Winners of my Belo Beauty Deo Giveaway

Hi girls! Time to announce the 10 lucky winners of my Belo Beauty Deo giveaway:

1. Name: Bea Bajar

2. Mayla Lagrimas

3. Name: Safe Kris Ariate

Click READ MORE for the rest of the list!

4. Name: Elaine Mendoza

5. Name: Andrea Mae Baltazar

6. Name: Katrina Ponce

7. Margaret Gomez

8. Name: Carlmel Joy Escuadro

9. Ohms Emocling

10. Name: Apol Marie Duque

Congratulations girls! Please wait for an email notification from Nuffnang. And to all those who joined, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. More to come, so please keep on checking my blog. :)

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