Stay Curious Stories: Lee's Brand Ambassadors And What Makes Them Curious

For the last installment of the Lee Stay Curious Campaign blog posts, I'm going to reveal the brand ambassadors for this campaign as well as the things that make them curious and why they think curiosity is an important attitude in life. They also shared their precious denim choices!

Lexie Gancayco- Model, blogger, and student entrepreneur. The thing that drives her the most? Asking questions. She mused: "I always keep asking why. If I don't know the answer, I ask!" Her denim of choice? Bell Bottoms!

Kai Huang- Photographer, vintage biker, denim collector, foodie. Kai's curious eye led him to one of his life passions, photography. Seeing different facets of life through his lens is his way of discovering the world, but to stay curious, he still asks himself: "Wouldn't you want to know what is beyond the four corners of our walls?" His beloved pair of jeans? A Lee 24k limited edition pair made for denim lovers by Lee Jeans Philippines, and with only less than 100 pairs made!

Christina Badkiss- Model and DJ. At the age of 14, Christina started modeling, but her authentic love for music led her to what she calls her most amazing job to date: DJ-ing. Curiosity is an intrinsic nature for Christina, and this is what drives her to make good music. "In terms of music, being curious and hungry for more is just a natural state of being for me. The more I know music, the more I want music." Her most unforgettable jeans would be the worn- in, baggy jeans owned by her first love-little did she know that that style would become the popular "Boyfriend" jeans everybody's enjoying today.

Leeroy New- Sculptor and fashion designer. Leeroy prefers not being called any of the two titles as he's just as evolutionary as his works: transcending, overlapping, and always creating new elements in art. To stay inspired and creative, Leeroy does one thing: "I constantly keep myself busy and expose myself to as many things and ideas as possible. I surround myself and collaborate with people whom I feel will inform and enrich my practice and my practice is my way of living." He treasures each and every pair of jeans he owns because for him, denim is like second skin, an extension of his body, and a protective covering that lets him deliver all his artistic endeavors painlessly.

Ah, it's always interesting and happy to learn new things everyday from people, strangers and friends alike because you learn from their mistakes, you share their stories, and you get valuable advice from their experience. Wanna know more about Christina, Leeroy, Lexi, and Kai? Visit LEE JEANS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. power team! :D the ambassadors that are chosen really fits their new line :)

  2. hey! I love your blog so much, could you please check out mine? I need some advices! xx

  3. It's always interesting to watch these videos. You can learn a lot even if they're strangers. And yes, curiosity is a constant thing in our life ;)

  4. upon reading their short bio i think they really deserved to be brand ambassadors =)

    ano po ang feeling ng isang brand ambassador ms m?

  5. Thanks girls! :D

    Rhain: Based on my experience, happy, of course, because a brand trusts your work and I would be lying if I didn't say that the fame that goes with it is enjoyable too. :)

  6. achievement po talaga ms m lalo na yung pagpunta nyo ng japan for shiseido =) im so happy for you ms m!


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