Essential haulin' at SM Aura

I went haulin' for essentials with my mom and bro last Sunday at SM Aura. My bro went to pick up a few work clothes, mom bought tons of lounge wear (she's addicted to those), and I bought some essential additions to my wardrobe.

First stop was Uniqlo. It was my first time to go around and examine their stuff and my, this brand's got tons of fabulous and comfortable sleepwear and lounge wear!

Uniqlo's well- known for their artist/company collaborations. This one is from the Uniqlo X Celia Birtwell sleepwear collection. Celia Birtwell is a famous British textile designer. I got this one because the cat graphic on it reminded me of my Barrack.

HA! Found you! I've been searching high and low for lazy dresses such as this and thankfully, Uniqlo has it! It's very comfy, easy to style and wear, and it just makes laid- back look a lil' fashionable-well, it doesn't look too fashionable on a hanger, but once worn, it is! It's only P590.00 and I think I'm getting two more colors. :)

Shorts! It's from Uniqlo's Relaco sleepwear line- mom picked up some capris pjs from it too. Do you want ultra comfy and ultra light pajamas that you can even wear on a hot and humid day? Relaco it is!

I'm starting to think that printed leggings are cute so I bought this from Suiteblanco.

A new wedge because my pair from Nine West is a little battered already. This pair from Parisian is very stable, and the platform-heel height is very good-wore it yesterday to a cocktail event, and it took hours before the balls of my feet started hurting-not bad! Parisian, currently, has the KC Concepcion collection and I think I'm picking up the Emerald Green strappy heels with a cut- out wedge.

Lastly, I've repurchased my super duper favorite Pure System products namely Spot Killing Patch and Clay Mask from Yves Rocher. I felt so relieved when I saw YR's store at the 3rd fl. of SM Aura-now I don't have to panic and scramble to either Trinoma, SM North, or SM Southmall when I run out of these!

So tell me, what are your beauty/fashion hauls for the week? :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love your haul! Uniqlo is like a wonderland. So many things to buy! :)

  2. Great haul Ms. Martha! I love these pieces! I haven't been yet in SM Aura. I'm so lame. Hihi. :D I haven't tried any of the Yves Rocher products. Looks like an awesome product! :)

  3. that parisian pair of shoes rocks!!! hay it was so pink!

  4. Yeah, Uniqlo has a lot of nice, comfy & cool (not hot to wear) sleepwear. Perfect for our weather, cute designs and the price is right hehe :)

    -iflip over

  5. nice haul! love the shoes :)

  6. great haul ms. m!the shoes are fab! :)

  7. BrownOso: Yup! I'm a fan of the Relaco line. :)

    CJ and Issa: Thanks! :D

    Flynster: Yes! It's a haven for lounge wear. I'm really going back for more pajamas and nighties. :)

    Rhain: Yup! And it's not a pain to wear too! :)

    Rhia: Hi there! Welcome to my blog! :) Yes, Yves Rocher is a very good brand-you have to try the Pure System range! :)

  8. Very pretty haul! I love the sleepwears. I love Uniqlo too, I have a jacket from Uniqlo, the quality's great :)


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