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Here's a review on Make Up Factory Light Reflecting Concealer in 7

Price: P1,180.00
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Other Locations: Available in Make Up Factory The Fort High Street, SM Department Store, SM Aura, SM Megamall


They said YSL's Touche Eclat is the best highlighting pen there is. I've used YSL's face products before and they're very good so I can somewhat imagine how nice TE is, although I cannot conclude because I haven't tried it yet. I find it too pricey, but I would love to try it one day. Make Up Factory has their own ala-Touche Eclat product, but it's marketed as a concealer and called Light Reflecting Concealer.


This concealer supposedly covers up dark circles, redness, and blemishes with its light- reflecting pigments while imparting a fresh, dewy glow. Definitely, you can use it for facial highlighting as well due to the kind of packaging it has.

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It comes with a smooth, nylon brush with a chiseled shape that can go right into any corner of your face.

At first, I thought the pen was broken as I wasn't getting any concealer out, but turned out that the button at the bottom has to be pressed for a number of times. What I dislike about it is it spews out too much concealer. (Just a lil' reminder for everyone) Also, the brush is not the most useful thing when it comes to blending the product-It's more for application only. I use my fingers to blend it.

7 is a light beige shade with heavy yellow undertones. This product comes in 7 shades (all are predominantly yellow- toned), I think, and that's a pretty impressive range. For medium to dark skinned gals, 7 would be our best match. It's unscented, consistency is a bit on the creamy side, albeit very spreadable, and coverage is medium to heavy. I really like its thin texture that makes it blend naturally with and evenly onto my skin, and fast- drying matte finish-it's the first matte concealer I have used and I appreciate it. Don't fret though if I say that it's fast- drying because it's the type that can still be blended even when it's dry. Nice, right? The con is, it tends to streak if applied on oily or wet skin so make sure your facial area is super dry before application.


Bare under eye

Two layers of the concealer

You can layer it on for up to three times, but it will persist to stay natural, matte and non- sticky. Personally, I prefer layering it on twice to somehow blur the semi- rough texture of my under eyes. That said, it can't cover up gritty skin and deeper creases and you might need a thicker cream concealer on top for that. As for its light- reflecting properties, I find that it makes my under eyes look brighter and gives it a lil' lift as if I've had a good sleep (Even if I didn't!), but I don't look as if I have a pile of concealer on.

Tip: For full coverage goodness, apply two layers, leave to dry for a minute, then gently dab a finger on top of it to remove any excess. For sheer to medium coverage, apply one layer and swipe a finger on top.

Can you use it on blemishes? For some, especially facial redness. For dark, protruded marks, however, it's not that effective as its texture is a tad bit sheer for that. Other than being an under eye concealer, I sometimes use it as a highlighter and I find that it works just as nice rather than using it as a facial concealer. It lasts the whole day without fading and creasing, and can withstand heat, sweat, and mild oiliness. It's photo- friendly as well. For those with dry skin on the under eyes, I would recommend it to be used with an eye cream as its matte finish may enhance dryness.

This product has become one of my favorites last month (or two months ago?) because it's very, very easy to use and perks up my under eyes effectively. It's not that affordable, but it's one of the most unique concealers you'll find. This product will work best for those with puffy eyes as its reflective pigments will help minimize this problem, with redness on the corners of the face, and with oily skin.


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  1. maybe I'll pass on this one since I have very dry circles. I tried essence concealer but its really drying and it makes me look pale. baka same effect lamg silsn

  2. mufe is really a quality makeup brand =) ive been wanting to try their primers =) and this concealer is not that budget friendly.. before i use foundation as concealer (since i seldom put foundation on my entire face) then perfect timing i was given a chance to own an elf concealer and highlighter in one =) i love it and i can use it as eye primer too.. =)

  3. Stephanie: Hmmm...Maybe. Try cream concealers such as zero kuma na lang. :D

    Rhain: Hey, thanks for sharing your faves. :) This is actually make up factory, not make up for ever, although I understand why one would interchange the two as both brands almost have the same names! :)

  4. Whoaaa it's so expensive but when I saw your picture review, well, it's indeed a great concealer. It's great that it has a brush tip but in terms of cleanliness, it might be a no-no for me. That product can last for half a year so when you can't clean the brush for that duration of time, then bacteria can accumulate on it. I also prefer using brush when I apply my concealer, I don't have that much control to blend it evenly under my eyes so.... =)

  5. ooops thanks ms m nalito nga po talaga ako dun ha =)


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