Sumptuous Sundays: TWG

One Friday night, mom and I had this conversation via text and it went like this:

Mom: Hija, let's be like Donyas tonight. Let's go shopping and eat in a fine dining restaurant.
Me: Splendid, Mama! Have you brought our horses? Shall Greenbelt allow them in the parking lot?
Mom: Yes, and of course they will. Because I just bought Greenbelt. I even brought our horse carriage-the one manufactured by BMW.
Me: Fabulous. I shall see you in a bit.

LOL! That's my mom and I's idea of being sweet to each other. :D

So after shopping for a few clothes and stuff for our home, I recommended TWG for our #LikeADonya dinner date. I'm not so sure if it's categorized as fine dining, but I went for it anyhow because the interior screams RICH, LAVISH, and LUXURIOUS-I'm so sure that even the real donyas will agree to that!

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P1,000.00

I'm a fan of TWG's premium teas (especially Whitehouse Tea!), but I never really had the chance to try their food because the branch in Greenbelt 5-the first- ever branch and the only one near my place-is always jampacked. When I got there, a couple had just vacated a table and we were seated immediately because we were the only people in line. Hurrah! It was meant for us and after 100 years, I finally got to try it! ;)

If I'm not mistaken, TWG is more of a high tea salon, with heavy focus on hors d' oeuvres, tea cakes, pasties, and such to compliment their main commodity, which is Tea. There are also the classic meals (appetizer, main course, soup, and salad) to accommodate those who'd rather eat something else.

Shall we eat? Good. Then click READ MORE. :)

TWG has a massive library of tea infusions and it will take you forever to choose one so it's best to ask for the hit list if you want to save time and just enjoy the fine ambience. Whitehouse Tea was an easy choice for me, but I decided to try something else. I asked the server which of their iced teas is the best- seller and he recommended Secret of Bhutan, a fresh- tasting Black Tea with berries. Tastes just like normal iced tea, but cleaner and healthier-I liked it. :)

Mom went for Sweet Romance tea, a calming Black Tea with hints of cherry blossom and rose. Goes very well with pastries!

Now here's the food part. FYI, all their meals are made with tea- infused sauces.

TWG Tea Salad- the most famous salad in the restaurant. It became my instant favorite because it came with a huge slice of Foie Gras. Delight! Foie Gras in most restaurants is too precious and you'll be asked to fork out money for a teeny weeny piece of duck liver-this is why this salad is a winner in my books. The whole dish also came with shrimp, a fresh salmon roll, corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, and French Beans sprinkled with Parmesan and drizzled with 1873 Green Tea infused vinaigrette-it's tangy, light, and appetizing. And even though this seems like a hodge-podge salad, it doesn't look-pardon my French-gross to eat.

Garden Vegetables with Signature Homemade Fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce Infused with Moroccan Mint Tea- Mom's order. It tastes really healthy and has this crunchy-yet-soft texture, the perfect lasagna doneness in my opinion. The sauce has a hint of spice, perhaps due to Moroccan Mint Tea, and it tastes really fresh.

Seared Matcha Salmon- a thick- cut salmon with a crunchy outer layer and fork- tender center. It's not dry and flaky, and I love that it doesn't taste oily and has no excessive marinade-I like my Salmon just salted thankyouverymuch. The sauce on the side is caramelized Balsamic Vinegar with Green Tea Oil, and it brought out the yummy smokey flavor of the Salmon even more.

My conclusion? Decent food. Decent price. The food is great, but the quality is at par with some pricey restaurants I've been to. If you're looking forward to eating healthy stuff, you should check out this place because seems to me, the foods are inspired by the essential nature of Tea: Light, Clean, and Wholesome, but if you want to eat a lot, this is not the best place to be as their standard serving is good for one only. 

I'll still go back here because I really love the place and that salad!

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  1. Everything looks great specially the salad. xx

  2. LOL! You and your mom are HILARIOUS hahahha

  3. wow! The salad really looks so good and yummy ! I wish I could taste that someday. Lol :D

  4. since me and husband is more conscious of what we were eating nowadays, we include in out "GOAL this Year" to eat healthy food, including veggie salads.. im intrigue with TWG Tea Salad =) (salad with duck liver) i want to try this =)

  5. that salad is really fit for a donya!

  6. The place and food looks awesome! Fit for a donya moment ;)


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