Review: BYS Cosmetics Neon Lipgloss in Neon Orange

Here's a review on BYS Neon Lipgloss in Neon Orange

Price: Around P299.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all BYS counters in selected SM department stores nationwide (Please visit BYS Philippines on Facebook for the complete listing)


They said Fashion just recycles itself. That said, Neons are totally back in style! Nah, I'm not talking about those modern, runway neons-I'm referring to illegal neons: Electric, shocking, fluorescent neons from the disco era, or Stabilo Boss neons, if you may. :D


For their Spring/Summer makeup series, BYS has released a set of neon lip products that will literally make your lips POP! What I got are the Neon Lip Stain in Green and this funky Neon Lipgloss in Neon Orange.


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This lipgloss is so easy to spot in my makeup stash, and every time I see its gleaming, orange tube, I feel happy! (I just love bright colors a lot!) By the way, it comes with a doe foot applicator.

Neon Orange is an ultra bright orange. It has a semi- thick yet non- sticky consistency, and I like how it doesn't feel heavy on the lips even if layered on. It has a fruity scent and coverage is medium to heavy. If layered once or twice, it yields a loudmouth orange color that is quite wearable, but layer it on for three to five times, you get a dose of orange shock!


Neon Orange Lipgloss layered for four times

The thing about this particular shade is, it doesn't show its true color in photos. I took around 30+ photos of it but alas, I really can't get it right. This is the closest lip swatch to the product's real color I took. In real life, Neon Orange, most especially if layered on, looks a little lighter and more fluorescent that this lip swatch.

Oooohhh...I feel like slipping into my cropped tops and leggings, putting my hair up in pigtails, and dancing to the tune of Sweet Dreams and Girls Just Want To Have Fun, with a little of It's The End Of The World As We Know It on the side! :D

This lip gloss glides on smoothly, is non- streaky, and doesn't dry out my lips. This particular color has the ability to blur fine lines and give the illusion of a fuller lip, and doesn't make your teeth appear too yellowish despite its color intensity. However, staying power is not that great.

The Neon Lipgloss comes in three more colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Green, and Neon Pink. I haven't swatched the other shades in any local BYS counters though, but I feel that this color is the more opaque one among the four. (Next is Neon Pink)

I'm not into lip glosses, really, but I'd have to make an exception for this one because it's a collector's item! It's also a great way to strike a conversation with a friend or with anybody else because this lip product does command attention! Neon Orange is my most favorite because it's a one-of-a-kind Orange, but I'm also getting Neon Pink once I hit the mall. :)


Please visit BYS COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is SO not for the faint of heart. lol.

  2. Parang ang ganda ng pink nian! Kaw talaga naisip ko for that color kasi s skin tone mo bagay! Question lang noh who do u think in their right ming would rock un neon green?

  3. How does is fare compared to the OCC Lip Tar? The color is so cool!

  4. This is sooo cool!! Hats off to you Ms M! I can only admire the look but I'm not that enterprising yet to sport a neon lipstick. If I'm in a themed event or party, I can probably wear Neon Orange and be the life of the party :)

  5. Lovely color. Compliments your skin tone, IMO. Fresh and fun! Pretty as always Martha :)

  6. Gosh! I'm curious with the neon green one...hmmmm... been planning to get an orange lippies but maybe I could try this one for a start... :)

  7. OH WOW! The color is really intense! Can't wait to try it out! :)

  8. me too I think I would try the Neon Pink!! cute bagay syo :)

  9. ohhh, like the color! perfect for summer!

  10. wow neon I like to try the neon pink, laka-maka-nicki minaj.:)

  11. Kris: It's an instant way to glam up if you're not in the mood to dress up haha!

    Ohms: Yup! :)

    Issa: Ditto! :D

    Bing: Lemme know how you like it! :D

    Jec: Yup! It's affordable pa. :D

    Kath: Thanks sweetie! :D

    Eloise: Thanks! Uhm, the Kawaii and Cosplay dressers? LOL! :D

    BrownOso: OCC Lip Tars, in my opinion, are quite oily and take a little effort to use. Had one before and I wasn't really impressed. Maybe they've reformulated already. :)

    Harmony: True that! :D


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