Somebody went crazy in Japan

I kept on telling those who asked me about my previous Japan trip that I will never go gaga over shopping-I'll just buy maybe one or two souvenirs and Green Tea Kit Kat for my family and friends. In the end, I swallowed my words and I even think I choked on 'em. I was in Japan last July 12- 14 with Shiseido Philippines, some wonderful magazine people, and Liz of Project Vanity for the 2013 Shiseido immersion and coincidentally, it's Japan's mid-year sale. (it happens every January and July) It would be a crime to not shop because everything, as in everything from luxury to outlet stores, was on a huge, huge sale.

Here's my loot. I've never ever shopped THIS much in a span of three days, (not even in 3 months!) but I don't mind the damage because I love all my purchases!

Welcome to my biggest haul post to date. :) First, lemme show you my nomnoms. :D

Royce Nama Chocolates, blue one for the BF and green one for my mom. Dang, Royce is so cheap in Narita Airport-got each for P300.00 only!

My folks kept on bugging me on Facebook for Kit Kat Green Tea, Sakura Matcha, and Sakura so I dropped by Don Ki (a supermarket) for it, and for some Rice Crackers! I also got Kit Kat Dark because packaging's cool and it looked tasty to me.

More hauls after the cut!

Welcoming gifts from Shiseido Philippines and Japan. I got an exquisite fan with bling-bling from Seibu, and butter cookies from Shiseido Parlour, a restaurant-slash-pastry shop. Yes guys, Shiseido does food as well-more about that in my upcoming posts! :)

Mochi and of course, Kit Kat Sakura Matcha and Sakura Green Tea. I got these in the airport  already as it's quite hard to look for 'em around Tokyo!

Fuji Apple for mom, her special request, and Tokyo Banana Roar, a very, very famous pastry in Japan.

A few hauls I got in Shibuya, one of Tokyo's well- known shopping districts. After lunch, Liz and I went around the area and we both gravitated to this super cute store called It's Demo, a concept store that retails a lot of novelty items from candies to stationary. I got a cat iPhone 5 pluggie, a set of Sunflower- decorated greeting cards for mom, (she loves anything with Sunflowers) and my new iPhone 5 case, a soft case with a vintage Barbie design! How cute! :D

Collective haul from Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Don Ki, two of the very popular supermarkets in Tokyo. Matsumoto Kiyoshi is more of a beauty products supermarket, while Don Ki is a regular supermarket. I got Shiseido's Tsubaki shampoos (I thought they were conditioner, but 'twas too late already when I found out that they're shampoos. :p), Shiseido Fressy Dry Shampoo for the sake of trying out dry shampoo, Shiseido Perfect Whip Facial Foam, a much raved about skin care product in Japan and its neighboring countries, Bioré Facial Foam just because it's a childhood favorite, Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover, Shiseido Eyelash Curlers for me and my boss, and Chifure Lipsticks for our house helpers. :)

That Japan trip exposed me to H&M for the first time, and I fell in love with its style immediately because it's young, but with a touch of class. H&M was on a super duper cray cray sale so apart from hoarding at Ginza, I went to the Shibuya branch to hoard some more! :)

Aviators for my brother.

A weekender top for mom. Got this for Y300 or P150.00. I also got a polo for my BF, but forgot take a photo of it. The polo wasn't on sale, but it's only Y1190 or P595.00. :)

I bought two maxi dresses for myself because it's my kind of outfit. Check 'em out:

Bright Coral dress for Y1000 or 500php. :)

Leopard- printed maxi for Y500 or P250.00. :) (GASP!)

And last but not the least, this very fashionable poncho. From Y2290 (P1,145.00), it went down to Y700 or P350.00-it's the reason why this is my most favorite H&M find. :)

Pray tell me, with such rock-bottom prices, how can you not go on a shopping spree at H&M?!!?

While these are not from Japan. :D Mom also came back from a Singapore trip and she got me Philosophy's Living Grace, a new fragrance, and I bought Acca Kappa's detangler comb and paddle brush in Duty Free Philippines. (Acca Kappa's cheap there!)

This is just part 1 of my Japan diary. More exciting blog posts to come so keep your eyes glued on my blog this week! (And forever! Please? :D)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG I looovve your leopard print maxi dress.... ♥

  2. i love love love this haul post!do you know any online seller that sells the green tea kitkat ms. m?..oh my i'm so excited on your next posts! :D welcome back ms m!hehe

  3. wow! inggit ako. omergerd. thanks for the info. so ill visit japan on those months :)) my gad thats a big haul indeed XD

  4. hehehe this posts is what ive been waiting, your Japan Hauls!!!! wow dami =) i got the chance to taste that mochi galing sa boss namin na japanesse sarap lang hehehe as in!

    wow tsubaki shampoos! nasa wishlist ko yan wala lang nyan dto sa pinas =(


  5. Whoa! that's a lotta sale indeed! Lucky you. shiseido sponsored your trip there?

  6. That leopard maxi dreeeeess! Love na love! <3

  7. That poncho is so pretty!!! I love it!!

  8. Amazing Haul! Makes me want to go back to Japan more. I am so happy and more inspired with you and Liz! You both are so lucky to have the chance to go to Japan and sent by my favorite brand/company Shiseido.

    I love Kitkat flavors only available in the airport I think, you really cannot find it somewhere else and Hello Kitty is everywhere in Japan, which I really love about the Land of the Rising Sun. I am half japanese and half filipina but the last time we had our vacation was last 1996 and so sad that terrible tragedy in Japan happened when we were supposed to go back, we had our plane tickets ready and bags are packed but had to cancel because of the radiation. :-( Anyway you bought so much that I love, kawaii stuffs and surprisingly not too expensive because almost everything is expensive in Japan so you had a really good bargains.

    Much love,

  9. I wish Im taller so I would try maxi dresses too. :) Can't wait for more.Oh I want to go there too.

  10. ou the barbie case looks cute ;)

  11. Drools much! Royce for only P300?! and kitkat?! and H&M sale?! bet na bet ko yang Tokyo banana roar! your Japan hauls Ms. M! sana kasama mo!

  12. You really can't trust yourself to not splurge especially when in another country! They have so much goodies that costs a lot when bought here! I love Green tea kitkat! You should the the blueberry! Heaven :)

  13. Hi girls! Thanks! Now you know when to go to Japan if you wanna shop! :D


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