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Here's a review on Giga Pet Organics Pet Balm

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Okay, this is not related to humans, but I just want to share this miracle salve from Giga Organics with everyone, especially to my readers who have pets. I've had my tub with me for more than a year already, but only got to use it now and witness its healing powers because all my cats and dogs have been suffering from itchy, reddish, moist skin sores, and they're quite contagious! The first carrier was my female white oriental cat and the next thing I know, all of them have been afflicted with it already! I researched about it and found out that they're called Hot Spots.

(Sorry, I lost my product shots of this product! :( )

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Hot Spots or Summer Sores/Moist Eczema is a common condition that can happen at any time of the year, but usually occurs during summer time. It is caused by bacteria that is very much attracted to moist surfaces on an animal's body such as heavily- licked areas, open wounds, or even damp, newly- bathed coats. In some cases, animals develop Hot Spots out of stress. When the bacteria attaches itself to the host, they bore red, round spots and take away all the surrounding fur leading to hair loss, while some spots are even grave and they form actual wounds. Infection occurs and worsens when your pet licks the affected part and then licks on an unaffected area and other animals. Fortunately, humans are less likely to be infected with Hot Spots.

Prior to this research, I just mindlessly applied this balm on my pets because it was the only pet balm I have at home, and I got really frustrated by all their whimpering and it saddened me to see them exhausted from all that scratching. Our Labrador even got depressed due to the sores (she got the major infection 'cuz of her already sensitive skin) and she didn't eat for almost a week. Good thing I bought this pet balm on impulse-it saved my pets' lives!

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Giga Organics Pet Balm is an all- natural soother for itchy, dry skin and even Hot Spots. Main ingredients are Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax, and Tea Tree Oil.

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Product is a clear, moisturizing salve-it creates a moisturizing barrier on top of the affected area. It has a mentholated scent and cooling sensation to it, and I like it because it repels my dogs and prevents them from licking their hot spots and spreading the infection further. However, it doesn't get absorbed quickly so it's best applied when your beloved pets are about to sleep as it can come off when they toss and turn during playtime.


In less than 5 days, the hot spots have dried up. It has been a week now since I started applying this balm on their Hot Spots and lo and behold, the dried up areas are starting to grow hair already and my pets are already feeling better than ever!

I love, love, love this balm because not only did it save my pets' lives, but it also saved me from costly veterinary fees! (I have 10 cats and 3 large dogs, so you can imagine how much I'll be paying for when I bring them all to the vet. :P)

If your pets are suffering from Hot Spots or dry skin, grab this balm! But please be reminded that not all pets react positively to skin treatments regardless if they're natural or clinical, just like human beings so I advise to apply a sheer amount on the skin sore or dry skin to test. If the condition worsens, stop usage and bring your baby to the vet right away!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooooh! I should buy one soon too. One of my dogs kept scratching and his skin is getting red already. Glad to see that it worked on your pets. Hoping it would be the solution for mine too! :D

  2. You really are an animal lover! i dnt have any pet products pero magaling nga talaga yang giga. i have their massage rub and i swear, ive managed to survive thesummer heat dahil don! i apply it sa katawan ko kasi it s really minty cool, as in! love the feminine wash from sesou too. overall love them!

  3. I'm glad to hear your pets are ok. I'm such a dog-lover. I would do anything to save my dog. He doesn't have sores but I will keep this product in mind in case he develops them in the future. Thanks as always!

  4. One thing I dislike about summer is how the heat drives my pets nuts. Kawawa naman :( They don't have summer sores but just to make sure that I'll be prepared so I'll drop by Sesou and check this out.

  5. BrownOso: Same here! That's why I give them a bath often! :p Yes, this truly is a pet saver so please check it out. :)

    Sera: Lucky you! Our place is quite open, hence we could really feel the intense heat even inside the house that's why our dogs got the sores. :/

    Eloise: Thanks for the reco! I'll check them out when I drop by Sesou. :)

    Peachy Pink: Yes! Maybe those are the early stages of Summer Sores. Better treat it before it gets worse! :)

  6. My babies also develop this rash but we put baking soda. It helped and in time it just went away. I love your posts about your babies :)

  7. Thanks for this info Ms M! We have a dog but thank goodness she doesn't have hot spots despite the killer heat and humidity. I'm sold by the ingredient virgin coconut oil. In my opinion, no one can go astray with the tree of life's oil. I'll keep this in mind just in case our lovely pet suffers moist eczema. I hope she doesn't but we never know. :(

  8. OMG! you got lot of cats Ms. M...I think our dog have this hot spots too, she kept on scratching all over her body. I have to check this one out and try it on her. Thanks for sharing... :)

  9. Kris: VCO is really a miracle product for the skin. :) As for your pet, mini red spots and semi- bald spots are tell- tale signs. :)

    Leilani: Thanks dear! My pets get mad when I put powder on them, so this one should be good. :)

    Jec: Yikes! Better address the problem now before it gets worse. Hope your pet gets better! :)

  10. Hi, I know this is am old post but I wanted to check if this is safe for the pets to lick? I applied this on our dog's rashes but am I little worried about ingestion because her mouth can reach that area. Hope you can let me know :)


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