New L'oreal Fall Repair 3x Anti- Hair Fall Line

My favorite supermarket shampoo line, L'Oreal has just come up with an affordable solution for those who have brittle, damaged, and undernourished hair.

A new product deserves a new ambassador! L'oreal's newest ambassador, Jennifer Lopez, poses for this newest hair care line. Have you seen her hotter than hot commercial for L'oreal? J.Lo still remains as one of my favorite artists! :D

L'oreal labs have found out that there are three causes of hair fall:

1. Hair Malnutrition- Weak, malnourished roots produce the same type of hair
2. Root Fragility- Weak roots are unable to hold hair strongly, and the hair fiber grows below its average diameter.
3. Fiber Damage- Hair cuticles are being disrupted, thereby causing hair to be more and more vulnerable to natural and artificial aggressions

Thus, L'oreal had formulated the new Anti-Hair Fall hair care line, a trio of hair potions boosted with Arginine, an essential amino acid for the hair. The 3X signs stands for its triple anti- hair fall solution: Reconstruct, Nourish, Strengthen.

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Cleanses the scalp while fortifying the roots, helping hair become more resistant at the root area.


Detangles hair quickly and effectively, minimizing breakage during rinsing and combing.


A water- based tonic that is applied directly to the roots to help it become stronger.

Let's see if this will help me with my mid-length tangles and breakage! L'Oreal Anti-Hair Fall 3X hair care line is now available in all supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i would like to try this trio =) i knew this shampoo and conditioner is readily available in sachets i saw in Puregold =)

  2. I'm using a herbal shampoo right now because the other commercial and more popular brands that promise less hair fall don't minimize the shedding of my hair. That's also one of the reasons I decided to have a haircut late last year para gumaan ang hair weight ko and mabawasan yung strain sa roots. I hope L'Oreal delivers, I wouldn't mind trying out this product. :)

  3. i want to try this cause hairfall is my major hair problem :)

  4. everytime I saw in com, I always wanted for it cause I'm into hair fall prob,did you already use it?how's the effect?please review Ms. M!:)

  5. I've been using a lot of Hairfall shampoos...I hope this one would really do the trick :)


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