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Here's a review on Mary Kay Satin Hands Set.

Price: Scrub- P995.00; Hand Cream- P550.00; Set is P2,800.00 inclusive of the Hand Softener
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Through any Mary Kay Beauty Consultant or please inquire via Mary Kay Philippines on Facebook


A lady should always have clean, supple, and smooth hands-at least that's what my grandmother had told me. In the olden days, people would equate overall cleanliness to how clean a person's hands are. Sounds a lil' judgmental, but when you come to think of it, it kinda' makes sense because the hands are one of the most used and seen parts of the body, and if the person you're dealing or talking with sees your manos, you can make (or break) an impression. Not only that, the hands (like the face and neck) can also reveal your age so better take care of them right now before they betray you haha!

These thoughts come to mind when this hand pampering and caring set called Mary Kay Satin Hands said hello to me in my room in Lanson Place Hong Kong, our hotel for the One Woman Can Pageant culmination night. I started to question myself, have I been taking of my hands properly? I guess not, but it's never too late and this set would be a great start!

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Simply put, this is a three- step approach to fabulous hands. There is a hand scrub, hand cream, and fragrance- free hand softener. The set I got is Peach- scented, but it has a fragrance- free version too for those who are not so fond of Peach.



I like how this product comes in a convenient bottle with pump dispenser-I don't have to dip my entire hand in it and contaminate the whole thing. The best part is the dispenser does not get clogged!

This is a pretty gritty scrub and you really feel that those dead skin layers are coming off. After usage, you get very soft and smooth hands. It also has foaming properties so you get two products in one. Amongst the three, this one is the most fragrant-I'm fine with fragrant hand cleansers, but not a fan of Peach. This is my second favorite item from the Satin Hands line.


This hand cream is silky, lightweight, very moisturizing but never heavy, and gets absorbed easily. However, you'd have to reapply it within the day for a couple of times, depending on how dry your hands are.

It's a pretty huge hand cream and definitely worth 500 bucks. It is also heavily fragranced with Peach, so I guess I'll pass up on this one. Besides, I like my hand creams small and travel- friendly. This is best for home use, especially on the sink.



Did it just say fragrance- free? Why is there Fragrance/Parfum in the list? :/

Anyway, this is my most favorite Mary Kay Satin Hands product! It's a combination of petroleum and various waxes and really tames down dry, crackly, and chalky hands! A dollop goes a long way and true to its claim, it does soften hands! It feels a lil' heavy though so I use it as a hand treatment during night time, after applying hand lotion so my nails, cuticles, and hands won't dry up in the air-conditioning. 

It's been two months since I started using this product, and my hands have this newfound softness and beauty. It's pricey, but the entire thing will last you for more than four months because the sizes are very generous. Overall, I've had a fairly good experience with it, but if you're gonna ask me, I'd only take the Hand Softener because it's one of a kind. The hand cream, you can find a cheaper substitute. The scrub, it's something that I'd recommend for you to try, but if you're on a budget, you can find a cheaper alternative. It's a nice holiday gift for yourself and for others too because the set comes with a gift bag upon purchase.


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bet they smell yummy because it's in peach! =)

  2. Aside from our neck one of our neglected part of our body is our hands. I have tried their handcream it is non greasy and im amazed how this handcream makes my hand soft and smooth skin like baby.the only downside is that the scent us bit heavy for me but i love peaches too i agree this cost much for a handcream can you please recommend a local alternative?

    More blessings ms m!

  3. I tried this at a Mary Kay workshop I went to, and grabe super effective! mini hand spa talaga sya!

  4. Very honest review Ms. M. For now , petroleum jelly muna for my hands. Heheh. Pag naubos na maybe will buy the hand softener. :)

  5. Raisie: For Peach lovers, I guess. :D

    Stephanie: Welcome. :)

    Angel: True! :D Now I want to get another set but...the price haha!

    Rhain: The Face shop has nice, moisturizing hand creams :)

  6. I'd love to give this to my mom! My mom so hardworking, never has the time to prettify herself :( this would be a great gift for her! Haha. Saving time here i come!

  7. I'm tempted to buy this set cause I love to spoil my hands, but naaah, this is too expensive. Haha!


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