Review: MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Dirty Blonde

Here's a review on MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Dirty Blonded

Price: P1,150.00
Bought From: MAC, SM Mall ofAsia
Other Locations: MAC Stores in: Glorietta 2, Powerplant Mall, Trinoma, New Eastwood Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, Shangri-La Mall


Remember in my other post wherein I said that my HG Benefit Brow Zings has a contender already? Well, it's not really a contender because Brow Zings still holds a special spot in my heart, but it's more of another favorite of mine. The product I was referring to is this: MAC Fludline Brow Gelcreme. The first time I tried it, it immediately earned that HG title, at least to me that I wish I had bought another pot as my back up!


This product is from the brand's limited edition Stylishly Brow Collection. It was released locally a month or two ago and apparently, it is sold out already. You can always ask a friend or relative living abroad to get it for you, or you can try ordering via local Pre-Ordering Online Boutiques on Facebook or Multiply.

Click READ MORE and know why I love this product so much, and check out my nifty application tip for Cream brow products!

It comes in two other colors, Deep Dark Brunette (The standard midtone dark brown shade) and Redhead (A muted beige shade with slight reddish undertone). I got Dirty Blonde because it's an in- between shade, and the only one that kinda' matches my hair color, which is golden reddish brown. Redhead would've been perfect, but I found it too light.

The Brow Gelcreme has a very smooth and silky texture, and it dries to a matte finish. I like that it doesn't feel greasy despite the fact that it's cream.

Based on my personal interviews with MUAs, most of them like using Gel- based brow products because of its opacity, hence it can give better definition in just a few swipes, as well as its versatility because it's a brow definer and shader in one. I agree with that and this is why I dig this product for realz! Totally perfect for an on-the-go girl like me. :D

For my tools of choice, I use Charm's Angled Brow Brush most of the time. I would also recommend a very slim angled brow brush (the one with the black ferrule. It's from Charm's Pro Makeup Brush Set, by the way) if you want to create slender lines, a very sharp brow tail, or if you just want to control the coverage. Basically, it just requires a regular angled brow brush. :)

Dirty Blonde is a midtone ash blonde shade that has a very, very small hint of red. Pigmentation is amazing, and even if you apply it heavily or lightly, it will still look quite natural. 


Bare brow

With MAC Brow Gelcreme

It fills in gaps quickly and effortlessly, and the silky texture helps you achieve a very neat looking shape-No siree, it doesn't clump on brow strands! It doesn't require any special hand technique and it will still transfer beautifully on your brows even if you use a light or heavy hand on it. The best thing about this product is it sets efficiently, allowing you enough time to blend it before it sets. Staying power is very good even on oily skin. It doesn't come off easily with water though, so you'd need makeup removers to take it out completely.


If you're a bit intimidated by the opacity of Cream- based brow products, here's a way to somehow minimize its intensity. This technique, by the way, will work on any Cream brow products-I should know, I tried it! :D

You just have to include water, a facial mist, or makeup setting spray in your routine. Here are the steps:

1. Lightly mist your brow brush with water/facial spray/makeup setting spray. Make sure it's damp, but not too wet.
2. Dip your brush gently in the pot and then start grooming your brows as usual.

VOILA! You're done.

The swatch on the right is the outcome of the technique. It's best done when you want to achieve that shadowy look for your brows. :)

I still have to use either Etude House Color My Brows or Majolica Majorca Lash & Brow Colorist on it to adjust its shade to my current hair color.

I highly recommend this product! That is, if you can still find a stock anywhere. This product is da bomb, and I'm confident to say that every makeup fan, Pro or newbie, will love it! For newbies, you might want to try my technique for cream brow products for practice.


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your brows look fantastic! I've never tried any brow product because I'm pretty satisfied with how my brows look... I think.

    My issue is that my eyebrows are black and thick so I'm afraid that brow products will make me look funny.

  2. imma buy it myself this payday!!tnx for the review ms. M.. :)

  3. Thank you for the technique for cream brow products Ms M!

  4. Wheeew!not my cup of tea..But I love how it looks on you definitely da bomb for you Ms. M...hehehe!

  5. I hope they come out with something with a little bit more grey in it.

  6. Super nice!!! Akala ko MAC's fluidline is just eyeliners. I want to buy something a bit lighter to match my soon to be colored hair haha!

  7. its quality over quantity, I've heard alot of good reiews about this and I'm really sold.:)

  8. You got that kim chiu-ish, heart evangelista-ish, maja salvador-ish (and all other) eyebrows! Hahaha! Pretty you. ;-)

  9. I have never used a gel based color for my brows. Thank Martha for the wonderful tip! I really have oily skin and sometimes ang kintab na ng eyebrows ko :( dumudulas na ung color..hassle talaga as in. I will try your water technique :)

  10. I'm so gonna get myself this one asap! ^_^



  11. Awww backup kagad ms m?parang ang jar na yan ay matagal tagal nmn. Ill get this one rather than brow zing. I was underwhelmed by browzing actually. Parang ok lang tbh

  12. I've never used cream products on my brows, just the MAC Brow Set and I'm done... do you like it will be a big jump to switch to this?

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  13. Kim: If you have bushy brows, the brow set will do. If you need shape and volume, then the brow gel would be good. They're totally different products though and they require different sets of techniques. :)

    Eloise: Looks like it, but there's a dip on it already because I use it everyday! Have you tried brow zings already? :) I like this and brow zings because I use both depending on the color of my hair. :)

    Iya: Good luck in finding a stock! :D

    Leilani: Let me know how you find that technique! :D

    Kmmyp: The lightest one is redhead. :D

    Marielle: Thank you dear! :D

    Ohms: Yup, it's really good. :D

    Rae: I think the first thing they have to do is make it permanent haha!

    Jec: Thanks for your thoughts. :D

    Kris: Welcome! :D

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to tbj! It's not available locally already, i think. :/ Hope you find a stock!

    BrownOso: Welcome! Lucky you 'cuz you're just good with a clear mascara and you're off to go! :D

  14. Hi! What other shades are available? I have dark brown, almost black hair since it's fading already. What shade would you recommend? :) Thanks!

  15. What's your next best eyebrow cream to this one? :)


    -Aimee <3


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