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When Avon said that they have revamped their makeup products, they meant it to the bones. There has been so much improvement in the look and quality of their eyeshadows and lipsticks and of course, cult classic Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss is never left behind. It's been around since forever and I think almost every Filipina had this as their first- ever lip gloss, (In my case, Ultra Glazewear was second and Bonne Bell was first!) thus it goes without saying that it really needed that formula revamp!


What's new with this product? It has the True Color Technology and self- renewing pigments (pretty much like the formula of the lipsticks and eyeshadows) that give you mouthwatering shine and brilliant color in one stroke. Made with Omega Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Arctic Berry, and Vitamin E to nourish lips.

If I remember it correctly, the old version had a fatter tube and a smaller but fatter doe foot applicator. The new one has a longer but thinner applicator which works better for me as it gives me the right amount of product every time.

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Country Rose is more of a sparkling pink-rose shade with subtle silver shimmer.

It's pretty, but it's my least favorite shade as I can't figure out if it's really pink-rose, midtone pink, or bright rose. At least it's the kind of shade (whatever it is) that gives you that petal- soft look.

Fiery Red is a bright red shade with a slight orange hue.

I could see myself wearing this during summer, when mattes are already out of place. Fiery Red is a pretty color that freshens up any skin tone.

Mauve Movement is a pink-mauve shade.

My favorite! This for-any-skin-tone shade is perfect both for light or heavy makeup looks: When worn with light makeup, it provides a pretty light pinkish tinge on your lips that doesn't wash you out. On heavy makeup, it balances out your look but manages to make your lips noticeable. I recommend this shade!

Rich Raspberry is a raspberry pink shade with a hint of berry.

I think this deep pink shade is something that any simple gal can wear because it's bright but sophisticated. Reminds me of Barbie too, but in the time when she has already left her love for flamboyant pink behind and decided to look more elegant. :D

Tangerine Tango is a vintage orange shade.

Whenever I have this shade on, I feel like wearing an A-Line skirt and doing the Twist. Tangerine Tango is also featured in the Ultra Color Lipstick line and is my most favorite shade from Avon to date. 

The colors are true-to-description, albeit I find that the ones in midtone shades (Country Rose and Rich Raspberry) have a semi- streaky payoff. Coverage is medium to heavy, depending on the shade. Staying power is not that good though-looks like they've forgotten to improve this-because no matter what I do, it just fades during wear and stays intact for only 1- 2 hours-at least they retained that signature popcorn scent I've always loved! It feels exquisite, is very moisturizing, smooth, a lil' runny but gives a sophisticated kind of shine and it's way better than the old, gunky, sticky formula. It's good enough for its price, and great for casual days. If you love Avon's Ultra Glazewear lip glosses, you'll definitely appreciate this version, especially the more youthful color range!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow.. so pigmented =) avon is improving its quality! i cant get enough of their magnify mascara!

  2. Hello! I'm Momo! I'm thinking of buying lip products too (maybe this december). And I want to take into account how it will look on my lips and my lifestyle. That's why I'm here! haha XD
    But I need a lippie with a long staying power (so this Avon product won't suit me :( )and nice shade, that's why I'm more of a lip tint user, 'cause I have maroon lips. :( Any suggestions? :) Thank youuu! <3

    P.S. Beware of me "spamming" comments. I just love how you review products. :))

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I absolutely love these! They have everything I want in a gloss--shine and pigmentation!

  5. Aviva: and affordable too! :D

    Momo: Hi there! That;s okay! Glad you find my blog posts helpful. :) I'd recommend MAC's lipsticks because they're on of the lippies that have awesome staying power. For something affordable, Go for Avon, Colour Collection, or NYX. :)

    Rhain: Wow! Your really love it ha! :D

  6. i try this for a week and i dont like it. i dont remember what color. tama ka sa hindi sya tumatagal sa case ko 30 mins lang wala na sya. kaya ang ending binigay ko sa friend ko. Ayaw ko ng scent nya at sticky too much. Ngayon yung glazewear spf/fps 15 lipgross ang ginagamit ko.

  7. Avon seems to come out with a lot of good colors but I'm still severely dissatisfied with the staying power of their lip products :( I was surprised with how pigmented these glosses swatched but I was SAD to read that they don't last...

  8. Mauve Movement looks simple and fresh. :))

  9. wow. they're so pigmented! I like Rich Rasberry and Fiery Red. Others say that avon lippies contain Lead so I'm kind of hesitant in buying their products. Is it true up until now?

  10. yup.. yes ms m =) i first saw it sa fave posts mo pati kay ms liz kaya na-intrigued ako now i know..

  11. They are really pretty!! I think I'll buy the red one :).

  12. Does the Mocha Latte make anyone else's like feel tingly?


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