Review: The Balm Instain Blush in Toile and Houndstooth

Here's a review on The Balm Instain Staining Powder Blush in Houndstooth and Toile

Price: P895.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar outlets and Beauty Bar Online


A staining powder blush? Holy Mother of Makeup. The name may sound a bit too severe, but it's a divine product for those who have oily skin and who hate retouching! If you think your current powder blushes are just fine and they last well, you have never met The Balm's Instain Staining Powder Blush!


Instain combines the pigmentation of powder blushes and the lasting power of cheek stains. Comes in 6  fashionable shades that will last you from sun up to sun down. 

I got two pretty colors, Houndstooth and Toile.


The Balm's powder blushes are very nice and pigmented, and they're as big as Nars' blushes, but at a more affordable price. Instain comes in a super cute magazine- themed packaging. I have yet to find someone who won't exclaim "How cute!" whenever I pull these blushes from my purse.

Click READ MORE and learn more about this long- lasting cheek product, and for a powder blush for dry skin!

Houndstooth- a Mauve color

Toile- a strawberry color

Top: Houndstooth 
Bottom: Toile
**Both blushes were swatched heavily

Houndstooth is a mauve shade with a hint of dusty Pink while Toile is a bright coral-orange shade. (Don't really understand why such colors are called Strawberry!) Both have a matte finish with an incredibly creamy powder texture that feels so nice and easy to blend and clings so well onto powder brushes even with just a tap. Coverage is customizable as I find that you can go from light, to medium, to heavy with it depending on how much you put and your blending skills. I like using either my Suesh Powder Blush Brush or Mary Kay Cheek Brush with it.




Toile is a great go- to shade if you want something that's not too light unlike coral shades, and not too bold unlike orange shades. It's a healthy mix of both!


Houndstooth is my favorite between the two because I don't have this shade yet in my makeup kit, and it's a good fall color for the cheeks.

How's the staying power? Incredible. They last and stay vibrant all day on my oily skin without retouching. I wore this to the gym, the ultimate wear time test, and it didn't fade for a wee bit on my super sweaty face! Instain doesn't really leave you with a color stain on your cheeks when it comes off completely-it just describes the way this product adheres and lasts on your skin.

The Balm really has great face products and Instain is one of my most recommended products. I like its color selection as it has covered pretty much everything from pinks, to corals, and to plums, quality is very comparable to M.A.C's matte blushes, (but color's not too severe) affordable given its performance, size, and packaging, and it's the only powder blush that didn't fade on me. Best for moderately to extremely oily skin, combination skin types, and even dry skin because it has a comfortable, soft, and semi- creamy feel. (Yay! Finally, dry- skinned gals can wear powder blush! :D)


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  1. omg! the houndstooth is gorgeous on you ms. m!i love that it's cheaper compared to nars too..was planning to save up on nars orgasm but this made me think twice..hmm what to buy first.tehee..

  2. I'm such a sucker for Mauve colors! I'm itching to get Houndstooth now!

  3. OMG! I saw these in Beauty Bar and I loved them. I really wish I could afford these blushes, they really look good and they stay all day.. :)

  4. Wow! this is interesting. I want blushes like these that stays the entire day. Toile looks more noticeable on your cheeks <3

  5. Yay, I've been waiting for this review! I love the colors. It looks so simple yet so pretty :)

  6. Pretty colors! When it comes to staying power, how would you compare this to MajoMajo's Puff de cheek? Thanks!

  7. i love both shades on you! wow, a powder blush that lasts all day? this is interesting! i hate retouching ....

  8. Woot! I love the Toile's shade.. Looks really girly. BTW, the houndstooth suits you. Me likey! ;))

  9. Toile gives you the NO MAKE UP LOOK ms m! awesome!

  10. CJ: Nars is good also but this one's very good and affordable!

    Rhain: Thanks! :D

    Majorie: Thanks dear! :D

    Issa: then you will love this! :)

    Maica: These are great christmas gifts so maybe you wanna consider getting one for yourself. It's the gift- giving season after all. :D

    Vi: Hi Vi! Welcome to my blog. This one stays longer. :)

    Louise: Indeed they are. :)

    Genzel: Thanks! Toile shows up on my cheeks-it's just that I applied it ever so lightly in the photo. :)

    Angel: High five! I love this shade. :D


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