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There's definitely something different about today-seems like everybody's in a chill, laid-back mood, and even though there's a little traffic on the road, the passengers are taking it easy, treading the traffic lightly-didn't hear anybody honk their horn out of frustration. I wish it's like this everyday! :)

I just want to share some new brand updates and announcements that I received last week. :)

Lipo Cavitation at its cheapest price ever-The Skin Sanctuary is offering a tempting summer promo for their LipoSolve sessions: From P2,500.00 per session, get it at P799.00 only! Read all about my LipoSolve experience HERE if you want to know more about it. :)

In celebration of Cetaphil's 65th anniversary, their daily moisturizers and hydrating lotions are on a buy-one-take-one promo! This is your chance to stock up on Cetaphil's newest products without having to spend a lot. :)))

Click READ MORE for more announcements!

Ooooh....Abanico! Abanicos will always be part of me because I grew up seeing my mom and grandmother bringing one with them wherever they go, and they kinda' influenced my fondness for it. (I even remember them saying "A real lady has an abanico.") You can't deny that they're so handy during summertime, and they're definitely the cheapest way to cool down!

And here's one interesting find: Couture Abanico. Never knew there was such! It was made by Casa Mercedes, the oldest fan/abanico maker in the country. Originally requested from Casa Mercedes by legendary Filipino fashion designer Pitoy Moreno to complement one of his clients' ternos, Monchet Y Cia or the Petal Fan has then become an important and tributary collection of the fashion house. It is handcrafted and made with sustainable wood adorned with silk tassels, and is only produced in a limited number and kept to seasonal colors and patterns. That said, I dub thee, #LikeADonya Abanico! :)

Casa Mercedes in partnership with Rustan's, is offering the limited edition Monchet Y Compania fan for free for a minimum single receipt purchase of P10,000.00 from the cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrance section of the said store. Promo is until April 30,2013.

And look! Cetaphil has a new line called DermaControl, and I got an Oil-Control Foam Wash for Oily and Blemished skin. Interesting! I'll see how it compares with their Oily Skin cleanser and classic Gentle Cleanser. :)

It's official-Make Up For Ever has already left the Philippines. :( Wish I bought the Eyebrow Corrector and Face and Body foundation then! Ugh! Why MUFE, why!? :(

On the brighter side, a new German makeup brand, Makeup Factory replaces MUFE here at The Fort High Street. That means we have a new makeup brand to try!

Seems to me, their products are good for both professional and daily use-it kinda' echoes the nature of MUFE's products, but the difference is, Makeup Factory is way, way cheaper. Also, it also reminds me a little of ArtDeco. I'll try to get more info about this brand soon. :)

That's all! Have an awesome Saturday! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm sad because my favorite product of Cetaphil - Antibacterial soap is not part of their promo ~~,

  2. wow, if only im an avid cetaphil fan i would hoard their products. i find their cleansers too gentle and hindi kakayanin ang oily skin ko.

    id love to try that liposolve kaya lang ay hindi ko kaya imaintain ang diet ko so sayang lang.

    lasy youre super correct about make up factory na parangartdeco, german brand din diba!

  3. San po ako makakabili ng cetaphil products na buy one take one? ;) thank you :)

  4. What? No more MUFE? Hay! Make-Up Factory looks interesting though. Please post a review of their products soon.=) I'll wait for that before I get anything. Thanks a lot for keeping us updated.

  5. Awwwwwwww! It's sad the MUFE has left :( Even the small stand at Megamall? I hope not!

    It's nice to try a new makeup brand but I have to finish my other make up first before I get to buy new ones :)

  6. I'm interested in Cetaphil's promo. Thanks for the updates Ms M! Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow!that's great news for liposolve..:) a big savings from a worth trying procedure!
    I've been a cetaphil fan...i love its lightness and effectiveness to cure my skin problems. It's nice to hear that they offering new lines to try and yes i'm gonna hoard cetaphil now! :)
    Yay!will be waiting for your thoughts about that new makeups..hahaha!
    Again thanks for sharing Ms. M

  8. "a real lady has an abanico". Hehe. It never became part of me and same goes with a.hanky. I always misplace it! So i end up losing all of them and my mother ends up yellinh at me. Haha. :)

  9. I guess MUFE left simply because they weren't making enough of a profit. I'm at High Street often and I rarely see anyone else in there... :(

  10. Huh? wala ng Mufe sa BGC? why!! :(

  11. I would love to have that abanico but spending 10K just to get that is not practical for me right now. :D But I would definitely grab the buy-one-take-one promo of Cetaphil. :) I'm really excited to check the makeup products of Makeup Factory. .^_^.

  12. Thank you for the post! :) Sunday is grocery/shopping day for me and I will definitely check the Cetaphil promo. I haven't tried any of their products before, though. The DermaControl foam is interesting!

    I want an Abanico!!! It looks so elegant! Too bad I don't have 10k. Boo. It's so perfect for the summer.

  13. wow! ang daming news! hehe..Cetaphil is really a good news for me :) I will buy one later when I go to Trinoma.Thanks for the info!
    I am kinda interested with the abanico too...hmmmm, parang Spanish era lng...hehe...bagay sa lola ko :)

  14. Woot! Off to watsons to have some Cetaphil.. Thank you for the heads up! :-)

  15. Wow cetaphil, diko palalampasin to.;)

  16. Glad you liked this post, girls! :D

    Cecille: You're welcome! Welcome to TBJ! :)

    Eva: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! LOL! I seldom bring abanicos nowadays, thank God for air-conditioning but hankies? Wasn't a big fan lol.

    Yanny: Maybe they weren't making enough money to sustain their stores.

    Arian: I think the reason why people rarely visit their store at BGC is because their stocks are too limited. And when the stocks arrive, they're reserved already most of the time. :(

  17. This is a great an opportunity to confess my love for Cetaphil. I'm actually thinking of proposing to her in the near future. harhar corny! Anyway, I love cetaphil's body cream. it locks in moisture onto my skin. this was what saved me in feb. remember when the temperatures dropped??? I had these itchy maps on my skin. They were that bad that i went to the derma and told me to use cetaphil and physiogel.


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