Human Heart Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Lush Vanilla Review

Here's a review on Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo and Conditioner in Lush Vanilla

Price: P44.75/each
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Believe it or not, I have never ever tried Human Heart Nature's shampoo and conditioner products despite the fact that they've been around for a long time now and people apparently love their hair care stuff. I actually like 'em, especially this, the moisturizing variant.


HHN's regular cleansing products for the hair come in two variants: Moisturizing and Strengthening. As the name implies, this is for softening brittle, dry, and damaged hair caused by treatments and environmental causes. It boasts of the patented Creamfoam technology which acts like lotion to thoroughly soften hair and Philippine Coco Nectar that's rich in amino acids and minerals, and contains no SLES, SLS, Pthalates, etc. (You get the drift) It comes in three sizes: 50ml, 100ml, and 500ml. 

The 50ml variant is super compact and great for traveling. The 50ml size comes in solid bottles, although I wish they were easier to squeeze.

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Shampoo ingredients

The shampoo is a semi- creamy whitish liquid with a nice vanilla scent, reminiscent of the nutty and deep aroma of Madagascar Vanilla. It doesn't lather up well though. Well, it does lather for a bit at the beginning, but as you begin to rinse your hair, the suds disappear and it's as if you're just lathering your hair with plain water and a dollop of cream. If you associate suds and bubbles with cleanliness, you might find yourself adjusting with this thing. It rinses off easily, although the lack of suds may leave you wondering if you have removed the product completely. Smells nice and light, and I like that it doesn't leave my hair dry and makes it easy to detangle.

Conditioner Ingredients

This product is my most favorite between the two. It's a thick, rich, emollient cream that really softens up my locks, and is fragrant but never overwhelming. A little goes a long way and sometimes, I have to dilute it with water because it's pretty thick-it's a nice attribute though because that means I can prolong the product. Despite its thickness, I find it easy to rinse off. It's so moisturizing that it makes hair very comb- friendly, even hair that has been immersed in saltwater or chlorinated water for a long time! 

The only downside of the two is, you still have to apply leave in products-especially those with severely damaged and dry hair-to protect your locks while you're out and about as I find it too gentle.

I am digging this duo and I'm planning to get the biggest size of the conditioner. It's very affordable, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to take a breather from chemical- based shampoos and conditioners, and those who are looking for budget- friendly and mild cleansers for chemically- treated hair. I think this would be my favorite Human Heart Nature line!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ms m first product post for human nature shampoos =) ive tried their first release of shampoo.. and end up not using them.. kasi feeling ko after ko magbanlaw nagbuhol at parang tigas ng buhok ko lalo =( but it was years ago.. siguro nagimproved na yung formulation nila so why not give it second chance =) kahit walang human heart nature dealer i know where to buy =) sa shopwise meron nito ms m! =)

  2. I've tried this moisturizing line and also the strengthening line,but they all made my hair itchy and very dry. But HHN is very kind to allow me to replace all the products worth 575 as far as I remember and free delivery pa within Metro Manila.:) Ipinalit ko nalang yung HG feminine wash ko, chamomile cool; until now ito parin ginagamit namin ni Mama..Then lipstick coral kiss and sunflower beauty oil.
    If your time permits Ms. M , please review their Overnight Elixir :) I've been reading about this lately. Thank you so much.

  3. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about their products. I like using organic products so these shampoo and conditioner are now in my list of things to buy next!

  4. its the first hair product that i found out that have vanilla scent. Interesting. intriguing! haha! :) I haven't tried anything from this brand. I'd love to hear your thoughts when you've finished this bottle. :)

  5. I always love human hearts nature products. Aside from its all organic and safe to use, they also support a cause. I have tried this shampoo just two months ago and i am using it upto now. great review!

  6. Leilani: Hello and welcome to my blog! :) Glad you liked my review and just like you, I'm loving this duo as well! :)

    Itsmefati: Same :) Smells luscious! Almost through with the bottle that's why I reviewed it already. I'm getting the jumbo version of the conditioner! :)

    Stephanie: Awww... :( Do you have dry hair and scalp? Maybe you should've tried this line. anyway, I'll let you know when I try that :D

    Rochkirstin: Hi and welcome to my blog! :D Tried a lot of stuff from HHN and so far, I'm loving this duo, their foot lotion, and the sunflower oil :)

    Rhain: Aw! Actually, I read negative stuff about their shampoos and conditioners before that's why i was on the fence on trying 'em out, but I think you're right-they've reformulated most of their stuff already. :D

  7. We are an avid human nature product user! Haha. Ever since my sister found out about the brand she kept blabbing about changing all our products to human nature. Not lot agreed! Haha. But eventually we decided it was for the better. Hihi. I love their products especially the facial washes, i have about 3 different kinds. But as for their shampoo, what i dont like is it's not bubbly, it would take me 2pour to get it to become bubbly, it's just foamy in natute. Nonetheless, it works good! :)

  8. I'm planning to actually buy this after I'm finished with my current ones. I heard this doesn't have sulfates that are common in other shampoos which can be very damaging to the hair. :)


  9. I've heard that thick and rich conditioners are better. Must say, I agree on that. :) Anyway, been switching brands for my hair care these past few months. Guess, these will be my next shampoo and conditioner. Hihi.

  10. I agree with rhaindropz yung mga unang labas nila ng shampoo hindi maganda. I got to know HHN products in 2009 iba tlga yung packaging nila before nag improve talga ngayon. But ever since fan talga ako moringa facial wash nila. Then for a few yrs hindi na ako nakabili ng HHN kasi nag abroad yung kinukuhaan ko. Last year hinanap.ko yung site nila then I started using their products again like sunflower and balancing toner and facial wash to lessen my pimple marks.yung strengthening shampoo nila hindi hiyang sa akin lalong naglalagas yung hair ko pero yung moisturizing shampoo nila ang hiyang di masyadong nagfafall ang hair ko. Pati cosmetics nila ok din gamitin.


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