Sumptuous Sundays: Fresh Buffet at Solaire Resort and Casino

Last Sunday marked the BF and I’s 6th year of togetherness. Incidentally, it’s also my loooongest relationship ever! He surprised me with a deluxe dinner date at Solaire’s Fresh buffet. Originally, he told me that we’d be eating at Vikings, a much cheaper buffet in the area-I was okay to eat in any restaurant as long as we’re together, but little did I know that I was in for a huge surprise. (Blushing mode :D)

Anyhoo, Fresh buffet starts at P2,500.00++ per person. They serve American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, and Italian dishes. It’s just like any other hotel buffet, but what makes them unique is their unlimited Lobster serving. However, they ran out of Lobster during the time we ate there and it caused a mini commotion between a few customers and the cooks. If you claim to serve unlimited Lobster, you better have enough stocks to last until closing time.  Oh well, it's just one mistake and I hope Solaire addresses this problem pronto.

Click READ MORE and see the many luscious offerings at Fresh Buffet!

We got a free basket of bread, which the BF aptly calls a TRAP. (LOL) It's tempting to chow down every single bread in the basket as they're pretty tasty, but if you do, you'll end up spoiling your buffet experience. So I say, just taste the bread-don't eat it! :D

Here’s the famous seafood section-it’s got the longest line amongst all the food sections because of that famed Lobster! They also have Alaskan King Crab in here.

I’m not a fan of Lobster, so it was okay for me when they ran out of it. The seafood can be cooked two ways: Grilled or in Lemon Butter Sauce. I went for Lemon Butter Sauce with my Alaskan King Crab legs and it’s pretty good!

Now onto the Carnivorous section, my favorite section!

Peking ducks at the Chinese cuisine area. They have unlimited Peking duck rolls-how cool is that?

Roast Beef and Baby Back Ribs section

Cold cuts section. I was in Parma Ham heaven that time! By the way, Brie cheese goes so well with Parma Ham, so don't forget to try this combination when you dine here!

Salads section. I don't eat salad whenever I'm having buffet because it defeats the purpose and that is to cheat on my diet. Haha!

Sides section

I tried this rather interesting dish called Baked Salmon Coulibiac, a type of soft bread stuffed with java rice, veggies, and boiled (or baked) salmon. It looks better than it tastes. :p I'm guessing if they put smoked salmon in it, it would taste better.

Dessert! :D

Must try: Gelatos

Fresh buffet, if I'm not mistaken, is the only buffet place that serves Truffle Chocolates! :D

Price point of Fresh buffet is almost the same as Sofitel's Spiral, but the former has a smaller food range. It's okay because I didn't feel that there was something lacking in their offerings and the desserts taste pretty good, (not all buffets serve good- tasting desserts) although the positioning of the foods was a little confused. Anyway, you will love it here if you're fond of Lobsters-just make sure to go early so you won't run out of it!

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  1. oh this isn't right!this doesn't feel right at all 'coz i'm reading this at 10pm :( darn it! the truffle chocolate looks YUM! i'm drooling right seriously :( lol ;D

  2. oh! namiss ko tuloy yung training namin sa richmonde hotel kasi laging buffet ang naabot namin hehehe.. not as grand as this one pero love ko tumambay sa desserts section =)

  3. I've never been to Solaire! The place and food looks fantastic :)


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