The Balm Powder To The People Powder Brush

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I accidentally bleached the white cloth background of my photo dome. :'( Sobs. This means I need to get a new one!

SO. Going back to this brush, are you guys fans of the good ol' pressed powder for setting liquid face bases? I'm not, but everything changed when I got this brush from The Balm called Powder To The People. I just realized, the problem most of the time is the brush: Most powder brushes are loose powder- friendly, and while the tapered ones can be used on pressed powder, I find them good for retouching only.


The Balm's brushes are made from a cruelty- free mix of ox, boar, and goat hairs. This is part of their newly- released line of PRO makeup brushes with a dash of cuteness and quirk.

Click READ MORE and turn your pressed powder into the ultimate setting powder! :)

The bristles are super soft, but the entire brush itself is not at all floppy, thus every single trace of powder goes onto your skin. There was minor shedding during the initial wash, but none thereafter.

So this is the reason why this powder brush is great for pressed powder: I find that its circumference is perfectly rounded and fits any pressed powder compact, and you can swirl it in with ease while catching a good amount of powder. Regular powder brushes have a very narrow circumference and you end up applying a cakey, concentrated amount of powder on a small area of the skin, but this one allows you to cover a larger area of the skin in one go, and buff pressed powder into an even, soft- focus finish. It can be used for bronzer and highlighters, and comes with its very own plastic tube for easier storage. It's a lil' pricey for a brush though, but this baby performs like any pro brush at a cheaper price. :)


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. cutey brush! =) but i still prefer the charm brush i got from you ms m =) gulat nga ako ms m kasi nakita ko c baby kinuha sa bag ko at pinaglaruan =) (you can see it sa ig ko po ms m) thanks a bunch!

  2. I do not have the skills to use a brush , as far as I remember from your last last entry Ms. M, if we don't know about techniques or the proper uses of brush any brush will turn out just simply a brush. I will skip on this one but will love to try their instain :)

  3. Its so fluffy im gona die! Haha. i dont own any brush because its only now that i realized i need makeup in my life. Im still searching for my makeup kit. But it looks like i found my brush :) love reading your blog!

  4. Looks fluffy. And I love the quirky design :)

  5. Rhain: LOL! Baby's kikay too like mommy! Cute! :) Glad you're loving it!

    Tellie: It is, like my golden retriever lol!

    Mary Chua: Haha! Welcome! Hope you'll like it. :)

    Stephanie: You don't have to splurge on brushes right away, IMO. That's how I did it. I practiced on cheaper brushes before going for the pro ones. :)

  6. Cute handle!
    @Stephanie, I'm just starting my own makeup brush collection too, and the brush set from G-lish are good for starters. It has 7pcs already and only costs Php400. You might wanna try that,. :D

  7. this looks really cute! but I'm currently into the charm brushes I got from you! really love them :)

  8. Just bought the instain a few days ago and I think it's amazeballs IMO! :) I got the shade Toile (Strawberry). Not sure how to pronounce it though (is it pronounced as t-wall? hihi). Anyhoo, great review, Ms. Martha! :) It has a cute wacky print on the handle and I think it's a good size too! Now I'm itching to buy this brush for my pressed powders! Fall out no more! haha! :) xoxo

  9. nice powder brush! so cute! i really hate powder brushes that is so makati on the face. haha! girls should start to invest on good make up brushes too. not just on good quality make ups :)

  10. Fati: True that! Good tools will help you create better- looking makeup :)

    Patty: Welcome! Diba? Instain is awesomesauce! Can't get enough of it! :D Hope you can try this soon. :D

    Issa: Charm is good also! :D

    Anne_22: Thanks for helping her out! :D


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