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Hello guys! I know everyone's been waiting for this so I'll just keep my spiel short and sweet: Thank you so much again to all those who joined and sponsored this giveaway. To my readers, thank you so, so, so much for sharing your favorite TBJ posts-your answers just inspire me to get better and better! Cheers to another year ahead, and please keep on reading! :D

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One of the entries that I really found most helpful was your 'How To Take Smashing Product Mugshots' post. I even bookmarked it so I can go back to it every time I need further tips. I know it's not exactly beauty related but it's really very helpful especially to those bloggers who doesn't have access to lightboxes, or have the time to build one. I also love your Fan Mail Fridays. I know I'm not exactly following directions here, but they basically teach me everything I needed to know, may it be regarding makeup, or skincare/hair care regimen. 

I love your blog and though I am just a lurker, I've always been a fan. More power & congratulations, may you have many more anniversaries to come! :)



I like all posts pertaining to product feedbacks and the like. But my favorite read would be Fan Mail Fridays because I get to learn a lot from your articles especially when you list your top products for a certain product category.
When you answered my query on health supplements, I was thrilled! Not only on the answers you've shared which was a big help (like I've said, there are limited feedbacks on health supplements in the net) but also, for a moment there, I felt a certain personal connection to the blogger I have been following for more than a year now. Thanks a lot! :)



"On Hard Work and Delaying Gratification" is my all-time favorite Beauty Junkee post. I love how this post shows not only the knowledge of the writer but her wisdom as well. For me, it is important for a writer/blogger to express her heart and inspire her readers to be the best version of themselves not only when it comes to outer beauty but with the inner as well.

Happy 4th Anniversary Miss Martha! Thanks for all the inspiration! :)



I honestly love ALL your blog posts. not to be sipsip or simply win this giveaway. to think there are almost 300 entries! wow. you are truly blessed and loved ms. martha! well, this entry is one of my favorites because it's so inspiring and I love seeing how you grow as a blogger. every post, I learn a lot from you. you're not just a blogger but an inspiration. I gained more confidene just by reading your blog and very thankful to ms. shen cause I knew your blog through her website ;) I love how you work hard on everything and that you don't do them just because you want something in return. your honest reviews and passion in writing is what kept you going in this industry. I know 4 years has been awhile but still you're there VERY much active and truly inspirational :) Thanks for all your time and effort in this blog. mind you, IT IS NEVER WASTED :) you have lots of fans around the world and I am proud to spread the word to other people about the one and only THE BEAUTY JUNKEE :)

thanks for the great posts may it be make-up, food or lifestyle :) wishing you all the best and more blogging years!! :) 



I always look forward to your Fan Mail Friday posts and your tutorial posts. You always write them in such clear and easy to understand detail with the perfect visual aids to accompany it! One of my favorites from you is your "HOW TO: Achieve That Beach Hair Look+Youtube Tutorial" ( I used to love keeping my hair straight because honestly, I wanted it maintenance free especially since I'm not great with doing my hair at all! I don't even attempt fancy hairstyles because it doesn't turn out as nicely as I want it to in the end. But since I've been more keen on curling my hair and experimenting with it, hence I'm growing it out too nowadays, then the Beach Hair look post was kind of a life saver for me because natural looking and less hassle-free curls was something I was looking for to sport for everyday wear. Your YouTube video tutorial on it helped a lot! I like how you didn't rush through it or leave out steps like certain people do on their videos. Beginners like me when it comes to hair appreciate it, trust me! Thanks, Martha! Xo



I discovered your blog when I was still exploring the world of makeup, I was in colloge back then. I bumped into your Finding Good Makeup entry, it really helped me alot in choosing my makeup. It made me cautious with my makeup selection, and made me realize that there is a huge difference talaga with the cheap knock-off ones and those cheap but branded makeup. Kahit Careline at Ever Bilena lang dati makeup ko, I made it work. Your blog help me a lot! So a big thank you to you!


My favorite post by TBJ is "How I Embraced the Healthy Lifestyle and How I Kept on Shedding Pounds". I don't know if you still remember my email to you after reading the said post. But, anyway, that is my fave simply because it inspires to be better; to be fit and go back to the shape I used to have. I won't pretend that I already succeeded for I continuously fail, but I think what's important is I don't stop trying to reach my goal. I want to have my own version of your success story in battling gaining & losing weight. :)

Again, Happy Anniversary & hope you'll continue to inspire us more. :)



One of my fave portion of your blog post is the Coffee Conversations, and the one that got me is the one you’ve posted last January 28, 2013, “COFFEE CONVERSATIONS: On why you don’t have the thing you desire the most yet.” Your post inspires me (up to now), by reading that, it made me think.. I may have “many things that I want in life” but they weren’t given yet.. maybe you were right, maybe Im not yet ready.. and I have to prepare myself and I know I couldn’t force it either.. it would take time.. and in right time when Iam totally ready, I know God will provide “that thing” my heart desired the most.. 

Thank you Ms M, for the 4years of inspiring people from the blogosphere, and iam one of them, you bring us to places were I only see here, im a newbie working mom who wants to gain more confidence to myself.. 

Congrats on your 4years with bonggang-bonggang prizes! Godbless =)


I've been a silent reader for maybe a year or so and my favorite post and the post that led me to discover your blog is " Review: My Kind Of Fuchsia- Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick In Fifth Ave. Fuchsia". This shows that I don't have to spend a lot to get quality make up. This lipstick is really affordable, it has staying power and it looks great on me. It's really a great deal! Aside from that, this post inspired me to be daring and adventurous with my lippies. Thanks to Martha's picture I knew that it will look good on me even before i tried it on. I'm more confident trying out different lipstick colors and I've learned to pick which shade would best suit my morena skin tone. And because of that, my meager belonging of 2 lipsticks became a happy collection of 18 :D

Again, Happy Anniversary! More power to your blog and more posts to come!


I ve been an avid reader since 2010 but only last year when I got to commenting. I spent days backreading and it was a whirlwind of emotions. Kahit mostly about makeup ang posts mo, there were emotions and feelings involved. when I finally got to the end and read your first entry, I felt emotional. Prang Harry potter book series lang na naiyak ako nong natapos na. Pero sa blog mo, it was a hapy emotion. Congrats Martha, really really you have achieved so much. To answer your question, I narrowed down my selection to 2 entries 1) What's in your everyday makeup kit (First entry) 2) Writing about your passion.

WRITING ABOUT YOUR PASSION won. I used to think na you've always had it easy. Na companies come knocking at your door to give you items. Heheh hindi pala. You've built your BRAND from the ground up. I'l be honest here, Istarted blogging because I wanted to score an invite from one of my fave brands. Kaya lang after rereading this entry, it made me realize na I really have to love what I'm doing in order to ENJOY it and reap rewards from it. I used to obssess kung baket wala akong milyon milyong followers. Baket wala akong invites. HAHAH I was such a deluded "blogger". It was also inspiring how you seemed to take it in stride when you held a blog contest and no one joined. Imagine, THE MARTHA BARBARA dinedma sa contest?! For now, I take things into perspective. I love makeup and sharing my know how to my coworkers and friends. I'll take things one step at a time and enjoy what I'm doing. This way, I won't obssess so much if I don't get invites or freebies . I'll also say that withthe kind of lifestyle that I have right now blogging sometimes take a backseat. 

The quote at the end of the post could not have summed it up better: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm".

P.S. I finally saw your mom in one of your posts (about your impromptu trip to Bora) - may I just say that she looks smashing! Parang magkapatid lang kayo! you are blessed to have one cool mom like her!!!! Congrats again and Happy BDAY to you.Advanced Happy BDAY din to you on June



Affordable counterparts of my pricey everyday makeup essentials: I always love post of Spend vs Save products. This is my favorite because I cannot afford to buy expensive makeup and skincare products. With your post, you help girls like me on how to be beautiful without spending too much. It gives chance girls like me to feel confident about myself even when using affordable products. Happy Anniversary Martha! Thanks for sharing your tips with us! :) Keep it up!



My favorite post is The Truth About Slimming Pills. I've never used one myself, but the post was truly eye-opening. Diet pills always seemed harmless to me (I thought they would make your bowel movement more frequent, that's all), but your post enlightened me to the havoc they can wreak on your body.

By the way, I found out about your blog through your anniversary giveaway in 2012. I didn't join then because I couldn't honestly answer "what's your favorite post?" I can't believe it's already been a year since I found you!

That's it! Please wait for my email regarding how you can claim your prizes.

Gentle Reminder: For NCR winners, prizes must be picked up. For provincial winners, shipping and handling must be shouldered by you. :)

Congratulations, ladies! Before we all know it, it's my 5th year anniversary already, so let's all look forward to that. :D

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