Happy Skin: A new line that cares for and beautifies your skin

If you have Instagram, you surely know that it is abuzz with news on this newest makeup brand called Happy Skin. Now I am more than happy and proud to formally introduce you this recent milestone in the local beauty industry.


What is happiness, anyway? Happiness is taking delight in swiping your favorite lippie, dotting that pretty blush on your cheeks, and lacing your skin with that luminizing and perfecting foundation all while knowing that in the end you'll still end up with beautiful, healthy skin despite the layers of makeup-at least that's what Jacqe Yuengtian- Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil- Trillo believe in. These two gorgeous ladies are super successful in their own right, yet they are one of the humblest and most genuine people I know-I've worked with them in a couple of projects and even if our relationship was on a professional level, they both never fail to make me (and the other beauty bloggers) feel familiar and welcome every time. Together, they joined forces in creating Happy Skin, a genuinely feel- good skin care- based makeup brand that is set to launch another standard in the world of Filipino premium cosmetics, but at a fairly affordable cost.

Happy Skin is simply that: Makeup that makes your skin happy. Coming from experience, Rissa and Jacqe shared how they conceptualized the brand. As a former senior brand manager for one of the biggest skin care brands in the world, Jacqe has talked with a lot of women and learned that all they're yearning for is flawless, healthy skin, with or without makeup-add to that, creating her very own beauty brand was a lifelong dream of hers as well. Rissa, who's a seasoned model and beauty columnist mused how makeup would always ruin her skin after a hard day's work of strutting on the runways or posing in front of the camera, and she dreamed of discovering a brand that won't damage her skin. Unknown to many, the two became very close when Rissa became a brand ambassador for the brand Jacqe was working for-from then on, they developed a very special friendship that extends beyond the professional field. They are both enamored by anything related to beauty so when Jacqe told Rissa about Happy Skin, Rissa became very interested, tried the products right away and was blown away by the quality that she decided to invest. After 6 months of hard, passionate work, Happy Skin came into fruition.

Such an inspiration, right? I'll be telling you all about the products after the cut, plus check out some of my favorites!

Happy Skin is comprised of classic beauty products made with Japanese Green Tea, Argan Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid to name a few. These products are meant to work overtime in caring for your skin while providing you with the right kind of color that you need. All products are made in Japan and were formulated from scratch-you're guaranteed that they're all top-of-the-line, not to mention the packaging is so classy and pretty!

Here's my top favorite: Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie.

This is their only lip product so far. It's smooth, exquisite, pigmented and highly moisturizing that I couldn't believe it's P499.00 only!

The shade that got me is called First Kiss. Isn't it pretty? :D

The product that I've been itching to try is this: Don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation. By the way, Happy Skin's base products have options for morena skin, which is what Rissa made sure of. She said that as a morena, it's hard for her to find a shade match in most local makeup brands and I could totally relate!

Oh! A concealer, and it's in a long, big tube! :D

When I got to the event, I zoomed in immediately on the Don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation. I like its compact size. It currently comes in three shades. Another promising foundation brand to try!

Happy Skin also has a brush set priced at P2,500.00 and comes in a patent pouch. It definitely reminds me of Trish McEvoy's makeup brushes, but this one is utterly more affordable. When I asked Rissa why they chose white as the color for the bristles, she said that the logic is simple: The color of the bristles will always remind you that it's time for you to rinse 'em clean. Many women don't know that sometimes, breakouts are being caused by dirty makeup brushes.

Here's a more detailed look at Happy Skin's products:


A hydrating foundation that conceals and smoothes skin. Formulated with Japanese Green Tea and SPF 20 PA++. Balances oil on the skin for a fresher look, and suits sensitive skin.

Shades: Soft Beige, Natural Beige, Deep Beige


- A smooth, silky medium to full coverage foundation that keeps skin moisturized all day. Made with Japanese Green Tea to soothe redness and SPF 20 PA++ to protect skin from UV rays. 

Shades: Soft Beige, Natural Beige, Deep Beige


- A gentle, silicone- free base that dries to a matte, powdery finish.

Shades: Soft Beige and Natural Beige


- A hydrating blush that gives you that freshest flush!

Shades: Summer Fling and First Kiss


- One swipe of this magic liquid and you'll be easily transformed into a bright- eyed goddess! Contains Hyaluronic Acid that help hydrate skin and minimize fine line, and pretty much conceals common skin problems such as redness, dark circles, and puffiness.

Shade: Butter


- A crayon lipstick infused with the soothing properties of a lip balm. Don't underestimate these cuties, 'cuz they pack a punch of color!

Shades: Crushing On You, First Kiss, First Time, Girls Night Out, Summer Fling, Just Married

Event? What event? We thought it was a makeup swatching party! :D

My beauties with Jacqe Yuengtian of Happy Skin.

Congratulations, Jacqe and Rissa on your newest venture!

We've got some Happy Skin stuff to try out! Be back soon with my detailed reviews. For now, you can check out Happy Skin in the following Plains and Prints branches: Trinoma, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall, and Shangri-La Mall. Other branches will be added to the roster in a few weeks.

Please visit HAPPY SKIN on Facebook for more information about the products.

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  1. They should also have compact powder just for touch ups. :)anddd, kinda pricey too, for gals with limited budget. but might check this out, too, if my budget permits lol:)

  2. I thought it's from Benefit when I first saw it on Instagram, ang quirky ng mga names! I like! and yes, quite pricey nga sya, I'll wait for more reviews before I get the foundation. hihi..

  3. The packaging is so pretty! Parang snoe products! Will wait for your reviews Ms.M. It's kinda pricey (for me) yata for a local brand.

  4. might try the eye concealer,been looking for hyaluronic :))) yung lippies remind me of Revlon just bitten kissable :) Will wait for your review Ms.M

  5. this brand went crazy on my timeline the other day. and I wanted to get my hands on it right away. the packaging is soooo nice <3 kinda expensive tho but I think it's worth the try. cant wait for your reviews ms. m!! :D btw, love your ootd here. looks so girly <3

  6. omg ang cute! 10/10 for the packaging! hope it's sturdy as it looks! as much as i want to support filipino products, mejo boo pagdating sa packaging department. so it's nice to see something like this :)


  7. wow another proudly pinoy made! we should support our own mmade diba ms m =) im giddy with the lippies! after seeing swatches on back of your hands ms m =) sana like snoe they would be available everywhere soon!

  8. Anonymous: Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm sure they'll be adding more stuff soon, but for now, they went for the important basics. :) The price is like that because they positioned it as a premium line. :)

    Rhain: They're currently in a lot of plains and prints branches now. :D They'll expand soon .:)

    Angel: The packaging is so good that it would even pass off as a foreign brand. :)

    Raych: Thanks Raych! I would suggest the lippies to you! :D

    Stephanie: I wanna get the concealer too! :D Feels very hydrating. :)

    Jenny and Anne_22: It's premium kasi that's why the price is like that. :)

  9. Hi! What's the left most shade of the lippies swatch on your hand? Thanks! :)


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