May Favorites

May has been an erratic month: There are the days when it's raining and cool, and there are days when it's sunny and frakkin' hot, thus my favorites are comprised of heavy and lightweight products to help me get by that indecisive month.

Smashbox Love Me Blush in Idolize Me

- May was also a busy month for me, and Adore Me came handy because it's such a universal shade-it saves me time from thinking what lip color or eyeshadow to pair it with, not to mention it has superb staying power and doesn't require me to retouch especially when the weather is damp and cool.

 Estée Lauder Invisible Powder

- In an ideal world, you can go out without makeup and people will only see the goodness within you despite your flaws, bags, and marks, but we are in the real world: even if you're on your no-makeup mode and you don't want makeup touching your skin because the weather is insanely hot, you have to. (That is, if you'll go out and have to do some work) Thank God for this Invisible Powder: It improves my skin discreetly and it doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing anything at all.

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Shu Uemura POREraser UV Underbase

- This is now the makeup primer to beat for me. :)

Essence Fix & Matte! Translucent Powder

- It's simply a precious asset in this tropical weather and for oily skin: It LITERALLY keeps you oil- free while setting your makeup invisibly and perfectly. I gotta hoard this one. :)

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Lipstick in 400

- Not another red lipstick. I've too much red lipstick that sometimes, I cannot tell any longer what makes them different, but I am loving this one because of its texture: It has a suede texture and deeper-than-matte finish, rich and creamy, and protects my lips from cracking up in the cold weather.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu

- You, pretty, Yu. This is the lighter and my go- to counterpart of GA Lip Maestro. Absolutely weightless yet ultra pigmented, not to mention Yu is a very lovely hot pink shade. It's not red though, but I love hot pink anyways!

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Cleansing Oil Shampoo

- My most favorite hair oil now in shampoo form. :)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream

- Whoops! Forgot to include this in the group shot. Anyways, I used this one a lot because it has a cooling effect, and it prevents me from getting puffy eyes in the morning.

Zenutrients All Is Well Oil

- Ever heard of the product, 'Spa in a Bottle'? This one's a fairly good (and affordable) example. When I'm stressed out and my mind's in a tiresome rut, I pump a few drops of this oil on my palm and sniff away to Nirvana.

ISkin New York Daily Sunscreen SPF 25

- My most favorite sunblock to date because it's non- sticky and comes in a flesh shade! No more white cast! :D

Clinique Happy In Bloom EDT

- The original version is nice, but I like this one better because it has a cooler scent and reminds me of one of my most favorite things on earth: WATER! :D

That's all, ladies! :D Have a fabulous Wednesday! How about you? What are your favorites for the month of May? :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The Armani lipstick sounds interesting! :)

  2. oohh makes me wanna purchase essence translucent powder! :( i hope they have it in davao..i wanna purchase it when i go there next week!.. thanks for sharing your may favorites ms. m. :)

  3. How bout the iSKIN? you forgot the description :)

  4. heat from the sun damages my hair =( i really really really wanted to try keratese! i have first known this brand tru your blog and got the chance to try this out from sampleroom but they were oos that fast =(

  5. Ay grabe! The All is Well oil is soooo addicting. Whenever I'm stressed out (which happens frequently throughout the day), I just sniff away and I feel relaxed.

  6. I love your NARS Lipstick:) and wanted to try that translucent poweder.:)

  7. Hi Martha! Where did you buy Essence Fix and Matte? How much is it? I remember you blogged about it before but I wasn't curious then. And by the way, is ISKIN from Forever Flawless? thanks a bunch! Thank you for your great finds!

  8. You're using a new sunscreen now? The iSkin sunscreen dethroned Kiehl's? That made me sit-up and notice LOL, gonna watch out for a review.

  9. Will chek out essence powder!!!!

  10. Rizza: :)

    Eloise: Get it na dear! It's the bomb. Well, if you love translucent powder, that is. :)

    Joyce: Hi Joyce! Not really dethroned, but I'm liking it lately because of the finish. :) Review coming up soon! :)

    Leilani: Hi there! ISkin, yes, I think it's being sold at Flawless. Essence Powder is available in SM watson's. :)

    Ohms: Thanks! :D

    Anonymous: Thanks for pointing that out! Wrote the description already, :)

    BrownOso: I'm addicted to spa in a bottle products lately. Maybe that's how stressed I am? LOL! :D

    Rhain: Hope you can grab one soon! :D

    CJ: Welcome! :D


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