HOW TO: Work Cream Eyeshadows

It's not about "What is it?"

The great question that surrounds the myth that is the cream eyeshadow is "How do I use it?" In this tutorial, let's get to know more about this rather intimidating product and I'll let you in on simple usage tips.

Cream eyeshadow is eyeshadow in its most convenient form: It's a swipe-and-go kind of product unlike powder eyeshadows that require intricate tools and blending skills, and I believe it was invented for those who don't have patience or who literally have no time to do makeup. Cream eyeshadows are treasured for the following uses:

1. As a base to intensify complimenting colors of powder eyeshadow
2. To some extent, it helps soothe dry skin around the eye area
3. Helps you achieve a 'dewy- eyed' makeup look

Cream eyeshadows are basically for everyone, but for those with oily lids, check out this technique. Click READ MORE and start working that cream shadow!

You can use either your fingers or an eyeshadow brush to work cream eyeshadows. For the eyeshadow brush, choose a wet/dry eyeshadow brush, the one with a solid hair body and made with synthetic bristles.

STEP 1: I use eye primer with cream eyeshadows. There are creaseless cream eyeshadows out there, those that promise to stay put on its own, but I'd rather be on the safe side and wear eye primer because my lids are super oily.

STEP 2: I personally prefer a brush for a mess- free application. Apply it as you would regular eyeshadows. For starters, apply it on your lower lid.

STEP 3: Using a clean wet/dry eyeshadow brush, (or you may use one brush-just clean it before this step) blend the cream eyeshadow upwards and create a fading effect.

Done! Told 'ya, it's a swipe-and-go kind of thing. Cream eyeshadows yield a very subtle, luminous look to the eyes-it's great to use if you want to don a fresh, pretty, youthful look.

You can also play around with colors! In here, I've used a mint green sparkle eyeshadow on top of the black/purple cream eyeshadow. Speaking of sparkle eyeshadows, (those shimmery eyeshadows with loose, chunky glitter) the best way to make them stick is to apply them on top of cream eyeshadows or straight on top of an eye primer.

Would cream eyeshadow-to-cream eyeshadow work?

- Ideally, you should use cream eyeshadows with powder eyeshadows. Otherwise, your lids will feel too heavy and look greasy. However, there are cream-to-powder eyeshadows out there and they work well with each other, but always remember to apply them lightly and blend well!

I would like to use cream eyeshadows on their own. Any suggestions on how to make them last longer?

- Apart from using eye primer, here's my finishing technique: I dab translucent powder on top of cream eyeshadows to improve their lasting power. :)

That's all folks! Shoot me up with questions in case you still have any. :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hmm thanks for this Ms. M. I don't use brush in applying cream eyeshadows kaya pala buo-buo ang result niya :D Thanks thanks!

  2. I always use cream eyeshadow with powder. I love how the colors can be so intense! I have to deal with major creasing at the end of the day, though.

    I've never used eye primer before because the ones that I know are too expensive for my budget. Are there affordable primers that you can recommend? Thank you! :)

  3. Great tips Ms. Martha!Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. wow amazing tips ! love the creativity.

  5. no wonder my cream shadow doesn't stay put! thanks for the tip! :)

  6. i used my finger on applying cream eyeshadows =) thank you for the tip ms m =)

  7. I did try using cream to cream eyeshadows at one point and it felt so heavy I wanted to take it off the second I was done with doing my eye make up. Never again! I will definitely try doing what you suggested though. I have hooded & oily lids & on me eye primers can only do so much so I hope this trick really does help! Thanks again for sharing Ms. M! xx

  8. Great tips Ms. M! I just use eye primer kase oily din ako pero I dont know na pwede rin ang eyeshadow creams. ang ganda ng result sayo.:)

  9. Thank you Ms M. Mess-free nga pag gumamit ng brush than fingers. Didn't look at it that way before.

  10. Bookmarked already! I'll try this pag sinipag. Hehe.

  11. Revlon used to have a cream shadow pallette. Ever bilena meron kaya lang ay sobrang tigas ng cream.

  12. Thanks girls! Glad you learned something from this post. :)

    BrownOso: ArtDeco's eyeshadow primer is good. :)

  13. I love using cream eyeshadows without using a powder one :)


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