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I think this product would have to be my best find of the year. I mean, who would've thought that water, the gentlest solvent on the planet, can be a tough skin care solution? I have never, ever thought of water as a facial scrub so I tip my hat to the inventor of this product. It truly is deserving of the Oscar Swag Award and no wonder it's a best- seller!


Cure is definitely the gentlest and mildest facial scrub I have ever tried-it has no beads, no acids, no nothing. Since it only takes away the surface dead cells and leaves the fresh skin layer untouched, it's practically safe to be used by anyone, and it's good for those who are sensitive to abrasive scrubs. In fact, some beauty blog reviews (at least those I've read) claim that it's safe to be used everyday, but I think it's best to stay safe and use it for only twice to thrice a week to avoid over scrubbing.


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Cure is a clear, gel-water product. However, it reeks of a strong alcoholic scent, but it doesn't sting your face. It only comes in one size, and I like that the pump gives you the right amount of product in every push, lest nothing is wasted. The gel has a tendency to clump on the mouth of the pump though, so always wipe it clean after every use.


4 pea- sized amounts are enough to cover the face, at least to me. I use it twice a week. It's very easy to use: Just use it as if you're applying moisturizer on your face. At first, it imparts a cooling sensation to the skin and as you spread it all over, it instantaneously removes dead cells by turning them into small, moist white flakes. You don't need to use strong hand pressure when using Cure-a light hand pressure is enough to work the product. After a minute, I rinse my face with water and facial foam and voila! I'm done!

I love this product in so many ways: It really leaves my skin squeaky clean yet moist, doesn't leave my face dry and tight after use, leaves me happy because my dead cells are visually removed, and since I have a tendency to apply considerable force in anything that involves the use of hands, especially during scrubbing, (Got a lil' stronger due to Barre3 and strength workouts) the non-gritty base of Cure just prevents me from getting dry, red, over scrubbed skin. In short, it's perfect for me! :D

Cure is not just perfect for the face, but for other body parts as well:

1. Knees
2. Elbows
3. Cuticles
4. Feet
5. Underarms
6. Vajay (Apart from my face, I also like using the product on this part because it doesn't contain peeling/whitening agents that may contribute to dryness)

You might think that Cure may just be a big hoax, that it's formula was designed to congeal into white particles so here's a video to lay all your doubts to rest. 

I actually thought that that conspiracy was possible, so I conducted my own experiment to prove or disprove it:

 I have used Cure everyday for one week: I got lots of white particles during the first three days, and in the succeeding days, the amount of particles got less and less.

I did not scrub for one week: And then I used Cure for two straight days. On the first day, I got loads of white particles, enough for me to form a pea- sized ball, and got less on the second day.

In comparison with other body parts: I've used Cure on my vajay and underarms. Both body parts only produced small amounts of white particles if compared to my face since they're not that exposed as the latter.

I therefore conclude, Cure is the real thing!

I dig this product and I'm really getting another one once I finish this bottle. It's a miracle scrubber for everyone, even those with sensitive skin!

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Please visit CURE NATURAL AQUA GEL PHILIPPINES for more information about this product.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love love love this product! At first I thought that it was a little expensive, but when I started using it to exfoliate my elbows and knees, I realized that it's worth the price! I always recommend this to anyone who cares to listen. lol

  2. Oh my goodness. I seldom say this about beauty products because beauty products are just 'wants' but I think I NEED this.

  3. This is amazing!i thought it was too expensive but when i read on what it can's all worth it!i salute whoever invented this one...thanks for another newfound amazing product Ms. M! :)

  4. Wow this is so enticing, after reading your review and BrownOso's comment, I want to get it also. Must save for this one. I'm using a lightening lotion for my knees and elbows but I have the impression, based on your post, that this seems like a better alternative or at least an excellent complement.

  5. miss m thank you sa review mo! i like this blog kasi it lets me discover new beauty products!!!! i got this na last 2 weeks pa and im so happy i got it. instant kinis ang dating. i like the fact na i can also exfoliate other parts of my body with it, like underarms. im planning on transferring it to a smaller container para madala ko anywhere. i use it siguro mga 2x a week lang. this eexfoliant is also a good conversation starter sa mga officemates ko. ive given some of the smple sachets to colleagues and they all loveeee it!!! sso far ive only had one covert mahal daw kasi. pero for me its super sulit. sana lang they also carry yun moisturizing gel kaya lang di pa daw available e.

    aand this blog has also instilled another lemming (davines nou nou pak). time to move on na from snoe. thanks miss m for your posts. masakit sa bulsa pero nakakaganda naman haha

  6. now you are qualified for the Queen of the New Beauty Products.hehehe
    I love how you introducing it with us and recommending it with people who need some help.thank you :)

  7. aaayyy!! I have one na!! I use it sa kurikot hihihi...takot ako sa vajay...

  8. I have just ordered some samples from Sample Room. I'm so glad I was able to order some before stocks ran out. I'm excited!

  9. Eloise: Hi there! Awww...Sweet! Thank you for the nice words and for being an avid reader! :) And Wow! You can be a brand ambassador of Cure na haha! :D Like you and your officemates, I'm loving it too because it's so gentle! Interested with that moisturizing gel 'cuz it sounds perfect for oily skin! :) I'll ask Cheryl of Beautybox Corp. about it. :)

    Dana: Wee! I'm sure you'll like it! :D

    Leilani: What's kurikot? Hahah! :D I use it on my vajay because it doesn't have beads unlike scrubs that might know..that's even scarier haha! :D

    Ohms: You're welcome my dear. :)

    Kris: There are studies that show that Cure can also aid in skin lightening. Have to see that for myself though. :) Anyway, this stuff is the shizz-you gotta try it! :D

    Jec: You're welcome! :D

    Rae: Haha! :D I know the feeling. :D Gosh, I'm using this product faster than expected 'cuz it's so fun to use aside from the fact that it's effective. :D

    BrownOso: Weee! Glad to meet another Cure lover! :) By the way, you can use it to exfoliate cuticles too. :D

  10. Do you use facial wash before this?

  11. I have found a similar product which works perfectly the same but its wayyyyyyy cheaper! I bought it online on Instagram @deebunkit for just Php500. Its a Korean Brand and it works great!

  12. Thank you for your review. I also wrote my review about this product. Please have a look


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