HOW TO: Impromptu Body Scrub+Reuse Unused Body Butters

I was about to do my long bath ritual last night, then I found out that I already ran out of body scrub. Bam! End of the world for me haha! Seriously, a body scrub is one of my weekly treats so I make sure to include it whenever I have the chance to spend some quality time with myself in the shower.

What to do, what to do? Since body scrubs are just gritty humectants in my opinion, the obvious choice was to grab a body butter and some raw, ground coffee. Most DIY body scrub tutorials would suggest oil, particularly Olive oil, in lieu of body butter/lotion but nah, that's too messy in the shower, not to mention Olive oil is a lil' pricey and I'd rather use it on food!

 If you have any unused body butter in your dresser, this tutorial will show you how to put it into good use by turning it into a body scrub.


Ground coffee
Body butter or body lotion
Plastic spoon
Plastic container

Click READ MORE and know how to whip up this very cheap yet effective body scrub!

STEP 1: Prepare your small plastic container and plastic spoon. I prefer something with cover so I could create a batch that's good enough for two showers.

STEP 2: Using the tail of the plastic spoon, scoop out some body butter. If you're using lotion, that's easier because you just have to pour it into the container. I prefer using body butter because it feels more exquisite. :)

STEP 3: When you've finally transferred the body scrub base into the container, even out the surface of the body butter (doesn't have to be perfectly even) to make way for the ground coffee bits.

STEP 4: Pour a spoonful of ground coffee onto the container.

STEP 5: Mix, mix, mix. Mmmm..This looks like Tiramisu to me!

STEP 6: Gradually increase the amount of ground coffee if you want a grittier scrub-go ahead, indulge because you won't be charged for it! From Tiramisu, it became Chocolate Peanut Butter!

STEP 7: Voila! We now have a very, very, very affordable body scrub! The smell of fresh coffee was very energizing! :)

STEP 8: From Tiramisu, to Chocolate Peanut Butter, to Chocolate Mousse! :) Anyway, I suggest that you whip up an amount that's good for one to three uses only so as to keep everything fresh.

So when you're just at home, try out this homemade body scrub and treat your skin in the shower! Hope you like this tutorial! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow very good idea thanx mis m. I wonder kung sugar ang scrub masakit b yun?

    There was a body scrub gifted to me years ago n victorias secret hindi ko alam san mabibili yun. Super bango n khit banlawan n andun p din yun amoy sa skin at amoy n amoy sa banyo. It was a sugar scrub kulay light blue container

  2. This is great. Coffee ground on its own can be messy. The body butter keeps the grains to wherever body part you put them.

  3. Wow! i would love to try that :D thanks for the tip :)

  4. I agree that oil in a body scrub is messy and, when used in the bathroom, can be dangerous. My housemate uses used and dried ground coffee for her body scrub tapos hinaluan niya ng oil. It almost caused a grave accident because the bathroom floor was still oily, hence slippery, even after she washed everything off. She had to do an unscheduled bathroom cleaning dahil dun. So lotion or body butter with ground coffee is a better body scrub.

  5. I used to think that sugar will do good, but realized after reading this post, it'll be too gritty. Haha! Thanks.

  6. thanks for that DIY body scrub! i'm gonna try that soon :)

  7. Eloise and Rizza: No naman. Just the same. I like coffee better because of the smell :)

    Issa: Welcome! :)

    Rhain: How do you find it? :)

    Rae: Great observation and I agree! :)

    Anonymous: Hi and welcome to TBJ! You're welcome! :)

    Kris: Aww! Sorry to hear about that. That's also the thing-my mom hates it when the tiles are very oily that's why I found body butter as a great alternative. :)


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