Your Summer Story as Told By Tommy and Tommy Girl Summer EDT

Summer is definitely one of the most important seasons to humankind for it is when a lot of memorable things happen, and Tommy Hilfiger's new fragrances capture all your timeless memories under the sun in a bottle, like a still photograph, reminding you of your unforgettable summer romance, sizzling parties, favorite destinations, or secret getaways.
Launched in 2012, Tommy Girl and Tommy Summer are the latest additions to Tommy Hilfiger's successful fragrance range. Both fragrances were inspired by the warm, lively spirit of summer. If you were already alive during the mid to late 90's, the name Tommy Girl will surely make you smile and reminisce! :D

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A cool, casual, relaxed fragrance that's both light and warm like a breezy, sunny day. Top notes have Waterlily, Starfruit, and Melon, heart notes have Gardenia and Jasmine, and base notes have Sandalwood and Musk.


A cool, invigorating yet suave fragrance, reminiscent of sparkling waves and calm sunsets. Top notes have Pink Peppercorn, Grapefruit, and Ginger, heart notes have Fir Balsam and Sage, and base notes have Red Cedar and Amber.

Hah! A new summer fragrance to try. :) If you're interested, Tommy Girl and Tommy Summer EDTs are available in all leading department stores.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow i remmber in college the hype was tommy girl. Unisex kasi ang dating. I love how laidback pero polished ang effect non. Also ang daming imitations din non so well loved talaga ang scent. Im wondering anong amoy nito

  2. Keep the perfume posts coming! :) I'm so excited for my summer getaway, whenever that would be. haha.

  3. I remember my bestfriend who first the one who give a tommy girl fragrance, but this is one, it looks glam in new package, did you satisfy with the scent?how it smell like?:)

  4. We had a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance when I was in high school but I don't remember the exact name because I wasn't into fragrances and beauty then. I have to check this out, baka ito yung Tommy EDT naming before.

  5. I also had my share of tommy girl perfume...hahaha!and i could say this one of my most loved perfumes...:) i love the bottle and by reading the top notes of the tommy girl summer...the scent seems so refreshing already and summer-y..:) i'd definity take a sniff on these 2 edt when i got the chance...:)

  6. I think these will be good summer scents coz of the fruity notes :)

  7. used to wear tommy girl in college. it was vibrant but at times the smell was overpowering.

  8. Eloise: Back in my highschool, the rich girls wore tommy girl haha! :D

    Dana: While I have friends who can't seem to outgrow this scent. :)

    Leilani: Definitely! :D

    Jec: Go ahead! Let me know how you like it :)

    Ohms: Smells good: very fresh and very young. Still trying to come up with a verdict for this one. :)

    Kris: This is a newer version of the original tommy girl. :)

    BrownOso: Will do! :D


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