Sumptuous Sundays: The Miracle Noodle

I'm doing the Cheat To Lose Diet again to make up for all the gorging feasts I did two weeks ago--it's also my first step to getting back on the healthy eating habit.

This diet entails one whole week of low- carb meals, (I'm now on my first week and I am done!) plus two every week when the whole diet is through as maintenance. Low Carb days are quite tough especially if you're coming from carb- rich weeks-I could imagine those who did not diet all their life! For the past week, there were times when I just wanna give up and help myself with a cup of rice, but I promised myself that I'll be strict on this-Project Miranda Kerr should happen!

I was at Healthy Options last night and moseyed a lot at the pasta section just to have a carb fill, and I saw this packet of gooey noodles called MIRACLE NOODLE. I picked it up, checked the nutrition facts label and holy cow, I felt like one of my dreams were answered: A NO- CALORIE, CARB-FREE, FAT- FREE, GLUTEN- FREE, CHOLESTEROL- FREE CARB FOOD! Of course I had to buy it!

Miracle Noodle is a brand, but the noodles in the packet is called Shirataki, a native Japanese delicacy. It's a known traditional pasta substitute in the world of low carb dieters, but it's the first time I have encountered it. According to my research, Shirataki is made from Konnyaku, (or Konjac and yes, it's the famous face sponge) a type of yam. It's purely made up of soluble fiber, hence it will only be excreted by the body.

Click READ MORE for my thoughts about this wonder noodle!

Texture is very much like Pancit Palabok. According to the instructions, you can do whatever you want with it. Here's how you prepare it:

Empty the entire packet in a colander to drain the water solution. Rinse the noodles with clean water before cooking.

The noodles are very long and I had to cut it. Blanche the noodles in boiling salted water for 2-4 minutes. I added Olive Oil in the water to give it some flavor.

Tadah! I just made a simple Carbonara out of it. Texture is a little weird since it's not the kind of pasta that I'm used to eating, but still and all, it's good-it has no weird taste, very easy and quick to cook, and it's very filling! The volume of the noodles may seem a lot at first, but they shrink when boiled so one pack is good for one use only. One pack costs P195.00 and it's available in Healthy Options, in case you're interested. 

I'm so happy I found this noodle-it will make my diet all the more bearable! Props to the person who invented this awesome food. I'm looking forward to the day when there will be no- calorie, carb- free, gluten- free bread substitutes already! :D

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Shiritaki noodles are also sold in Konbini (Connecticut, Greenhills) for P60.00 a pack if I remember correctly. They're also sold in Little Tokyo. I just can't remember how much.

    On Paleo days, I allow myself some potato starch noodles if I'm feeling pasta-ish.

  2. Interesting! Palabok noodles with carbonara sauce :)

  3. oh how i love carbonara! :) this noodle seemed a bit weird.hehe..but i like that it's from "healthy" options..eating without the guilt ;D

  4. I want to try! :) I think i'll love the texture, cause im weird like that. :))

  5. it was my first time too see carbonara sauce on palabok noodles =) hmmmm.. interesting!

  6. Laura: Hi there! Thanks for the tip! Wow, that's cheap, but unfortunately, I'm nowhere near GH. :D

    BrownOso and Rhain: I know it sounds and looks weird, but it's good! :D

    Bipolar Bear: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :D If you like weird stuff, you should give this a try! :D

  7. I tried this before! Forgot the sauce I made but the noodles is perfect! :D

  8. Nice post. I was looking for a review of this noodle and I came across your review. I'd say, it is expensive for one serving Php 195 errr. But, this is a superb pasta, I can mix some mushrooms and veggies with it or even sort of spaghetti :)

  9. Hello! Which healthy options did you get it from? I've been looking for this and i tried healthy options in mega pero wala :(

  10. Mahal pala.. more or less 150 per pack.


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