Review: ArtDeco Butterfly Dreams Collection Ceramic Nail Lacquers

Here's a review on ArtDeco Butterfly Dreams Collection Ceramic Nail Lacquers

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I used to hate frosted nail polish because it has a tendency to make my fingers look a lil'...aged. They also have a tendency to be diluted with too much frost, that I end up getting too little of the color. Well, I've seen fairly good frosted nail polishes too-they're pricey and I could understand why, but then again, I'm not so much a nail polish person to consider splurging on them.

These Ceramic Nail Lacquers, when I tried them on, made me go "Ooooh" and realize that it's quite possible to create a pigmented frosted nail polish at a very affordable cost!


Ceramic is a cool and new way to call it, but by definition, these can be categorized as Frosted Nail Polish. ArtDeco said that these polishes are made with a unique combination of plasticizers and polymers for optimum consistency and smooth, ceramic- like finish. Ah, too much science going on in there, but I'm only sure of one thing: They're good!

The Ceramic Nail Lacquers differ from affordable frosted nail polishes in the following ways:  

1. Affordable Frosted Nail Polish takes a while to build up some color on your nails, but with the Ceramic Nail Lacquers, you get good pigmentation in your initial application. (Medium to heavy)
2. Affordable Nail Polishes tend to look just flat and shimmery, but the Ceramic Nail Lacquers have a 3D- like finish, almost comparable to, well, lacquer paint used in decorating premium chinaware and porcelain, and the right amount of shimmer to give it a brilliant shine.

Click READ MORE and see the swatches from the Butterfly Dreams Collection!


271 Shade of Innocence- A blushing nude shade with gold shimmer. A good frosted nude shade that doesn't end up looking white on Morena skin. Methinks this color will look stunning on fairer skin tones.

264 Shimmering Orange Crush- A midtone orange shade. Can I say Orange Juice? LOL. It's a safe kind of orange, perfect for those who want to wear not-so-bright summer colors. It also enhances the glow of Morena skin tone.

266 Iridescent Rose- A pale rosy peach shade. My second favorite! It's a good alternative to nude polishes. Basically looks great on any skin tone.

248 Spring Fever Pink- A warm pink shade. It's a great everyday summery shade that's not too loud, and an alternative to classic red.

245 Iridescent Butterfly Wings- It's a periwinkle blue shade with a hint of lilac. Very fresh. Very pretty. Very unique. It's my third favorite!

235 Spring Is In The Air- My most favorite shade! It's an aqua blue color with blue shimmer. Screams summer, and compliments my tan so well. This shade will also brighten up fairer skin tones.

The lacquers have an average drying time-it gives you enough time to work the polish evenly onto your nail bed. Consistency is very smooth and non- streaky, and doesn't chip that easy. (stays chip- resistant for 5 days)

I like this line for it has allowed me to wear frosted nail polishes without the dreaded my-hands-look-too-old-for-my-age look. I'm wearing them all summer long!

How about you? What's your favorite nail polish shade from the Butterfly Dreams Collection?


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am nail addict, but I haven't try Art Deco pa, I like the Shade of Innocence and the Iridescent Rose, it was like my Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen.(#120)

  2. These colors are perfect for summer, Ms. M. I want to try 245 Iridescent Butterfly Wings. It looks so girly but not that annoying. Haha! Very tamed lang ang color. :)

    Micmic's Corner

  3. I like the Spring Fever Pink and Iridescent Butterfly Wings! :)

  4. Ooooh i love the nude shade..:) and yes the aqua and periwinkle too...:). Like these lacquers much! I usually use regular nail polish cause frosted ones are really hard to build up and takes time to get the real shade but these are soooo cool!thanks for sharing Ms. M.

  5. I love frosted nail polishes, especially the nudes and those with very eye-catching colors. Spring is in the Air and Iridescent Rose are <3

  6. Ms. M pareho tyo ng nails!! hahah! Kaya I don't wear much nail polish din..They tend to get a crack just after two days.

  7. I like 235 and 266 the most. I'm actually planning to buy some nail art tools. ;)

  8. Thanks for sharing your picks girls! Artdeco has more colors so please check 'em out. :)


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