Camaru Naturals Amazonian Clay Face Mask: The Secret of The Amazon River now in a tub

The first time I met Ms. Ruth Serapio, founder of Camaru Naturals, I recall how much she was enamored with natural products specifically those that can be found in the Amazon. For instance, her first- ever products were Acerola and Acai- laced face and body soaps and now, she's bringing us another promising skin care product made with what else? An ingredient sourced from the Amazon area particularly the Amazon River and it's the new Amazonian Clay Face Mask.

The Amazon River is a 4,000 mile stretch of fresh water that houses not only a variety of land and marine species, but also one of the most precious clays on earth, the Amazonian Clay. Sediments of clay are being washed off from a lick (a term to call a Clay mountain) and gather at the basin of the Amazon River along with fruits, seeds, and a ton of minerals making it one of the most nutritious clays on the planet-for a long time, it has been used as a natural remedy to rid the body of toxic substances and even cure snake bites and poisons. Camaru had utilized this clay and super charged it with Acerola, Acai, and Bamboo Charcoal for a versatile mask that relaxes, thoroughly cleanses, strengthens, smoothes, and purifies skin. Use it to relax or detoxify your skin after a long day.

Camaru Naturals Amazonian Clay can be purchased directly from them, or you can visit Velvet Rose Lingerie in Shangri-La mall to check it out. Been using it for two weeks now-haven't observed any effect yet, but I like how it feels on the skin! :)

Please visit CAMARU NATURALS on Facebook for more information about this product.

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Aztec parin from healthy options.:) though I used to love their bamboo charcoal soap kasi talagang nakakatanggal ng whiteheads :)

  2. hmmm steph how much po yung aztec sa HO? =)

    sana ms m available sya sa mga drugstore =)

  3. Stephanie: Me too! Achieved clear skin with that. :D

    Rhain: 300+ for a huge tub. I have a review here. :)


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