehl product? Did it work for you?

  15. I just had my fractional laser treatment this afternoon. It was painful but tolerable. I hope to have clearer skin kht 30% lng after 6 sessions sana. This is my second session pa lang.
    Thank you for this post Martha!

  16. Hi girls! Glad you loved this post! :) And thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts as well! Don't hesitate to ask if you have more queries! :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Thanks for sharing! Will check out Mizon BB Cream. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thank you for sharing this valuable update. :) I'm sure my readers appreciate it too as much as I do! :)

    Kath: Welcome! Oh yes! I think this is the second to acne as the most common skin problem. :)

    Leilani: Hi there! Oh wow! Please do share your experiences with us. :) Looking forward to that! :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Yup, both of the featured Kiehl's products worked for me. :)

  17. hello miss martha! ano pong sunscreen/sunblock ang marecommend mo na water-base or oil-free for acne prone skin? :D

  18. I'm a Kiehl's fangirl now because of you!!! <3 I love their toner, oil-free moisturizer and lip balm #1. Currently using their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution now for my dark spots (duh!). It's just my 2nd night today... Hope it works!!! Thanks Martha for your tips and very thorough reviews! :)

  19. You didn't indicate the prices of these products sana mei price man lang.


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