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Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains For Face

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Did you know that most commercial (And even premium) facial scrubs contain a hint of peeling/whitening ingredients to give you that instant glowing effect? Scrubbing alone can't guarantee you luminous skin after patting your skin dry so those peeling agents are needed for facial scrubs to deliver their promise. Overtime, aside from smoother skin, you'll get lighter and more brilliant skin because that's what peeling agents do. That's not a bad thing though. However, if you don't want to go a shade lighter than your current skin tone (like me) or if you want your complexion to stay even, (like me-again!) you should find a facial scrub that is devoid of these ingredients. And here's another however: You should be a chemistry major or should be aware of a few types of peeling/whitening agents at the very least to pinpoint them and steer clear of them for real!

Now I'm making the search easier for you. Tadah! Say hello to Bobbi Brown's Buffing Grains For Face, a dry facial scrub that contains Japanese Adzuki Bean powder that helps eradicate dry patches and encourage cell turnover. It's a multipurpose product: Use it alone or in conjunction with any facial cleanser. The most wonderful part is, it does not contain whitening/peeling agents!


Adzuki Beans are brownish-reddish in color. I dunno, but they kinda' resemble the sweet, tiny beans in Halo-Halo-Perhaps that's it? Anyhoo, this bean is an ancient Japanese beauty secret: Japanese women, especially the Geishas, used to grind Adzuki Beans and use it as a regular overall exfoliant--Until today, modern Japanese women still do it. Adzuki Bean is often combined with Rice Bran, another timeless favorite of Japanese women.

What's with the bean? Adzuki Bean is treasured for its clarifying properties that some women claim that it gives them a 'face lift' effect. It's also a suggested natural remedy to those who have combination-oily and oily skin, and who suffer blackheads for it apparently declogs pores, thus preventing acne.


The nice thing about this scrub is it does not contain too much ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives, thus I think it can be used by those with sensitive skin. (Read a few reviews on makeupalley and some sensitive- skinned girls love it.)

Checkpoint: Allergic to legumes, beans, peanuts, soy, or the likes? You might want to look for something else because it contains Adzuki Bean Powder and Soybean Oil.

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The product comes in a luxe glass bottle. It's pretty delicate so be sure to store it in a safe area. There's a hole at the top of the bottle for convenient dispensing, although it's a little huge and I tend to pour out more than I need. You can always pour the excess back into the bottle though.

Bobbi's Buffing Grains are unscented and very abrasive- you surely need a very light hand when using it on its own, and you don't need a lot. One bottle will prolly last you for 5-6 months if you use it twice a week and on the face only. It works in three ways: For dry scrubbing, all- natural scrubbing, and as a mix-in. 

For Dry Scrubbing, make sure to thoroughly clean your face first. Dry Scrubbing is best for those who have really flaky skin, and if you've exposed your skin so much to pollution and dirt throughout the day. If you want a Microdermabrasion effect, use it in this state as well.

What I meant with all- natural scrubbing is, you only use it with a very, very gentle solvent and that is water. Water kinda softens the beads, thus diminishing its abrasiveness. I do this all the time.

With Bobbi's Buffing Grains, you can personalize your own facial scrub using a regular foaming/gel/bubble cleanser. You can create a milder or grittier facial scrub-your choice!

I also use it on my elbows, underarms, and private area for serious scrubbing! :)


These grains may be very abrasive, but since they contain oil ingredients, they kinda' feel smooth  and have some slip when you spread them across your skin. They rinse off easily with water and don't leave any residue at all. After every use, I get really smooth, soft, and cleaner looking skin. Been using it for over three weeks now and I like how it made my skin's texture feel silky and even, and I've noticed that my skin tone is not getting any lighter. Also, I don't know if this product has a direct effect on it, but my skin's oil production is tamed even a few hours after rinsing. (Hooray!) My only qualm is it's quite messy to use.

To be honest, it works just like any affordable packed facial scrub and microdermabrasion scrub, but the winning points here are it contains lesser ingredients, allows you to customize your skin care products, and you're assured that your facial skin will remain uniform with the rest of your body. Love this scrub! :)

If you tend to react from facial scrubs, it must be the chemical- laden base, not the beads or scrubbers. Try something gentler and more natural like Bobbi Brown's Buffing Grains.


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  1. Thanks for posting the review Ms. M. This is a very interesting skincare product. I would love to try it pero its kinda expensive. :(

  2. Currently I stray away from physical exfoliators since I'm already using tretinoin.

    Just wanna say ang hirap na humanap ng non-whitening ngayon.

    Lalo na for acne-prone skin care products.

    I just want something to treat my acne. I don't want to whiten my skin.

  3. I stopped using facial scrub for 2 mos already cause I thought the beads were causing my breakouts. Thanks for the info, Ms. M! :) I must save for this! :D

  4. Cool, it's literally "grains" I'm not into this though, any exfoliating product I've tried always break me out. I don't know, maybe I haven't found the right one for me yet


  5. Thanks for this! Gonna have to consult my dermatologist about this first though.

  6. I actually love this product! I think it works better than most!


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