Review: Lavish House of Beauty Shimmer Lip Gloss

Here's a review on Lavish House of Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

Price: P140.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Lavish House of Beauty, Robinson's Pioneer


What's liquid lipstick, anyway? I guess it was developed for those who want the shiny, emollient finish of lipgloss with the color payoff of lipstick, and those who suffer from dry lips like me. There are people who enjoy the convenience of applying lipstick with a wand, and also there are those who don't like traditional twist- up lipstick just because they always seem to break the product.

But you might go and ask: "Why are you discussing liquid lipstick? The title said Shimmer Lip gloss?" Because these are not lip glosses-not at all. They're too pigmented for a lipgloss. Now that ain't a bad thing because it's nice to know that there's one affordable liquid lipstick variant out there!


Unfortunately, there's no ingredients list to be found on the packaging.

The doe foot applicator is very sturdy, and shape's perfect enough to fit a variety of lip contours.

Click READ MORE for the swatches, and if you're looking for good and affordable liquid lipsticks!

There are no shade numbers or names to be found on the packaging, but I'd have to check again because I might've missed them.

These liquid lipsticks have a creamy, buttery consistency and ultra smooth texture. It's very surprising to know that despite the affordability, they're pigmented! One swipe to get a decent color payoff, and two swipes for maximum coverage. They eventually dry up to a semi- matte finish after an hour. They have this bubblegum scent, which I am not a fan of-if you like anything bubblegum-y and fruity, you'll like this!


The pink one is a cool midtone pink shade with a slight lilac undertone-reminds me of M.A.C's Petals and Peacocks, but without the neon brightness.

This shade brightens up any complexion instantly, not to mention it looks very young, fresh, and dainty. Great for daytime wear especially at school, but can be a tad bit informal for corporate wear.

The coral one is a salmon coral shade. Looks great on any skin tone too!

This shade brings back that fun, summery vibe to your entire look. The color is prettifying too!

Staying power is great: Practically lasts the whole day with very minimal fading and it leaves a hint of stain on your lips for that just bitten effect. The formula doesn't dry out my lips nor causes it to flake and crack. I'd also like to point out that the shades are not at all cheap- looking, albeit quite limited because almost everything is either pink- toned or coral- toned. Well if you're a fan of such shades, that won't be a problem, right? If compared to pricier liquid lipsticks, this would become lipgloss haha! What I'm saying is, it's not as pigmented as the pricey ones, but for it's price? Not bad, not bad.

I like the way these lipsticks perform, so I'm definitely recommending it to anyone who's on a budget!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So cheap but the color pays off so well, it suits you :) sana it will do the same with me.. Gotta have it :)

  2. hi ms m =) i was so happy that you loved my simple birthday gift to you =) i wont be able to forget your birthday kasi kabirthday mo si mamay ko (batanguena term for lolo/grandpa)

    i love the coral better than the pink one =)

    hugs! have a blast!

  3. OMG Ms. M your lip swatches are to die for! I love it. But I'm definitely intrigued about that brand, I'll definitely grab a shade or two if I ever dropped by in a Robinson's mall.

  4. Wow these are so affordable! :) They look really nice too. Sana they're available here.

  5. wow affordable but it lasts long ha, both looks good on you, i'l try too:)

  6. Yay! I love the coral one. Lakas maka-fresh! I'm not a fan liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Dumidikit kasi sa buhok ko. Haha! But this one's nice. I'll buy this!

  7. Your swatches are always so neat and lovely, thanks for sharing this brand! I don't like the payoff but it's good enough over some shades I have. Where can we get it?

  8. it's the first time i've heard about liquid lipstick..i really thought it's just a lipgloss..but omg!the coral one is sooo pretty! i hope they sell online..i'm checking them out now! :D

  9. EHRMEHRGEHRD!!! I love the coral one! I like liquid lipsticks because they're pigmented and they keep my dry lips moist!

  10. the colors look so good on you!

  11. oh, i love both shades! very pretty! and i like liquid lipstick too because it is not drying to my lips :)

  12. Cynthia: Hi dear and welcome to my blog! Yup, was very amazed with the pigmentation too. Let me know how you like it if ever you'll try it. :)

    Dane: While me, the pink one! :)

    Issa: That's true! This one won't disappoint you! :D

    MapleApple: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Thank you! :D

    Aviva: Ditto! :D

    Beauty By Tellie: Hey Tellie! Thank you for the nice compliment. :) You can find it at Lavish House of Beauty in Robinson's Pioneer. :)

    CJ: I don't know if they sell online, but you can always try! :D

    Rizza: Same, but good thing this thing dries up to a semi- matte finish eventually. :)

    Yette: Thanks! :D Let me know which shades you got. :)

    Rhain: Thanks dear! Love the gifts. :)

  13. I love lippies and lipgloss!! thanks for this review. now im dying to try this product ♥

  14. itsmefati: Hi there! :D Welcome! Hope you can get your hands on it soon. :)


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