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We all have our own excess baggage in life. We know we have to get rid of them, but sometimes, it's so hard because we have become so attached to the memories-this is what prevents us from moving forward and exploring better possibilities. Easy to say, but hard to do, right? Times like this, sometimes, we wish we were like children again who can easily cry but easily bounce back to a happy, hopeful mood again. Oh well! We all learn, we all learn.

I, too, have been weighed down by excess bags before-Eyebags, that is. It was so frustrating because not even the priciest concealers, pro techniques, and good eye creams I have tried in the past were able to cover them up completely, or minimize their appearance at the very least. As for the eye creams, they'll work for a while, but when I start getting less or no sleep, the bags come back to haunt me.

And then Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye was introduced to me-it was also my first- ever skin care product from the brand. I have used it religiously for 2 months and as of this writing, I am now free- free from eye bags that weigh my face down and make me look tired always!


This is a complementing product to the Advanced Night Repair Serum for the face and just like the latter, its formula with Chronolux Technology works together with your skin's rhythm for optimum night repair. It promises to fix past and correct present eye problems such as puffiness, unevenness, wrinkles, dryness, dark circles, and fine lines. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist- tested.

Been suffering from eye bags like I used to? Click READ MORE to learn more about this effective depuffing and moisturizing eye cream.

Product comes in a small, thick plastic jar. Small in size yet quite bulky. It comes in one size only, 15ml.

It also comes with a spatula for hygienic usage.

This eye cream has a unique texture: It's a thick, gel-type serum that feels very luxe, although doesn't get absorbed easily so I always use a tiny amount on each under eye to speed up its absorption. The trade- off is it's very rich so you wouldn't need a lot and a jar may last you for more than 3 months. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines in an instant because the consistency sorta' acts like a filler. 'Tis very makeup- friendly too: you can mix this with any liquid concealer to get skin care benefits during the day and no, it won't affect the performance and quality of your makeup. The noticeable feature of this product is its super nice cooling sensation that lasts for around 5 minutes, or around 6- 8 minutes if you apply a lot. Despite its fragrance- free formulation, I find its synthetic smell a little off- putting.


I took this shot sometime last week and if I remember it correctly, it was exactly my 2nd month of usage. I have been sleeping so late-like 4 a.m.-for the past months and it only took two months for Advanced Night Repair Eye to remove those pesky eye bags that I've been dreading about for a long time now. My under eyes now look less fatigued and my concealer performs and appears better, and it hydrates them continuously. True to its claim, it can repair past eye problems, but not a lot. It didn't fix my fine lines nor did it diminish my dark circles, which is a little disappointing for a pricey under eye cream-other reviews said that it even has to be mixed with other line- reducing eye creams.

Overall, rather than all-around eye cream, this is better called a depuffing and nourishing eye cream. Best for you if you're not dealing with dark under eye circles, crow's feet and wrinkles. I can even recommend this eye cream to gals in their early 20's who always sleep late as its formula is pretty gentle and again, is very effective on removing eye bags. If you're also looking for a great eye product for daytime that isn't heavy and won't interfere with makeup, this is absolutely the best bet. Looking forward to a reformulation!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love eyecreams with cooling sensation like the celeteque brigthening under eye =) i know why eyecreams are the most expensive creams because our under eye area is prone to puffiness, darkness and the scariest: sagging! oh no

    i want to try eyecreams from shiseido =)

  2. I think this will work for me since i always sleep late. Sad school life :( but 1 reason which will contribute why i wont buy this is the price :( but i think the quality will overpower the price so this will be in my wishlist even if i doubt il get this. Haha thanks for the review!

  3. Looks expensive :) These are one of the products that are investment worthy, kaya ipon ipon din pag may time. haha

    Results look good. It's great that it can be worn under concealer or eye make up, para flawless na talaga. hihi

  4. I'm using the celeteque eye tuck brightener and it's next to useless, really. my under eyes are just as dark and baggy as ever. I'm amazed how yours look so healthy! hopefully I could try this one out. I believe this was featured on Preview mag as one of the best eye creams.

  5. I've read this from beautymouth of Caroline Hirons pero ang sabi ko ga't di ko nakikita o naririnig yung insights / review ni Ms. M about this stuff di ako mapapabili nito. Iba talaga ang influence mo sa akin Ms. M, :) hintayin ko yung detailed review mo about this and this would be the perfect gift for Mommy this Christmas if ever talagang winner ito. :)

  6. Ravene: Yup! The gals at EL even use this as a base for smokey eye makeup. :)

    Stephanie: Thanks dear. :) This is the detailed review already :)

    Angel: The best eye cream for me would definitely have to be New Peptin's Eye Contour. It really works! :)

    Rhain: I want to try eye creams from La Mer. :)

    Mary: Welcome! :)


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