LOTD: Forever 21

Sometimes, I wish I could just be 21 forever...or take home all the stuff in Forever 21. Haha!

Dress: P865.00

But I got two, and I guess that would be enough for now. The tribal- printed dress is only P865.00 and material is chiffon, which makes it great for casual to smart casual dressing-the only thing that will make a difference are accessories!

Heels: People are People

My most favorite find would have to be this studded denim vest:

I just use this vest as a topper for any plain outfit to give it some spunk!

Bag: Prada

Accessories: Ever New

A fierce Friday to everyone! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the vest!i super love it!it looks good on you ms. m! :)

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  3. love the vest! so pretty :)

  4. i know how you love wearing maxi dress =) i love your style =)

  5. I love Forever 21 and I wish I could live there especially the one in SM Megamall :)) Love the dress and the bag! :)

  6. Shayne, Issa and John Rafael: Thank you! :)

    Louise: Same! They've got dressy yet affordable stuff that are great for events. :)

    Rhain: Thanks! :)


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