New Tory Burch Flats!

Revas are my go- to ballet flats because they're the only ones that have a wide opening for my wide feet. I was browsing Tory Burch's website last weekend, hoping to finally snag a new pair. The Revas start at P10,000.00+ in TB's website and P10,500.00+ locally. Not much price difference in there, but the reason why I wanted to buy online was because I thought they have a motherload of size 9 stocks as in here, they are pretty limited and go OOS right away. Surprisingly, the website was short on size 9 Revas too and while there were a few left, I didn't like the styles and colors so much-there is a Sale corner, but the ones that were discounted are the Eddies. (Not my type)

Whoops! Pressed the fast- forward button! Now here I am with my new baby, a pair of Tory Burch Patent Revas in Party Fuchsia. Got this from Rustan's Makati yesterday. I had about 30 mins. free time before an event so I roamed around and decided to pop in the Tory Burch boutique. Naturally, I went to the Revas' rack. It didn't occur to me that they are on a sale until the saleslady told me that they are-they are on a 50% off sale on a ton of Reva styles and colors! :D

There were only two colors that had size 9 and thankfully, I liked something and it's this one-the other one was a deep green color in a semi- matte finish. The other items on sale are closed shoes with wooden kitten wedge, sandals, Eddies, Chelseas, Driving shoes, Loafers, and even bags and belts-bags are around P10,000.00++ only! :)

This pair was once P12,650.00 and I got it for P6,325.00 only-such a cool bargain! If I didn't look around, I would've paid so much more for this thing!

Just like my first- ever Tory Burch Reva pair, this one needs some breaking in. :D Just like the old times! :)

If you're interested with the sale, head to Tory Burch Rustan's and Tory Burch Greenbelt 5. Sale is until August 31, 2013. (I think) There's no best time to get yourself a pair of Revas or any Tory Burch item than now because the discount is heavenly! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. 50%? Great deal! Love the color you picked :)


  2. Thank you for the sale alert! I really want to get my hands on a pair of this especially the gold pair! :)

  3. hot pink is <3
    ghaaad im inlove with revas! kaso ang mahal!

  4. Very pretty!! Good thing na nagwindow shop ka.. It's really a great deal Martha!Were you able to see some size 7 revas? Are there black revas on sale? Thanks!!=)

  5. Oh so pink. I love it! Went to Rustan's in Gateway Mall last weekend and scored a discounted item too. Yay!!

  6. Angel: Thank you! :)

    Pink magaline: Wow! Don't you just love sales!? :D

    Joana: Thank you! :) I asked because my mom is size 7, but the SA said it's the size that went oos right away. :/ But you can still check! :)

    Cristine Jusa: Thanks! That's why you should take advantage of the sales before they become 10k again! :D

    Thanks dear! The gold one, however, is not on a sale-been eyeing that one too! :)

  7. Congratulations on your new party fuchsia Reva. They are amazing and 50% off is even nicer. WOW!


    1. Wow, I can't believe it's been 2 years since I last commented. Hope you are still loving these amazing pink Revas. I've yet to find a pink pair of Revas but over the past 2 years my collection of Revas has gotten quite large. This is what it looks like now -
      Hope things are well.

  8. im inlove with the color (reminds me of your current sneakers!) i saw immitations on some stalls same design but i know the materials used were way different..

  9. just discovered your blog now. and I love all the post - too bad sale is over! T_T lookin forward to more great post from you!

  10. Lol. We have the same size feet! Ang hirap pa naman maghanap ng shoes. :(

    Love ballet flats to bits and I thank God everyday for them. I can't do heels anymore. I just walk around too much that I've mostly given up on them, unless they're low platforms.


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