Review: Estée Lauder Invisible Powder in Cashew (3WN1)

Here's a review on Estée Lauder Invisible Powder in Cashew

Price: P2,200.00
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Other Locations: Available in Estée Lauder counters in Essences Powerplant Mall, Rustan's Makati, and Rustan's Shangri-La Mall


I was flipping through my blog last weekend, hoping to do some minor editing on typos and whatnots, and I chose to proofread my foundation reviews. Instead of editing, I ended up analyzing-I learned that there's a thing such as accurate shade match, but no such thing as precise shade match. So how did I come to this conclusion? For one, I've realized that almost always, I'd have to set my foundations either with a translucent powder to retain their shade, or use a shade matching powder to somehow adjust them to my complexion, not to mention our skin tone changes from time to time and lighting plays a major factor too. So in my next foundation reviews, when I say "it's my shade match", what I really mean is the foundation in question "decently fits my skin tone".

What's a girl gotta do? Layer products (this is why makeup artists would mix varying shades of foundation and powder on their clients)--it's the only way for you to get an almost precise coverage. Still and all, the road to perfection is never without its bumps and obstacles. In other words, you'd have to deal with cakey-ness, heaviness, and thickness when you layer products on your skin.

This is what I appreciate about Estée Lauder's Invisible Powder. True to its name, it goes on invisibly and lightly on the skin while leaving a slight trace of tinted finish to deal with too light or too dark foundations and even replenish coverage on the skin. I call it the "Professional Face Powder" and it has been a mainstay in my makeup kit lately.

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The Invisible Powder is a hybrid of liquid, gel, and powder foundation, and it is said that it can work as a powder foundation or a pressed powder.

It comes in a very lightweight compact, albeit I'm not a big fan of its overall packaging. I wish the finish of the compact were matte for that elegant feel.

Sponge Compartment

It includes a dual- faced sponge:

Rubberized side- for heavier coverage

Flocked side- for light coverage

This product employs Estée Lauder's signature baked gelée powder technology, the same technology used in their gelée eyeshadows and blushes. Gelée Powders are pigmented yet ultra fine, and the processing makes them purer, thus they yield truer than true colors on whatever skin type. I'm telling y'all, it's the next big thing in the world of powders!

Cashew 3WN1 is a tawny beige shade with yellow undertone. Tawny Beige is brown with a hint of orange, but thank God for the strong yellow undertone for it balances out the orange tint. This product comes in an army of shades with varying undertones-it's got good selections for tanned and dark skinned gals too!

I think it's pretty obvious in this photo that this powder is indeed mighty fine, like literally: Normally, you'll get a few clumps and chunks when you swatch a regular powder (even the blotting types), but you won't experience that with this one. Does it seem like I've rubbed my finger on the pan for five times? I think the Gelée formulation is the secret why this powder has invisibility as its talent.

Texture is silky smooth and has a faint creaminess to it, but the overall finish is matte and a lil' dry-It's a dream product for those with oily and combination skin. I've read reviews from those who have dry skin and they said that this powder does not emphasize flaky areas, but just to be safe dry-skinned chicas, moisturize prior to usage. It has a light citrusy scent on the pan, but it disappears once it's on your skin. It also contains shimmer: It ain't that crazy, but it's a wee bit obvious- it gives your skin a natural glow. If you're no fan of shimmer, test this product on the counter first just to see if it's for you.


So here are the three main uses of this powder: (at least to me)


Call me crazy, but I do wear makeup to my workouts. It's not the usual full- blown makeup though-just a little concealer on my under eyes and facial discolorations, this powder, (since it's so light and it doesn't choke my pores) and defined brows. I dare not go out of the house without fixing myself because who knows? Somebody might discover me and make me a superstar. (LOL! LOL! LOL!)


So here's moi with Max Factor's Facefinity liquid foundation.

Set with EL Invisible Powder

Notice that the foundation's color has somewhat adjusted to my skin tone, but it doesn't seem as if I tried to adjust it to my skin tone. (Gets?) Because it's invisible! You won't experience any caking and heaviness with this one. Word of caution though: since it's very light, you might think that you're not getting enough coverage so there's the propensity to layer it on, but when you look at yourself from afar, you'll realize that you've applied so much! What I do is I apply a minimum of two layers all over my complexion and check if I still need to layer it on-and oh, I give a decent distance between me and the mirror to get a better view of my application. Its finish is friendly to any kind of lighting as well.


I know that it's best to blot oilies first before applying powder, but since this one is sheer, you can pat it straight onto your oilies and you won't get crusty coverage-it works if you're in a hurry! For foundations that fade, a swipe of this powder will bring back that much needed coverage.

It can work as a powder foundation, but to me, it fares off better as a correcting, blotting, and setting powder as its coverage is light to medium. Doesn't have great oil control, but it does not aggravate facial oiliness and I got no breakouts from it too. No SPF though.

A professional gets almost everything done flawlessly, and I'd like to think of this powder in this light. It's a keeper, especially if you're a heavy foundation/BB Cream wearer. (Like moi!) Best for you as well if you want a powder that evens out your skin tone but makes you feel that you're not wearing anything at all. It's pricey, I know, but if you want to get a special powder that's talented enough to solve some of your foundation boo-boos, grab this.


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