Review: Snoe Poudre Phenomenon HD Pore Erasing Powder

Here's a review on Snoe Poudre Phenomenon Pore Erasing HD Powder

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I had tried Make Up For Ever's HD Powder via a friend, and I totally loved how it sets foundation perfectly, blurs pores brilliantly, and its oil- controlling talent. However, I never got a chance to purchase one because it's always OOS in MUFE The Fort High Street and now, the store is gone.

So this gem of a powder is a very good dupe for MUFE's HD Powder. The first time I tried it, I fell in love with it, and it's totally cheaper than MUFE too!



Poudre Phenomenon Pore Erasing HD Powder is a blotting/setting powder with lotsa' skin caring ingredients that may help stall oil and acne breakouts on skin. It is Paraben- Free, Oil- Free, Talc- Free, Dermatologist- Tested, and Fragrance Free.

It only comes in one size, which is 12g. Silica is not a cheap ingredient so I say this product is fairly priced, considering that it works real fine.

Click READ MORE if you're looking for an affordable, authentic translucent powder, or should I say, a dupe of MUFE HD Powder! :D

Comes with a puff applicator. For once, I have actually used the inclusive powder puff in a powder product. Normally, I don't use puffs because I find that they don't really work well with loose powder, but this powder is so good that the puff would be enough to apply it! What I'm trying to say is, if the product is that good, no matter what tool you use with it, it will work fine. By the way, I use a powder brush along with this product, a quicker way to work it onto my skin.

COOL FEATURE ALERT: Snoe is intelligent enough to not glue the sifter onto the acrylic jar. I know, it's prone to spillage, but the beauty of it is it allows you to transfer the product into smaller jars for travel! Speaking of spillage, the powder has a tendency to seep right out of the sides of the jar so always make sure that the cap is tightly sealed, and lay the jar flat during storage.

Poudre Phenomenon has a silky smooth and dry texture, the secret to its invisible coverage. In case you guys didn't know, the real translucent powders are the ones with dry, semi- chalky texture: it's free from Talc and other emollient ingredients that leave that dreaded white tint on your skin and alter your foundation's shade. True to its claim, it does not contain any fragrance.  Oh, it only comes in one color.

Poudre Phenomenon when blended evenly

More reasons to love this powder: It does not require too much blending, is spreadable, (you don't need a lot!) and it mattifies skin upon contact! As with all dry- textured translucent finishers, it's quite dusty so my advice is you apply it sparingly and gradually or else you'll end up choking yourself haha!


BYS Complete Foundation+Benefit Fake Up+ArtDeco Camouflage Cream

One layer of Snoe HD Poudre Phenomenon

I'm always good with one layer of this product, thus it is very economical. If you've noticed, the shade of my foundation did not change-neat, huh? The powder somehow minimized the appearance of my pores, as advertised, although I can't really say if it has helped me with my zit problems as I've been using targeted skin care products for that.

Despite its dryness, it doesn't give you a flat matte appearance-it allows a bit of sheen to peep through for a natural glowing look, and it looks good in photos! It takes me a good 4-5 hours before I oil up, and it can prolong the staying power of liquid/cream foundation. Aside from being a very good setting powder, it works equally superb as a blotting powder too!

I love this product so much that I got myself a back up! I use it with my shade- matching liquid face products and even the wee bit light and dark ones-actually, I use it with all my bases because it's quite universal! Totally HG material, and I recommend it to liquid foundation wearers, oily- skinned gals, and even makeup artists! For gals with dry skin, moisturize prior to usage and balance out the powder's dry texture with an emollient base.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have stopped using powders on my face a long time ago because they tend to break me out. But I love Snoe bath products so much so I will check this out when I finally have the chance :)

  2. A very informative review! Another snoe product that delivers and yes very economical too..i really love how snoe name their products..sooo unique..:)

  3. I also felt bad when MUFE was changed into Make Up Factory at Highstreet. However, there is this store at Makati called Make Up Pro and the last time I visited the store, they have MUFE's HD powder. You might wanna try RCMA's colorless powder too, it is around 600 for 3oz of product already, works the same as snoe. But the good thing with snoe as what you've mentioned is that, it doesn't have talc which may be the reason why it is more expensive than rcma or ben nye's setting powder. Great review martha! :) you might want to check my shop feature of Make Up Pro here:

  4. I lean to powder on foundation these past few months because it's really hot this summer. PRessed powder worked on my during cold season but they then to get cakey on me during this season, sweat I guess??

    KRAVE also has an oil eliminator which has the same functions as this product! Thanks for the review. ;)

  5. I love this too :) got a sample from the event and I alternate this one sa poudre extraordinaire. Thanks for sharing the review :)

  6. BrownOso: Do you have oily skin or dry skin? If you have oily skin, this will be a great option-if you have dry skin, try poudre extraordinaire. :)

    Majorie: Perhaps. :) Yup, I have that oil eliminator too. Still testing it out. :)

    Katrina: Hi there! Thanks for sharing. Yes, I've heard about that rcma powder too. Been meaning to check it out. Thanks for the tips! :D

    Jec: True! And so quirky too!

  7. Wow h8ndi lang siguro ko marunong magapply nian. I dont like the texture parang gawgaw

  8. Thanks for the review Ms M. I would like to try Poudre extraordinaire first because it seems more suitable to my dry skin. I love the idea of having the option to transfer to smaller containers because I reuse some of my empty containers instead of buying products in travel size. This is more economical for me and less plastic waste too.

  9. Wow I think I should try this. Especially right now that my gay friends are teasing me that my pores are "nakanganga" haha. Maybelline has a new product in the market that aims to do the same thing. Are you going to
    make a review about that? Thanks!

  10. This one I will really try!! I have huge pores! Ms. M have you tried Ellana's White chocolate powder primer? Would you say they have the same effect? thanks!

  11. Did you take these pictures with flash? I;m just not a fan of translucent powders as it tend to be cast-y on flash photography. I used Ben Nye and never had used it again.

  12. Marielle: Hi there! Great question! Yes, I did and nope, no white cast! :D

    Leilani: Hi there! Nope, haven't tried that yet, let alone anything from Ellana. :)

    Monica: It does help minimize the appearance of pores for a bit, but it doesn't conceal them completely though. :) Oh, is that the face primer? Haven't tried that yet as it's always out of stock--been meaning to buy one for myself. :)

    Kris: That's true! But I think the sifter of Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire is not removable though. :)

    Miz Eloise: Very good for oily skin. Yup, a little chalky but it's the best type of setting powder for me. :)

  13. Yes it is! I've been looking for it since I first saw it on their fb acct. Hope you can review that product. I really want to know if it's worth searching for. Haha :D


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