ZA Cosmetics is back+Product Sneak Peek

When I was in Hong Kong last 2012, particularly in Sasa, I tweeted something like: OMG ZA Cosmetics. Missed this brand! Then Cathy from LuxAsia had tweeted back with a smiley, if I remember it correctly. Right then and there, I knew something BIG was returning to the country. :D

Fast forward to 2013: Ladies, ZA COSMETICS IS BAAACCCKKK!!! This well- loved Japanese cosmetics brand just took a leave and now it has returned, brighter and better than ever.

I guess it needs no introduction as it was widely popular when it first came here in the early 2000's, but to those who are getting acquainted with the brand for the first time, here's a mini introduction:

BEAUTY FOR THE CITY GIRL: ZA recognizes that every Metropolitan girl lead fast- paced, hectic lives, so ZA created a range of easy-to-use makeup and skin care products that will naturally enhance the beauty of every woman. Designed for women aged 20- 30, and built upon the studies on Asian Skin. Now under the Shiseido group, from the classic white and blue packaging, ZA has changed into a more feminine, fun, and outgoing pink and white palette, and the products are being developed continuously to suit the ever- changing conditions and to meet every woman's beauty need.

Here's a sneak preview of the ZA stuff you'll all see this May!

Plumper Lips lipstick, lengthening mascara, base mascara, and the ZA Killer Volume Mascara.

Click READ MORE and see the rest! :D

Liquid Foundation and whitening BB Creams for those who are into fairer skin.

Everyday eyeshadow palettes in matte and shimmer combinations!

The ever- famous Two-Way Cake! Back when ZA first opened in the country, everybody just wanted to grab this two- way cake, at least in my experience. My mom was once a user, and and I remember her saying that she liked how it feels very light yet it covers well-reminds me a little of Shiseido's Powder Foundations!

Thanks LuxAsia for giving me and my readers the opportunity to get the first dibs on this exciting news! :D

We've got a couple of stuff to scrutinize, my dear readers. Will let you know how they work!

ZA Cosmetics will open its first store at Landmark Makati City on May 15, 2013 so if you have time, drop by and check it out! :D

Be a fan at ZA COSMETICS PHILIPPINES for more news and updates about the brand.

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love BB creams and I was shocked to see the 12 in 1 in this this post... Arrrggghh, can't wait for the review.. :-)

  2. Aha i remeber that product na commercial s mtv nun un may babaeng snowy effect ang mukha. I tried their acne gel dati and i ddnt like it. Hopefully the makeup fares better

  3. ZA!!! I love this brand, I remember my mom buying me two-way cakes & their nyx-like jumbo pencils. I cant wait to see their new products :)

  4. are they available nationwide ms. martha? :(

  5. Wow can't wait for their opening in Landmark Makati! I always frequent that place. This is the first time I heard about ZA so I'm excited to learn more about it.

  6. Ooooh I remember their powders and glosses that have a cooling effect! I wonder if those are still in production, and if they'll be solved here.

    I'll probably get the 2-way cake from this. :D

  7. yeheeeey <3 love their concealers and 2 way cake powders! :D

  8. I love Za...the ever famous two-way cake...can't wait to have love the mascara too...perfect for my short lashes...

  9. I'd love to know more about the ever-famous Two-way cake.. :)

  10. oh dear! pink packaging! i cant wait for your review =)

  11. oh dear! pink packaging! i cant wait for your review =)

  12. i love the lippies prng candy lng ang cute nung color :)

  13. oh yeah oh yeah! i love japanese brand cosmetics. will look forward for it.

  14. aaayyy!! naalala ko ito nung bata pa ako!! my commercial pa nga ito if I remember right...Ms. M ang ganda ng skirt mo! it emphasizes your waist and butt :)

  15. Exciting!! Wanna try their two-way cake. :-P

  16. I love lipstick and I'm excited to have ZA's lipstick,anticipating with your lipstick reviews.:)

  17. CJ: I think they'll open their first counters in Manila at the moment. :) Hopefully, they expand to areas other than Metro Manila. By then, I'll update you guys. :)

    Ohms and Rhain: Thanks! Noted that! :)

    Rizza: It's nice! :)

    Leilani: Thank you dear! yup! The commercial with the chinita girl-it's very ZA-who could forget that!? :D

    Jec: Noted! :D

    Marielle: Same here! :D Excited to use them and write reviews. :)

    Jhoanne: Hi there! Now you can grab their two- way cake again! :)

    Raych: Great choices! :D

    Joyce: Wow! They have cooling lip glosses? Hmmm...I'll ask about that. :D

    Yette: The liquid foundations are good! :D

    Majorie: I think I got that--will review it soon! :)

    Eloise: Haha. I remember that commercial too, and it was heavily shown in MTV. (Long-live MTV!) They just revamped the brand-I'm hoping for the same thing like you too. :)

  18. The brand is available in Iloilo too! :)


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