New Calling Cards :)

If there's one thing that I won't get tired of re-designing, that would be my calling cards. I know I have to stick to one design for identity's sake buuuttttt whenever I see super nice calling card templates online, I can't help! Haha!

So this is The Beauty Junkee's calling card version 3.0 and I like it now-it has the 'catchy simplicity' that I want and info is much complete-I think I'll be sticking with this style...for now. :D Red has always been the staple color with all of my calling cards because it symbolizes my most favorite lipstick color, while Black is just so chic and I had to include it. :)

I found my first- ever calling card maker in Multiply until the site closed down and I lost contact with the owner. Was browsing thru Instagram one time and saw Papelito. (who makes super cute and great designs by the way) They make all sorts of personalized stuff from personalized souvenirs, name tags, calling cards, paper bags, loyalty cards, price tags, bag tags, notepads, notebooks, receipts, and many more. Link to their page after the cut. :)

Papelito's price point for the calling card starts at P250.00+ per pack of 100 pieces and with the most basic design-they use waterproof ink. You can personalize your business card even more with embossed linen papers, cold lamination (to protect the colors from fading), and full color print (text and graphic, back to back) for an additional fee. I ordered 300 pieces (I believe) and had cold lamination as an add- on and I paid P2,390.00 for everything. My card turned out glossy and felt and looked really solid, although next time, I might not opt for that anymore and settle for something matte. :)

Look! They also gave me freebies. :)

Meeya, owner of Papelito, is very nice and accommodating. I know she has tons of customers, but she still managed to attend to me nicely. Highly recommended! :)

So, who wants my calling card? :D

For all your personalized paper needs and to request their price list, you may visit PAPELITO on Facebook.

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  1. Sayang i have the old design ms m! Yung pink ;)

  2. It's a good price for the quality! It looks really nice :)



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